Due to technical difficulties on the editor’s part – read that as somehow I messed up not getting this post out – We’re posting the Suicide post for this week a day late but before games start.  If you have any start/sit questions, we strongly encourage you to visit JB’s Last Second Decisions from this morning.  We now return you to your normal Zorboss posting, albeit a day later than usual – Sky.

Week six in the NFL was almost crazier than a fox.  And we all know how crazy foxes are.  If the Raiders had pulled off the upset over Atlanta, then pools across the globe (yes, even in Canada eh) may have been over before Felix Baumgartner touched down after his crazy space jump.  Damn it, I should have started this week’s first sentence with crazy Felix.  Oh well, it’s not like I can go back and somehow magically erase what has already been written.  Where was I?  Oh yes, football.  If you are still alive in your pool then a congrats is in order as you are in the 90th percentile overall; that’s a mathematical way of saying you are one of the last few left swimming in your survivor pool.  As the weeks get older, the picks becoming arduous.  Quality picks become slimmer than a Slim Jim.  Risks become bigger than a space balloon.  Either your balloon will pop or you will be spending that hard earned money on beef jerky feasts.

We only had two division games last week and both were upsets; the Browns finally win a game and upset the sliding Bengals, while the Broncos pulled off a comeback on the road in San Diego.  These games and results just solidify the notion that division games should be avoided whenever possible in these survivor type pools.  Six division games ahead on the schedule in week seven.

Home teams went 9-5 this past week for yearly grand total of 56-35.  Home teams are winning at roughly a 62% clip this year; average over the last 10 years is around 57%.  A 5% increase doesn’t seem like a lot but over the course of a full NFL season, it will create an extra 25-30 home wins above the norm.  So, good teams at home in non division games project to be the best bets for survival.

Teams Already Used – Houston, New England, Chicago, Green Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta

Minnesota, My Week 7 Pick – As you can see from the list above, I have already selected a bunch of good teams, so we need to start choosing smartly from the remaining squads.  The Vikings are at home, versus a non division team, who’s riddled with injuries at the two most important offensive positions, quarterback and running back.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Riddle me this, what two things are broken and full of holes?  My golf game and the Arizona offensive line.  Which one is doomed this Sunday?  Unfortunately both.

Oakland – Not many times will the opportunity present itself to take the Raiders as your suicide selection.  If you want to be a little sneaky this week, then take a crusade with the Raiders.  They are at home, versus a non division team, coming off a very strong road effort against the tough Falcons.  Coming in is an unimpressive Jaguars team, who rank dead last in total offense, averaging 13 points a game.  The Jaguars now have to travel across the country to play in a baseball stadium the black hole of Raider nation.  What’s scarier, a clown or a Raiders fan?  I’m afraid to continue that joke so the answer is anybody wearing spikes on their shoulders.

New England – Did somebody say Tebow was going to play running back?  No need to continue.

Chicago, Potential Suicide – We have a team here in the Bears who are arguably playing the best football in the NFL.  We have a team here in the Lions who are debatably one of the poorer teams in the NFL.  Bear with me: the Bears are going to bear down and bare the Lions of their football skill, and Stafford will bear the brunt of the Bears attack.  My head hurts.  The Lions have also had a tough time playing on the road, especially in Chicago.  So then why the potential for an upset you ask?  As stated above, division games are a tricky animal to read.  The Lions at 2-3 need this win to stay alive in the division/playoff race.  Chicago beating the 2-3 Cowboys and 1-4 Jaguars doesn’t impress me too much; everyone can beat Jacksonville and don’t get me started on Dallas.  I just have one of those feelings that Calvin Johnson is going to go bonkers on Monday Night Football.  I have another feeling this game is going to be closer than we think.  Throw in a third feeling leading to one crucial mistake by Cutler, and Detroit may bear the winning fruit in the end.