New Orleans Saints Depth Chart For Fantasy Football

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New Orleans Saints Depth Chart - Offense

NamePosThis Week RoleThis Week Snap PCTThis Week Rush PCTThis Week Target PCTROS RoleROS Snap PCTROS Rush PCTROS Tgt PCTYTD GamesYTD Snap PCTYTD Rush PCTYTD Tgt PCT2017 NFL Team2017 Games2017 Snap PCT2017 Rush PCT2017 Tgt PCT
D BreesQBStarter100170Starter100170159370NO168970
A KamaraRBStarter594918Starter59491815634121NO16402719
Z LineRBFullback33113Fullback33113162222NO121421
M IngramRBBackup29205Backup292051233295NO16495213
D WashingtonRBDepth230Depth2304460DET5560
M ThomasWRStarter78024Starter780241688029NO1673028
T GinnWRStarter60117Rotation6011751916NO1553213
T SmithWRRotation5008Rotation5008155409NA0000
K KirkwoodWRRotation4006Rotation400682104NA0000
T LewisWRDepth401Depth4017701NO151003
A CarrWRDepth201Depth201142603NO1000
J HillTERotation6705Rotation6705166205NO165004
B WatsonTERotation4608Rotation4608164809BAL1665014
D ArnoldTERotation3406Backup3406101304NA0000

New Orleans Saints Depth Chart - Defense

NamePosPos DetThis Week RoleThis Week Snap%ROS RoleROS Snap%YTD GamesYTD Snap%2017 Games2017 Snap%
E AppleDBCBStarter92Starter9215821153
M LattimoreDBCBStarter80Starter8016881367
P WilliamsDBCBStarter80Starter8015671456
K CrawleyDBCBBackup13Backup1310401372
J HardeeDBCBDepth8Depth86830
J RobinsonDBCBDepth2Depth24330
M WilliamsDBFSStarter72Starter7216931583
C BanjoDBFSBackup15Backup158553
V BellDBSSStarter72Starter7216731669
K ColemanDBSSRotation47Rotation4716351270
C JordanDLDERotation65Rotation6516861686
A OkaforDLDERotation65Rotation6516641046
M DavenportDLDERotation42Rotation42134100
T HendricksonDLDERotation42Rotation425131227
D OnyemataDLDTRotation42Rotation4216601655
T DavisonDLNTRotation65Rotation6514411655
T StallworthDLNTRotation42Rotation42143100
M Te'oLBMLBBackup25Backup255141646
D DavisLBOLBRotation63Rotation6316851688
A KleinLBOLBRotation53Rotation5316651258
A AnzaloneLBOLBRotation51Rotation511647415
C RobertsonLBOLBBackup25Backup25991671

New Orleans Saints Injury Report vs LAR Week 20 (SUN 3PM EST)

NamePosStarterStatusBody PartNotes
Andrus PeatOLYesProbableHandPeat is expected to line up against the Rams in the NFC championship game despite a broken hand.
Sheldon RankinsDLYesOutAchillesRankins will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery on a torn left Achilles tendon.
Daniel LascoRBNoQuestionableNeckLasco is on the PUP list with a bulging disc in his neck. Although he will be forced to sit out six weeks, he is likely to miss the entire season.
Simmie Cobbs Jr.WRNoOutKneeCobbs Jr. has landed on the injured reserve list due to a knee injury.
Cameron MeredithWRNoOutKneeMeredith is on the injured reserve list recovering from arthroscopic left knee surgery.
Travin DuralWRNoOutArmDural is on injured reserve after having surgery to repair a broken humerus.
Dez BryantWRNoOutAchillesBryant suffered a torn Achilles and is on the injured reserve list.
Michael HoomanawanuiTENoOutNeckHoomanawanui is on the injured reserve list due to a neck injury.
Josh LeRibeusOLNoOutAnkleLeRibeus has been designated for the injured reserve list with an ankle injury.
Michael OlaOLNoOutAnkleOlas is on the injured reserve list due to a high-ankle sprain.
Jay BromleyDLNoOutArmBromley is on injured reserve due to a torn biceps.
Patrick RobinsonDBNoOutAnkleRobinson is on the injured reserve list with a broken left ankle and torn ligaments.
Rickey JeffersonDBNoOutKneeJefferson is on injured reserve with a knee injury.

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