How in the world did Tampa Bay lose to Philadelphia?  Really, How?  Charlie Batch and Nick Foles have given me back-to-back losses.  Throw in an improbably Arizona win in week two and my three losses have come from some dreadful quarterback play.  I thought the quarterback position was supposed to be one of great importance, skill and leadership?  I guess sometimes – three to be exact – all it takes is somebody with two arms, a helmet, and a confused look on their face to get the job done.  Time to exact some revenge on these three thorns in my side.

Teams Already Used – Houston, New England, Chicago, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minnesota, San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Tampa Bay

Detroit, My Week 15 Pick Arizona is pathetic.  I feel a little sorry for the defense and Larry Fitzgerald, but this has been a disaster all around since week five.  I haven’t seen a team flip-flop between quarterbacks so much since the invention of the flip-flop sandal.  I still can’t believe this team beat New England back in week three. The NFL should award a new trophy to the team with the most improbably victory.  The Lions have a putrid 4-9 record this season as well, but unlike the Cardinals, the Lions have shown signs of life by competing in games against quality opponents.  If you’ve been applying the fade Arizona strategy in suicide pools the last two months, then a congratulations is in order.  Congrats.  Anymore room for me to join the party fashionably late?  Where’s my Detroit Lions bow tie t-shirt?

Houston If you have somehow managed to save the Texans up until week 15, there is no better time to use them then right now.  With over 98% of selections going towards some questionable picks in a tough week 15 slate, the Texans are a smart choice.  They can wrap up the division with a win this Sunday as well as keep them ahead in the race for the number one spot in the AFC.  If you have Foster in a fantasy championship game then you may be one happy mofo.  I say mofo because I am playing against him in one fantasy playoff battle. 

Seattle You know what won’t happen this Sunday?  This video.  Why?  Because the game is being played in the beautiful and bedazzled city of Toronto.  Side note:  I’m half the views on that video – I could watch it every day, and in fact, I do.  Seattle is on a mission to make the playoffs and there is no better way to achieve said goal then by playing a road game at a neutral field.  No Buffalo weather to contend with and no inebriated fans to tolerate.  The Bills are 1-3 in games played in Toronto.  Most of the fans at this game will be on their smart phones checking to see if the hockey lockout is over.  Seattle has everything to play for, Buffalo has nada to play for, and fans just want hockey to get back playing. 

Miami, Potential Suicide Everyone and their mothers are taking the Dolphins of Miami this week.  Almost 60% of poolies left standing will be banking on South Beach to win the battle of Florida (sorry Tampa, you aren’t American enough to be invited to this state affair).  People need not forgot that Jacksonville is where Florida begins.  With a lot of people taking the Dolphins this week, your best move is to avoid them and hope for the Jaguars Christmas miracle. 


  1. Tim says:

    Need help, for flex bell, leshoure or sproles. Toni or kaepernick. Dez or Gordon?

    Thanks so much, love the site, get me to the finals!

  2. bluety says:

    Britt or Danny A?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @bluety: Amendola

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