Carolina Panthers Depth Chart For Fantasy Football

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NamePosThis Week RoleThis Week Snap PCTThis Week Rush PCTThis Week Target PCTROS RoleROS Snap PCTROS Rush PCTROS Tgt PCTYTD GamesYTD Snap PCTYTD Rush PCTYTD Tgt PCT2017 Team2017 Games2017 Snap PCT2017 Rush PCT2017 Tgt PCT
C NewtonQBStarter99200Starter992000000CAR25698280
T HeinickeQBOut000Depth0000000HOU01640
G GilbertQBOut000Depth0000000NA0000
C McCaffreyRBRotation593317Rotation5933180000CAR16702222
C AndersonRBRotation44406Rotation433960000DEN1654517
A ArmahRBFullback1102Fullback11020000CAR61100
C Artis-PayneRBDepth651Depth6510000CAR6770
K BarnerRBDepth210Depth2100000PHI12942
D FunchessWRStarter79021Starter750200000CAR1679023
D MooreWRStarter71014Rotation680140000NA0000
T SmithWRRotation5509Rotation51080000PHI1664012
C SamuelWRBackup2015Backup25160000CAR93729
J WrightWRBackup1403Backup17040000MIN162305
D ByrdWROut000Depth1000000CAR83508
R BaileyWROut000Depth0000000NA0000
A DukeWROut000Depth0000000NA0000
F RossWROut000Depth0000000NA0000
J JonesWROut000Depth0000000NA0000
B HowardWROut000Depth0000000NA0000
M FrazierWROut000Depth0000000CAR1600
G OlsenTEStarter75016Starter700150000CAR778019
I ThomasTEBackup3604Backup39050000NA0000
E BaylisTEDepth1001Backup11010000HOU12400
C ManhertzTEDepth1001Backup11010000CAR162701

NamePosPos DetThis Week RoleThis Week Snap%ROS RoleROS Snap%YTD GamesYTD Snap%2017 Games2017 Snap%
J BradberryDBCBStarter96Starter91001696
C ElderDBCBBackup38Backup380000
R CockrellDBCBBackup38Backup38001470
K SeymourDBCBBackup38Backup38001435
C MunnerlynDBCBBackup38Backup38001444
D JacksonDBCBBackup22Backup220000
L GunterDBCBDepth5Depth50014
C LukeDBCBDepth5Depth50000
R GauldenDBCBDepth5Depth50000
D SearcyDBFSStarter85Starter81001439
C JonesDBFSRotation42Rotation4400844
M AdamsDBSSStarter95Starter90001694
D CoxDBSSDepth5Depth500154
M AddisonDLDERotation65Rotation62001665
J PeppersDLDERotation60Rotation57001650
W HortonDLDEBackup34Backup35001636
B Cox Jr.DLDEBackup28Backup2900628
D HallDLDEDepth5Depth500116
D IddingsDLDEDepth5Depth50000
D PoeDLDTStarter75Starter71001675
K ShortDLDTStarter71Rotation67001671
K LoveDLDTBackup34Backup35001638
V ButlerDLDTBackup33Backup34001434
L KuechlyLBMLBStarter92Starter88001592
D MayoLBMLBBackup20Backup19001024
A SmithLBMLBDepth5Depth50000
T DavisLBOLBOut0Starter80001283
S ThompsonLBOLBStarter75Starter71001475
R BrownLBOLBBackup32Backup160000
J NorrisLBOLBBackup32Backup160000
B JacobsLBOLBDepth5Depth50021
M HaynesLBOLBDepth5Depth50000

Carolina Panthers Week 1 Injury Report vs DAL (SUN 4PM EST)
NamePosStarterStatusBody PartNotes
Cam NewtonQBYesQuestionableKneeNewton sustained ligament and cartilage damage to his knee and it is unknown if he will be available for the season opener against the Cowboys.
Julius PeppersDLYesProbableShoulderPeppers had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder but is expected to suit up Week 1 against the Cowboys.
Thomas DavisLBYesOutSuspensionThomas has received a four-game suspension for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing drugs. He will be permitted to play in Week 6 against the Redskins.
Fozzy WhittakerRBNoOutKneeWhittaker has landed on the injured reserve list after tearing his ACL.

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