Well here we are; week 17, the last coup de grace for a few of you, and for others, the Holy Grail of eternal survival and a suicide championship belt.  For many of us (me included), the year ended early with a bucket full of shame.  Again, how in the world has Arizona gone from a strong contender early on to the weakest of pretenders later on?  For some of you, the loss came in the middle of the season, raising your hopes just enough to curse your losing choice for a few weeks thereafter.  And for another select few, the season has boiled down to these last two weeks, creating stress levels beyond the reading ability of the stress test machine.  No matter what category you fall in, all we can hope for is that we don’t need too much therapy and rehabilitation at season’s end.  However, as always, it’s been a fun ride on the rollercoaster that is the National Football League.

Teams Already Used – Houston, New England, Chicago, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minnesota, San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Denver

Buffalo, My Week 17 Pick – I know, I’m going to need a lot of counselling after making the Bills my pick of the week.  They have been in this space over the last 17 weeks as a team whom I’ve bet against.  WGR 550 will be proud of this selection.  This pick isn’t so much in confidence of Buffalo, but my confidence in how bad the New York Jets are.  There are some bad quarterbacks in football and Mark Sanchez can stand shoulder to weak arm with all of them.  If you are picking from scraps here in week 17, then the Bills may not be too bad of a choice.  Trust me, your stress levels will reset quickly once this game starts, as the Bills will put some bills in your pocket with a green light from kickoff to ground the Jets.

San DiegoTerrelle Pryor, who has a career high of eight offensive snaps, will be the starting quarterback for Oakland in this match between state rivals.  This will be the second straight road game for the Raiders, who have a laundry list of injuries to deal with.  The Chargers have come off one of their most disappointing seasons to date, and without much doubt,it will put an end to the Norv Turner era in San Diego.  The players will play hard to get one last victory for their coach of the last six years.  Surprisingly, this will be the first year during his six-year reign that the Bolts finish below  500.  They have blown many a game in 2012, but have managed to stay fairly competitive throughout.   The Chargers beat Oakland to start the year off and will bolt them to close out the season.

New York Giants – Just like the Bills and Chargers above, the Giants have a good chance at being a possible selection in week 17.  I have yet to use them all year and I still would consider them as a top selection despite their lack of football knowledge over their last few games.  They are third on my list because Michael Vick is back at quarterback and brings a strong unknown to the equation; he could blow up or he could really blow up.  The Giants must win this game to give themselves any chance at a playoff spot – they will throw bombs on offense and defuse the defense to win this war.

Tennessee, Potential Suicide – Really, seven percent of people are putting their trust in the Titans in week 17?!  Did they watch last week’s game, both in Green Bay and Jacksonville?  The Jaguars played the Patriots like a man while the Titans played the Packers like a boy.  Jacksonville beat this team a month ago and brings in the same Chad Henne lead team into this tilt.  Whomever takes the Titans in week 17 of a suicide pool are insane, and no amount of therapy in the off-season can change them from taking Tennessee in week 1 next year as well.  Stay sane, listen to your ego and not your id, and let your superego guide you to a sane victory.

  1. Steve Stevenson says:

    Thanks for all the late-season help. Went with SD, skated through, now picks reset for the playoffs. 11 teams left, including the guy who fired me once upon a time. Leaning BAL this week because I think Indy’s not that good and whoever wins that game will get railroaded next round. I also think Houston will beat Cincy and then lose, but there’s a little more uncertainty on that side of the bracket in my mind. Trying to stay away from the NFC this round, and save the AFC big guns as well. How would you (anyone reading) go this week?

    • Zorboss

      Zorboss says:

      @Steve Stevenson: So, in the end you will need to make four total picks to win this pool and beat the guy douchebag who fired you once upon a time. I find this first round to be fairly difficult to predict as I can make a case for all 8 teams to win. I think my pick for the week would be the Packers at home vs. the Vikings. I’d steer clear of the Washington vs. Seattle game, as well as Houston vs Cincinnati. If you like Baltimore then roll with them. I see you taking either Denver or New England in the next round. Deal with the Championship/Super Bowl weekends when you get there but first get passed these opening games. I’d say Packers or Ravens this week. What happens if in the Super Bowl you can’t pick a team because you have already taken both squads? Good luck with the pool and hope you fire back at the guy who fired you.

      • Steve Stevenson says:

        @Zorboss: Thanks. If you reach the super bowl and have already picked both teams, you’re hosed. That’s the only thing that gives me pause about GB this week, because I think there’s a decent shot they come out of the NFC. I also don’t want to touch the SEA-WAS and HOU-CIN games this week. Was thinking BAL this week, then jump over to the NFC and pick out of the ATL game so I can save NE and DEN.

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