Now that’s more like it.  Even though I got burnt by Charlie Batch last week, it was nice to see some upsets peer through the scoreboard in week 13.  I guess it wasn’t nice to see if you had selected San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago or Carolina.  In the first two of those games, the team projected to win lost to an intense division rival.  I fell for the trap last week as I felt the Steelers with Batch as quarterback trumped the fact that the Ravens were playing their division foe.  Rules are rules for a reason, so don’t go trying to rule on new rulings and become a ruler. 

Teams Already Used – Houston, New England, Chicago, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minnesota, San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Cincinnati, Baltimore

Tampa Bay, My Week 14 Pick – Even though they fell short in the second half last week in Denver, Tampa Bay still has a shot to make a post season run.  The season has turned from a marathon to a sprint for the Buccaneers and they must get off the block with a win this week.  They start out in an early heat versus some unsuspecting challengers.  The Eagles are primed to make some big changes in the off season and will just do their best to cross the finish line without falling flat on their face.  Bryce Brown and Co. did put up an impressive performance last week, but they always get up for games against America’s team.  Can you get more American than The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Rocky Balboa?  Anyways, look for the Bucs to make a statement on Sunday and bring Busch Gardens into the list of top American attractions.

Cleveland – Quietly, the Browns have been playing some rocking football the last few weeks and for most of the season.  Even though their record stands at 4-8, they have been involved in every single game this year; in their eight losses, Cleveland has lost by an average of 5.25 points.  The only reason they aren’t my top pick is due the circumstances surrounding this Kansas City team.  We just don’t know what Chiefs team will show up this week so I would only use them if you don’t have many other options to work with.  I still like this football team a lot so don’t be afraid to put your trust in Trent Richardson and Cleveland’s rolling defense.

Seattle – The Seahawks are back at home where they thrive with the support of the Starbucks drinking, Microsoft clicking, and Space Needy fans.  The fans can take a break from this week’s action as coming to town is a team who ranks dead last in both offensive yards per game and points per game.  Even if you allowed Arizona to play with three quarterbacks and they had three balls to work with, I’d still choose Seattle to thread the needle and win.  They will be the heavy favourite for a pick this week so decide if you want to ride the rain out under an umbrella with the masses or take a risk and run with a few extra odds in your favour.

Indianapolis, Potential Suicide – This pick makes me cringe as I’m a very staunch Colts fan.  I’m putting my loyalty aside on this one for the good of the game.  The Colts are coming off an incredible come-from-behind victory over the lowly Lions, and their wagon is as full as it’s been this season.  The Titans are coming off an embarrassing loss to the lowly Jaguars, and their carriage is as empty as an operator at a telephone switchboard.  However, in this NFL you are never as bad or as good as your last game.  Both teams are division enemies and you can be sure that the Titans know some stuff that the Lions fell asleep on last week.  This game resembles the Ravens vs. Steelers game from a week ago.

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    Rams, bills or arizona d this week? Please rank


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