San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart For Fantasy Football

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San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart - Offense

NamePosThis Week RoleThis Week Snap PCTThis Week Rush PCTThis Week Target PCTROS RoleROS Snap PCTROS Rush PCTROS Tgt PCTYTD GamesYTD Snap PCTYTD Rush PCTYTD Tgt PCT2017 NFL Team2017 Games2017 Snap PCT2017 Rush PCT2017 Tgt PCT
C BeathardQBBackup000Starter1009065770SF73560
N MullensQBStarter10040Starter58301920NA0000
K JuszczykRBFullback63410Fullback63410964211SF143627
M BreidaRBRotation57554Rotation57504938375SF1628266
A MorrisRBRotation34354Rotation33344932334DAL1419242
M GoodwinWRStarter80118Starter76117752210SF1670118
P GarconWROut000Rotation66018864016SF839011
T TaylorWRBackup1304Backup36010733010SF1545010
K BourneWRStarter73023Backup2607936011SF112606
R JamesWRBackup4007Backup200461001NA0000
D PettisWRBackup2103Backup100262503NA0000
G KittleTEStarter86025Starter78022983022SF1554011
G CelekTEBackup2702Backup310293302SF165106
R DwelleyTEDepth1102Backup15022200NA0000

San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart - Defense

NamePosPos DetThis Week RoleThis Week Snap%ROS RoleROS Snap%YTD GamesYTD Snap%2017 Games2017 Snap%
A WitherspoonDBCBStarter99Starter948731256
R ShermanDBCBStarter87Starter83770948
K WilliamsDBCBStarter71Rotation689661456
J WardDBFSStarter92Starter88754737
D ReedDBFSBackup21Backup1773000
M HarrisDBFSBackup12Depth101100
J TarttDBSSOut0Rotation65658947
T PowellDBSSStarter80Rotation4931412
A ExumDBSSBackup16Backup1873014
S ThomasDLDERotation60Rotation609551462
A ArmsteadDLDERotation60Rotation60961625
C MarshDLDEBackup35Backup359561543
R BlairDLDEBackup35Backup35945613
J TaylorDLDEBackup10Backup100000
D BucknerDLDTStarter73Rotation709791675
E MitchellDLDTRotation55Rotation569451655
S DayDLDTBackup35Backup359351231
D JonesDLDTBackup32Backup325151017
F WarnerLBMLBStarter93Starter8999900
E LeeLBMLBBackup30Backup2562462
R FosterLBOLBOut0Rotation606561049
M NzeochaLBOLBBackup30Backup2551351
D WatsonLBOLBBackup30Backup251388
M SmithLBOLBBackup30Backup2573100

San Francisco 49ers Injury Report vs NYG Week 10 (MON 8PM EST)

NamePosStarterStatusBody PartNotes
George KittleTEYesProbableChestKittle is expected to suit up Monday against the Giants despite a chest injury.
Weston RichburgOLYesQuestionableKneeRichburg has a knee injury and it is unclear if he will play Monday against the Giants.
Reuben FosterLBYesOutHamstringFoster was held out of the previous game due to a hamstring injury and will remain out of the lineup against the Giants on Monday.
Jaquiski TarttDBYesOutShoulderTartt sat out the previous game due to a shoulder injury and will not line up against the Giants on Monday.
Jimmy GaroppoloQBNoOutKneeGaroppolo has been designated for the injured reserve list due to a torn ACL.
Raheem MostertRBNoOutForearmMostert has been placed on the injured reserve with a fractured right forearm.
Jerick McKinnonRBNoOutKneeMcKinnon suffered a torn ACL and is on injured reserve.
Pierre GarconWRNoOutKneeGarcon will not play Monday against the Giants due to a knee injury.
JP FlynnOLNoOutKneeFlynn is on injured reserve with a knee injury.
Kentavius StreetDLNoOutKneeStreet has been placed on the IR/Non-Football Injury list as he is recuperating from offseason surgery to fix a torn ACL and is unlikely to play during the 2018 season.
Brock CoyleLBNoOutConcussionCoyle has been placed on injured reserve with a broken bone in his back and a concussion.
Adrian ColbertDBNoOutAnkleColbert has landed on injured reserve due to a right high-ankle sprain.
Antone ExumDBNoQuestionableConcussionExum missed the last game due to a concussion and it is unknown if he will be cleared in time for Monday's contest against the Giants.
Emmanuel MoseleyDBNoOutShoulderMoseley had surgery on his left shoulder and is on injured reserve.

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