Ryan Grant is D – U – N.  That spells, no longer available to score fake points for your fake football team.  Enter BJax.  Yes, the -Jax nickname is old and cliched and all that, but I like how it sounds.  BJax, Beej?  BJ Honeycutt?  Dunno, but I do know you have to do what you can to pick him up if he is available.

Look at it this way, if Ryan Grant was injured during the off season and Jackson was named the starter, where do you think he would go in drafts?  Well, Grant was going in the early third round.  Jackson, who is unproven, would still probably go in the late 3rd to early 4th based on his team’s offense alone.  When are you going to get a chance to pick up an every week RB2/Flex play off waivers?  Not too often, not too often. (repetition = emphasis)

But this isn’t really news to you.  If you have the number one waiver priority there IS someone on your team worth dropping and you are grabbing him.  Done and done.  But, what about leagues where you have to bid on your free agents?  There are two types of leagues with free agent bidding.  One is where, after waivers are over, you can pick up guys for free and the other is where you have to at least pay a dollar for them no matter when you clickety click.  With the first way you can still grab someone to fill in during a bye or after an injury even if you’ve blown your wad on Beej.  Those freebies may rot, but they’ll probably be better than an empty slot.   So, in these leagues you can bump your BJax bid up pretty high.  I did an informal Twitter poll to see how high people were going with their $100 and the numbers were all $80+.   And if the Ryan Grant owner is paying any kind of attention at all they are going to break the bank, so 90+ isn’t out of the question.  In the second type of league you will need to factor in how many times you will need to make moves.  I like to stream defenses, so I would like to have at least a move a week.  A lot depends on how deep your benches are.  Do you have enough bench players and the right bye weeks to go all season without picking anyone up?  If the answer is yes, then you are in a little better shape, but of course you will not go the whole season without making any transactions.  It is impossible.  So leave yourself room.  No player is worth handcuffing yourself for the rest of the season.  So I would say the max is 70-80 depending on bench spots.

Is BJax worth all this hoopla?  Maybe.  Nothing is set in stone and you could pay 99 dollars for him and he gets hurt in practice.  It’s a big crap shoot! (has anyone gone on a crap shoot?) But he has looked much better this season and seems poised and able to take over the lead back role.  Kuhn could take away some goal line carries, but not many more than he would have taken from Grant.  Jackson has ability to catch the ball out of the backfield as well, so his versatility will come in handy even in PPR leagues.  He’s an unknown quantity as far as how he will do for an extended period of time, but he’s going to get the opportunity and that is all you can really ask for.

  1. bird brain says:

    Here’s my team, 12 team non-ppr
    RB D. Williams
    RB Greene
    WR A. Johnson
    WR Crabtree
    WR Garcon
    BN J. Harrison
    BN J. Forsett
    BN M. Williams (SEA)
    BN Massaquoi

    Shoul I drop someone for Naanee? If so, who?

  2. Dakota says:

    This was the subject of a 25 minute IM between me and a couple friends (what, you say I have no life? I scoff. That IM chat was between a fundraiser and a dinner party, so piss off).

    Our conclusion (all three of us are in separate $100 waiver leagues) was that we were all going to put bids in for Jackson at somewhere between $75 and $83. The $83 is a little inflated because money not spent in his auction went to the waiver wire and so he had $107 to spend.

    The collective thinking was this:

    1) Gotta have enough money left over to move defenses
    2) Gotta have enough money left over to pick up a few stop gaps if an injury occurs
    3) We all had guys on our team we wanted to jettison, so we didn’t have to give up anythimg
    4) None of us owned Grant.

    The only differences between the three of us were the depths of the leagues (10, 12 and 14) respectively. My buddy in the 14 team league is almost guaranteed to lose his bid because the Grant owner has no other options at RB and needs Jackson pretty desperately. The other two of us are hoping that we get lucky and have trading chips – me for a high end TE, my other buddy for a WR3 and backup QB (hi, Matt Stafford’s shoulder).

    Bottom line – he’s worth at least 3/4s of your stack, if not 4/5s in pay waiver leagues. And I think his real value is for trade potential. People are going to overvalue him right now because he’s a unknown. I’d try and move him for a known commodity, potentially back to Grant’s owner if he whiffs.

  3. Dakota says:

    That was a really long post.

  4. JackInTheBox says:

    I thought I was in a full-week waiver league, so I was going to drop $75 for BJax. I then looked at my league settings and found out its a Sunday-Tuesday waiver period. Suffice it to say, I’m upping my bid. I think I’m going to drop $95 on him because I have some decent bench players and can live off the FA fodder after the waiver period for my K/Def/D/TE bye week adds.

    $95 is a pretty big wad, but he’s got some talent and the Packer’s zone blocking scheme can make even mediocre backs look pretty good when its working.

  5. Calogero says:

    I don’t know where else to go for this session of backpattery, so I’ll bring it here since Doc was instrumental in making it all happen.

    Last week, possibly Tuesday or Wednesday, I looked through my Watch List and was thinking “Gee, I’d like to find a nice end-of-roster replacement to Devin Thomas, who sucks.” I went through the type of conversation with myself that only enormous fantasy nerds can have: should I take another RB flier in hopes that a backup gets increased touches or should I go after a reliable I know will get at least a few touches/targets and may be flexworthy some week?

    Reasoning that before the season starts, it’s always worth it to grab as many lottery tickets as possible, I made a list: Rashad Jennings, Peyton Hillis, Brandon Jackson, Chris Ivory, Anthony Dixon, etc.

    With the rumored MJD injuries and Montario Hardesty’s misfortune (who I had already drafted and had to drop in the preceding days), I thought Jennings and Hillis were pretty high percentage prospective RB fliers. But when I actually considered making the move, there was something that drew me to BJax. Maybe it was Ryan Grant’s preseason concussion. Maybe it was the quote from McCarthy that BJax has the ability to be a 3-down back. Maybe it was the fact that all things equal, the RB on the Packers is more attractive than on the Jags or Browns. Maybe it was the fact that Doc advised that BJax was the correct pick up. But I picked him up.

    ::Pats back::

    But seriously, in my opinion the best fantasy football strategy is to draft solid starters at every position, maybe one or two solid consistent flex-type players (I took Hightower and Mason) and then spend EVERY SINGLE REMAINING ROSTER SPOT on lottery tickets. If there’s a player who is one injury or one ineffective starter away from being a legit RB2/WR2, PUT HIM ON YOUR ROSTER. Actually, Jennings and Hillis should still be targeted…it’s not too late!

    You can figure out depth at some point before the bye weeks come – you’ll always be able to get a WR that can be counted on for 50-70 yards and maybe an occasional TD at any point in the season. If that type of guy needs to play more than once or twice all year, your team will suck anyway. Get high-upside people in good situations, and even if only 1 of 4 hits, you have yourself a 3/4th round value for nothing. A-thank you, A-thank you.

  6. Jr. C says:

    Easy question – $100. We have an FAAB, but you can make pick-ups for free between Weds and gametime after all the waiver wire bids process. I can trade BJax for a WR (with Sjax, Ronnie Brown, McCoy, Barber, and FJax, I don’t really need another RB even for the flex), and you’re probably not going to find that level of quality on the waiver wire for the rest of the season.

    Also, I went on a crap shoot with my grandpappy one year. We were supposed to be hunting mushrooms, but he brought buckshot instead of slugs for the guns, and everyone knows you can’t bring down a worthwhile mushroom with buckshot. So we ended up heading over to Old Man Foggletooth’s place to go crap shooting instead. Surprisingly enjoyable experience. The taxidermist we visited afterwards? Less than amused. But you know what they say, the customer is always right.

  7. MJD Took A Knee says:

    12team NonPPR

    If I miss out on BJax should I drop D.Brown for Vick to play for Cutler @Dal & vs GB in weeks 2 & 3. Or hold since week 2 I play against Brady who is @NJ and hopefully Cutler/Brady cancel each other out.

  8. Kristina says:

    I have a very bad waiver position this week given power ranking of 4 in my league of 14 teams. I dropped Grant today and put in a waiver claim for BJax. In case I can’t get BJax, I am putting a second waiver claim in for Kuhn, since I’ve made some space on my roster. He seems to be the goal line back even when Grant was in and he’s good for some dumps from Rodgers. Thoughts?

  9. Randy says:

    Back-up QB question?
    I plan on playing Rodgers every week.
    Buy week though.
    David Garrard plays Houston.
    Alex Smith plays St Louis.
    I kind of think Smith has more upside and I don’t think the Niners are as bad as they played but Garrard might be the safer one to have. I did have Stafford.
    Which would you suggest?

  10. Evan says:

    Which two WRs should I start?

    I’m thinking of Hakeem Nicks as one, but after that there are:
    Hines Ward
    Mike Wallace
    Steve Smith
    Michael Crabtree


  11. Big Nate says:

    Another Nicks question here:

    I’m trying to send Nicks packing while he’s hot. My league starts 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a flex so currently I’m starting the following:

    RB – Turner
    RB – Shonn Greene
    WR – Nicks
    WR – Crabtree
    FL – Jonathan Stewart

    Bench – Holmes
    Bench – Royal
    Bench – Santana Moss

    I could probably land LDT or CJ Spiller for Nicks and then slot one of these bench WRs to replace Nicks. Is either guy enough?

  12. Dakota says:


    NY Steve Smith, right? Otherwise, it’s Steve Smith (CAR), end of conversation.

    Okay…here’s my list:

    Ward over Wallace, therefore Wallace is out.

    Crabtree…SF is not as bad as they looked, but I’d want to wait and see on them before pulling the trigger.

    Steve Smith (NYG)…if the Giants don’t try and run against Indy, I’d be shocked.

    So, WARD is my choice. Consistent.

  13. Black Beard says:

    This is a repost, I needed clarification. Which side of this trade didn’t you like Doc? Thanks, and sorry again for the repost.

    Eli and V. Jackson or Manningham or Rice


    Garrard or Ryan and Nicks

  14. Gambler says:

    Which defense do you like for this week: Panthers (TB), Oakland (Stl), or Browns (KC).. All at home.. And also which do you like 2nd most due to the probability that one will get picked up in the waivers.

    And I know you and everyone said I was inexplicably overreacting about Andre Johnson, but was wandering if you think this is a wise trade: AJ and either Maclin or Best for Miles Austin and Roddy White.. In my eyes Maclin and Best both lost value in Week 1 despite the good points. (Maclin bc it’s looking like Vick will be the QB since they can’t pass protect for a true pocket passer like Kolb, and the Eagle’s receivers numbers will be unpredictable with Vick.. and Best because they have a really tough schedule going forward and no Stafford to even try to balance the attack.)

  15. John says:

    I picked up Bjax when watching the philly game and since it looked real nasty i figured what the hey. No the Grant owner has offered me:
    Bradshaw straight up for Bjax. I should pull the trigger right away right?

  16. Randy says:

    Been offered Anquan Boldin for Reggie Bush and Johnny Knox.
    Does Housh lower Boldin at all? and would you do it?
    My other RB’s are Steven Jackson, Arian Foster, CJ Spiller, and Leon Washington.
    My other WR’s are D Jackson, Jacoby Jones, Mark Clayton, Mike Williams (SEA)

  17. trick dad says:

    @ Big Nate – I’d keep Nicks over Spiller or LT, considering your other WR’s

    @ John – I think I’d keep Bjax. The timeshare in NY is why I’m hesitant

    @ Randy – I’d do that trade. Housh gives Boldin fewer targets but opens the field up more for bigger plays to Boldin.

  18. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Drop Lynch for Maroney?

  19. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Who are your 3 rb’s this week?

    P. Thomas

    Also you starting Matt Ryan over Cutler?

  20. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Is it even worth it to hold onto Anthony Dixon? Or should I drop him for say Mark Clayton?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kristina: Not a horrible idea. Is Hillis available?

    @Gambler: I could see making that trade. Loving White and Austin. I’d lean toward Maclin. I like the Panthers then Oakland.

    @Randy: Agree with your assessment. I would go with Smith.

    @Evan: Ward

    @Black Beard: I like the Nicks side.

    @Big Nate: I’m down on Spiller in that offense and think Greene will won out over the season. I would look for someone better.

    @John: I can see selling “high” on BJax, but Bradshaw still has to split carries. I’d like someone better.

    @trick dad: It’s close. I still really like Knox’s upside, but Boldin is a known quantity and should be the #1 all season. As long as it’s not PPR I’d do it.

    @TheEvilEmpire: Pretty much apples for apples right now. I’d hold Lynch.

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    I’m going with Cutler. Very close — McFadden, P. Thomas, Moreno

    @TheEvilEmpire: As long as you have Gore I’d hold

  23. MJD Took A Knee says:

    My enthusiasm for this season is fading quickly. Colston over Foster in the 4th! Missed Bjax too.
    I gambled on Bengals D vs NE but should I pick up CAR vs TB or OAK vs STL week 2.

  24. Pepe Silvia says:

    need to go ahead and grab a D for this week before they get gobbled up. I saw you liked the Panthers better than the Raiders, but how ’bout Panthers or Titans? Tennessee’s facing a better team but then again the Steelers did bupkis offensively in week 1.

  25. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Main question is should I keep CIN or stream D now.

  26. Burly says:

    Hey Doc. Ten-team PPR league that starts two RBs and three WRs. Should I pick up Hillis and, if so, who should I drop? My RBs and WRs are:
    RBs – Rice, Addia, Best, LDT, Fred Jackson, and McGahee
    WRs – Austin, Jennings, Gaffney, Knox, and Jacoby Jones

  27. Mr2Bits says:



    One last one.

    Would you lose McGahee for Mark Clayton? Seems as though he is a main target in St Louie and I have no bench WR’s as my bench consist of 2 backup QB’s(Vick and Ryan) and 3 RB(McGahee, Hightower and Forte) a backup D(Bengals) and Zack Miller

  28. uncdrew says:

    Gotta spend 90% to get BJax. No other pickup will be worth as much. I guarantee you there will be teams in all leagues wishing they bid more on BJax.

    Yes, it might mean less streaming of defenses, but it could save your season. This is a draft mulligan — you realize you didn’t draft well and now is your chance to make up for it.

    Get Jackson and use him all year or trade to fill your holes. Not only will a player of his caliber (and fantasy impact scoring-wise) not be on waivers again this year, but certainly not in week 2. You get a full season on Jackson minus 1 game.

    Spend it all or have regrets.

  29. Plainville says:

    Who is the better FLEX this week –

    Santana Moss
    Jacoby Jones
    Mike Williams (TB)

  30. Pepe Silvia says:

    Santana, no question.

  31. JackInTheBox says:

    @uncdrew: I spent it all, and I think I’m regretting it. Haha, but that’s because I think I could have gotten him for a lot cheaper in my league. Apparently only like 2 ppl were paying attention….oh well. I’ll only need a couple fill-ins here and there, hopefully, so it won’t kill me.

  32. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Doc, I have Broncos D/ST. Having such a mediocre D/ST I’m wondering if I should play matchups with my free agent bucks the rest of the year.

    Here’s what’s available for week 2:

    Pats @ NYJ
    Chargers v. JAC
    Panthers v. TB
    Colts v. NYG

  33. JackInTheBox says:

    @Doc: Yea, its the blind auction aspect. Economists refer to it as the ‘winner’s disadvantage.’ Basically, in a blind auction, the winner will always overbid compared to the competition and will therefore spend more money than the market actually determined the player’s (or whatever’s) value to be. So yea, like you said, its more fair than first come first serve, but it still sucks.

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheEvilEmpire: I like the Broncos against the Seahawks at home.

  35. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Would you lose McGahee or Hightower for Mark Clayton? Seems as though he is a main target in St Louie and I have no bench WR’s

  36. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc.

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mr2Bits: I could see losing McGahee. Hightower is still the starter.

  38. Wilsonian says:

    CJ Spiller just hit the WW in my 12 Teamer…I know he had a terrible first game, but would he be worth a waiver claim for any of the following:

    Sproles, Mike Williams (TB)?

    It’s a 0.5 PPR, play 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex. Thanks Doc.

  39. Wilsonian says:

    Oh, and Denver v.SEA, Tampa @CAR, Cincy v.BAL, Ten v.PIT, NE @JETS for the better defense option of the week. Can you tell I stream?

  40. brad says:

    I’ve got 2 RB slots and 3 RBs I really would like to play. Which two would you run out there?

    Ray Rice
    Arian Foster
    Ahmad Bradshaw

  41. brad says:

    wild card: I’ve also got mcfadden, does he deserve consideration vs. StL?

  42. stumanji says:

    As a Beanie owner who does not have Hightower, do you think Stephens-Howling is a good $1 pickup? I would have to drop one of: Donald Brown, McCluster, Buckhalter, or Dixon (Gore handcuff).

  43. CalCheats says:

    In a PPR league I was offered MJD for Reggie Wayne and Ahmad Bradshaw. I already have Andre Johnson and Crabtree at WR. If I did this, I would have MJD, Pierre Thomas, McFadden and Jahvid Best at RB.

    Should I do it?

  44. brad says:

    @Wilsonian: if it were me i’d drop sproles for spiller. NE @ NYJ

    @stumanji: I’d drop Buckhalter, although there’s got to be something better than LaRod out there.

    @CalCheats: do you only start 2 wrs? if it’s 3 who moves into a starting role on your team?

  45. CalCheats says:

    We start 2 WR’s, 2 RB’s and 1 Flex…Crabtree would step in and be my other starting WR.

  46. brad says:

    @CalCheats: so you’d be looking at a weekly

    MJD/Thomas/(Best DMC) – AJ/Crabtree instead of
    Bradshaw/Thomas/(Best DMC)- AJ/Wayne. . .

    tough one. i’d be worried about drew’s knee, but i’d probably do it.

  47. Matt Leinart says:

    Looking at the wire, there are some guys that might be able to help my team. I could probably use a little more help with RBs than WRs, but if I pick a gem of a WR I could try to flip him for a RB later.

    Anyhow, which guy has the most value going forward? BJax will certainly be gone before my claim, BTW.

    Naanee, Collie, Hillis, Clayton, FTaylor or NWashington?


  48. Black Beard says:

    Please rank for week 2:

    Panthers v. TB
    Raiders v. Oak
    Browns v. Cle
    Pats @ NYJ
    Chargers v. Jac

  49. stumanji says:

    @brad: LSH would be more of a speculative pickup, for if/when beanie goes down.

  50. Black Beard says:

    @Black Beard: Mindlessly writing that post and not editing it obviously did not work out…Brown v. KC and Raiders v. StL.

  51. brad says:

    @stumanji: i hear you, but i guess i don’t get it. really you’d be waiting for beanie AND hightower to go down, right? or are you thinking LSH is worth having even if one of the top two guys are getting carries?

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop Sproles for him. I’m not really high on him, but he’s a better bench guy than Sproles.

    @Wilsonian: Den, Ten, NE are my top. I am leaning Den. I like facing Seattle at home after a loss.

    @brad: I like Bradshaw’s matchup, but think you have to go Foster/Rice. McFad does deserve consideration, but the answer is the same.

    @stumanji: As long as Beanie is available Howling won’t be worth much.

    @CalCheats: I agree with Brad’s take. Decent deal, but MJD’s knee is a little worrisome.

    @Matt Leinart: I like Naanee. If he becomes the #1 guy in SD his value is huge.

    @Black Beard: I’d go with NE there

  53. stumanji says:

    @brad: Basically, everyone is trying to speculate the next B-Jax situation, including myself. In this last round of waivers in my league, Javon Ringer and Rashad Jennings got picked up.

    In the case I proposed, I have Beanie so if he goes down and Hightower continues to have fumble-itis, I’d have LSH if the Cards decided to give him a shot as the lead back.

    Other guys to consider for a situation like this (although I don’t think any of them have B-Jax’s upside/opportunity): Maurice Morris (Det), Albert Young/Gerhart (Minny), any of the NE backs besides Taylor

    It’s a long shot, I know. Just wanted to get some opinions on it.

  54. trick dad says:

    @stumanji: no NE backup RB’s are worth owning unless you have 10+ bench spots…the #2 is unpredictable

  55. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc. NE or Ten?

  56. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: Close. I’m leaning NE

  57. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I have Knox WR3 then Williams TB and Gaffney. Would you drop one of those two for Naanee?

  58. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Also thanks for all the help so far Doc.

  59. Wilsonian says:

    @brad: @Doc: thanks guys. I’m not really high on Spiller either, but I do like his chances a little better than Sproles. My other backs are Bradshaw, Moreno and Beanie. I’m leaning Denver as well. I like the thought of the Jets sucking again, but you gotta think that Seattle action was an anomoly last week, plus like you said, Denver is at home.

  60. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : How do you like Matt Ryan for Ronnie Brown(I get Brown)? We use 1 QB and 3 RB’s

    My RB’s are as follows
    Pierre Thomas
    Matt Forte
    Tim Hightower
    K. Moreno
    Darren McFadden

    My QB’s
    Matt Ryan
    Jay Cutler
    Mike Vick

  61. Black Beard says:

    Drop Slaton for Clayton (it rhymes!) in a non PPR league?

  62. trade – what do you think 16 team draft –

    Jabar Gaffney (Den – WR)

    Jahvid Best (Det – RB)

    LaRon Landry (Was – S)


    Larry Fitzgerald (Ari – WR)

    C.J. Spiller (Buf – RB)

    Reed Doughty (Was – S)

  63. Kevin Kolb has been dropped by 42602 teams in Yahoo! leagues

  64. swizz says:

    Doc: Would you consider this a smart trade?

    I trade Caddy and Massequoi for Pierre Thomas

    My RB’s: Benson, Mendenhall, McCoy and Hightower

    WR’s: Welker, Maclin, Garcon, Naanee and Jacoby Jones

    I feel that I am weakest at WR but that trade is just too good to pass up right?

  65. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Not an easy call, but I like Naanee’s upside more than Gaffney’s. So yeah. No problem. Glad to help.

    @Mr2Bits: His injury concerns are the only concern, but he looked good last week. I would take that trade.

    @Black Beard: If you own Foster no, but if you don’t yes.

    @mrfootball: Hmm, I like Fitz, but I’m not buying low on Spiller. I think he’s worth speculating on, but on the cheap.

    @mrfootball: Overreaction of course.

  66. Doc

    Doc says:

    @swizz: I’d do that. Not the best fit for your team, but the value is too good. Maybe look to trade a RB for another WR at some point.

  67. Black Beard says:

    Non ppr, ten team, 2 qb league, 4 pts for QB TDs, 6 for everyone else. I have Matt Ryan, Garrard, and Big Ben at QB, currently:

    AD and Garrard


    Brees and Mendenhall

  68. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Also, is Larry Johnson or Donald Brown a better drop there? Thanks Doc, I’d be pretty lost without RazzFootball.

  69. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: I’d do that. I’m guessing AD is All Day. Brees and Mendy are both late 1st early 2nd rounders. I’d drop LJ.

  70. swizz says:

    Thanks Doc

  71. Mr2Bits says:


    Then would a better trade be Ryan for Matthews or Ryan for B. Jackson?

  72. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mr2Bits: I’d rather have Mathews

  73. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Do you like Amendola, Lloyd, Shipley or or Mike Thomas better than Clayton? I asked about him originally just based on targets. Thanks Doc!

  74. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: Yeah, I think Clayton has the highest upside right now.

  75. BAM says:

    Hey Doc,

    I’m in a .5 PPR league that also counts punt (1pt/10yds) and kick (1pt/30) return yards. As my WR3 this week, should I play Gaffney, M. Thomas or Amendola? Something tells me that Amendola has the most upside of the three this week, followed closely by Thomas, but Gaffney seems to be the safer bet, relatively speaking.

    What do you think?


  76. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: I would lean toward Gaffney.

  77. BAM says:

    Thanks…two more questions:

    Celek or Heath Miller?

    Forsett or Hillis at RB3?

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: I’m going with Celek and Forsett. And I think I’m going back on that last one and going with Amendola. I think his return yardage puts him over the edge.

  79. BAM says:

    Thanks Doc…something tells me that Amendola is the better choice this week so I’m glad you agree.

  80. Hugh says:


    In non-ppr where we don’t start a TE (they count as WR or Flex), would you waive Tony G for Aromashadu (I have Knox)? I’m going to try for Naanee, but I’m putting all my FAAB on Brandon Jackson (I decided to go for it since I have a deep bench with bye weeks worked out). I can still add free agents but if someone with money left bids on them I miss out.

    Other WRs available are: Naanee, Aromashadu, Clayton, Zach Miller, Shiancoe, Mike Williams (SEA)….any of these better than Tony G?

    What do you think?



  81. Hugh says:


    1 last question: I have the Packers D/ST as my starting D, my bench D is the Texans (we’re required to carry a back up K and D/ST). would you rather have any of these D/STs (only ones on FA wire) over the Texans:

    Lions, Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Chiefs, Redskins, Bills, Bucs?



  82. Hugh says:

    1 more question. Should I trade Johnny Knox/Tony Gonzalez for Marshawn Lynch/Hakeem Nicks (or Bowe)? Think Lynch will be traded? does this protect me if I go all in on B-Jax? Or am I better off getting B-Jax and then waiving Tony G for Naanee or Clayton? Or is Tony G a good play this week against AZ and I should hold off on dumping him?

    My WRs are: AJ/Tony G/Knox/Jacoby/Mike Wallace
    My RBs are: AP/Best/Hillis/McGahee/L. Washington(hopefully to be B-Jax)
    We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, Flex



  83. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hugh: I would go after Naanee.

    I would look to grab a D for your #2 D that you can stream a week in advance. So look at next week and see who might work out. The Pack will be good this week.

    I really don’t think Lynch will be traded to the Pack unless BJax just completely sucks. I think Naanee will give you Tony G numbers this week.

  84. mark says:

    I traded my Shonn Green for Knoeshon Merino and Lee Evans, I lacked in the WR department, is that bad?

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