You know how you are supposed to visualize yourself doing great things and through the magic of positive thinking you do those things?  Well, that’s crap, but let’s take that crap and compost it and grow a fantasy football team.  Below is an attempt to draft the perfect team.  We’ll only be able to take players that are at or above the ADP from pick #4. So following Fantasy Football Calculator’s ADP I can’t pick ADP 1 through 3 when I pick 4th, and then can’t pick ADP 4 through 20 when I pick 21st and so on and on.  Clear as the Gulf of Mexico?

This is an interesting exercise because you would think with time and a large group of players to choose from you wouldn’t have much trouble putting together a beastly team, but it’s not the case. I recruited Andy Miley and Mike Clay to join me in this exercise.

We’ll be  going with QB/RB/RB/Flex/WR/WR/WR/TE/K/DST/7 Bench slots, and non-ppr, just like our Razzball Commenter Leagues.  I plan on doing this for a later draft slot as well.  I’d also love to see what teams ya’ll Razzballers can scrape together doing the same thing. Check here for a spreadsheet to help you pick your team. Post them in the comments.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you should click here. Here is my team:

1.4 Maurice Jones-Drew — I’m guessing my compatriots will grab MJD here as well.  This is why I like the #4 pick.  I think they are all very close in the top 4 and having the fourth pick makes it easy to grab the leftovers.

2.21 Jamaal Charles — I came pretty close to grabbing Jennings here.  I’m starting to lean toward trying very hard to have an elite receiver on all my teams and I think Jennings will be right up there, especially with a favorable passing schedule, but ya’ll know my JC love and I couldn’t pass on him with the 21st pick.

3.28 Beanie Wells — I came close to going with Sidney Rice here, but the questions surrounding him are many.  This has me at 3 running backs to start the draft, which I’ve never been that worried about, but this season it worries me more.  But Wells is another one of my guys and I see him having a breakout year.

4.45 Dwayne Bowe — This one was by far the hardest.  Gates is my #1 tight end and is the obvious pick here, but I have to stick to my decree of owning Zach Miller in all leagues!  This is early for Bowe who is obviously a risk, but all the news so far has been good regarding his work ethic this season.  I usually don’t buy that crap, but Larry Fitzgerald is the hardest working wide receiver in the business and he praised Bowe after he went through his training.

5.52 Hakeem Nicks — I’m on the Nicks bandwagon.  Like him more than Bowe.  The Giants will throw the ball more than they want to once again this season.

6.69 Jeremy Maclin — Slim pickens in this round, but I like Maclin a lot this season and I needed another starting WR in this 3 WR format.

7.76 Jay Cutler — I’ve talked about Cutler a lot so I won’t get into again, but you’ll see him or Kolb on a lot of my teams this season.

8.93 Donald Brown — I always love hoarding running backs (A&E is filming an episode of Hoarders at my place. The smell!) I like Brown’s upside and think he slowly takes over.

9.100 Arian Foster — This is partially due to the hype machine, but the machine is accompanied by a very good end to last season.  I also believe Kubiak would start his pool boy if he thought he was any good.  So at pick 100, I think he’s worth the risk.

10.117 Zach Miller — I just don’t see how he doesn’t squeeze himself into the top 10 and possibly higher.

11.124 Laurence Maroney — I wanted to go with Big Ben here, but his fantasy playoff schedule is scaring me right now.  I may start to get over that fear because Ben Accused can be elite, but I’m passing today.  As for Maroney, he showed he could get into the endzone last season and his competition is like Al Davis old.

12.141 Jerricho Cotchery — Cotchery will be the best receiver on the team until Holmes comes back.  And he will probably be Sanchez’s most trusted guy for the season.

13.148 Larry Johnson — Didn’t care for my choices here.  You know my thoughts on Clinton Portis’ decrepitness.  LJ could be starting at any point.

14.165 Jacoby Jones — I’ve always said Jones has a good chance of being the #2 receiver in Houston this season, but now even Kubiak is saying it is an open competition between him and Walter.  As long as he continues to go this late in drafts I have to grab him or face discipline.

15.172 Matt Moore — I don’t love Matt Moore (then what’s that Fat Head of his doing on your wall?). Shut up!  But I do like his start while Cutler is bye-ing and in case Cutler gets hurt he does have a decent playoff schedule.

16.89 Cincinnati Bengals — They have a ball hawking defense.  I’m sure I’ll be grabbing matchup plays half the time.

17.196 Ryan Longwell — Kicker

Conclusion: As a whole I don’t hate my team, but I hope I can find some steals in real drafts, because with a static ADP to go by, it just isn’t all that easy.  I think this is a good way to help us fake footballers realize that drafting an excellent team takes a little luck and some competition that sucks.

There are a lot of guys on my team that I am targeting, but before I started, I figured I would end up with a roster full of guys I’m targeting.  So even when you can backtrack and redo picks and look up byes and take a nap and grab five beers and pee at will, you still can’t make the perfect team.  There is no such thing.

Mike Clay

Mike runs the site Fantasy Depth Chart and you can follow him on Twitter here

1.4 Maurice Jones-Drew – Nothing shocking here. MJD was the obvious pick with CJ, Peterson, and Rice off the board.

2.21 Jamaal Charles – I almost took Greg Jennings here, but I like the options at wide receiver more than running back after round 4. I now have a ridiculously potent 1-2 attack at running back, which gets even better when you get to my 3rd round selection.

3.28 Pierre Thomas – 3 picks, 3 running backs. Crazy, right? I have Thomas ranked 12th in my RB rankings so he was the obvious choice here. I’ve noticed him slipping in some leagues, but he was due to go off the board in 4 picks. I couldn’t pass him up.

4.45 Antonio Gates – This is generally a tough spot because I’d need to decide between a QB, WR, or TE. Because the WR I would’ve taken here will be available when I pick next, WR is ruled out. I also felt that the drop off at quarterback (from Rivers to the names available when I pick in round 7) wasn’t quite as steep as the difference between Gates and what would be left later.

5.52 Hakeem Nicks – Nicks ranks 10th in my standard-scoring WR rankings, so this was a no-brainer. Passing on a quarterback here is a bold move, but fortunately for me, one of the names I’m in interested in at the position will still available later on. I had to get my WR1 now.

6.69 Santana Moss – This was really where I got stuck. Tony Gonzalez was still on the board, which made me want to go back and exchange my Gates pick for another receiver. I pondered this for a while, but I felt the drop off from Gates to Gonzalez was steeper than the one from, say, Hines Ward or Chad Ochocinco to Moss.

7.76 Jay Cutler – I thought about Mike Wallace here, but I have a bunch of wide receivers grouped with Wallace and, although I don’t have Cutler too far ahead of Eli Manning, the upside Cutler has this year is too great to pass on.

8.93 Johnny Knox – Hey, I took Cutler last round, so why not take the guy who he could end up throwing to the most with my next pick? Knox was about to go off the board, so I pounced and gave myself some major upside at WR3.

9.100 Arian Foster – The best available running back on my board won’t be around when I pick next and is one of the last remaining starters available. A few weeks ago, I would’ve taken Slaton here, but it’s been made pretty clear that Foster is the man. He is an excellent RB4.

10.117 Devin Hester – Sometimes the weirdest things happen during a fantasy draft. I didn’t plan to select Cutler, Knox, and Hester, but they fell to me and I took advantage. There are plenty of passes to go around in Chicago and don’t think both Knox and Hester can’t be top 25 receivers. I only need one of them to start, anyways, so if one falters, I have my security blanket.

11.124 Ben Roethlisberger – My starters are settled and I have an extra running back and wide receiver. Sounds like a great time to grab a second quarterback. Big Ben will be out the first 4 weeks, but joins Cutler as a top 10 option at the position once he returns.

12.141 Leon Washington – I was looking for some running back depth here and so I took a chance on Leon Washington’s upside. He will put up a ton of points catching balls out of the backfield and could eat into Justin Forsett’s carries.

13.148 Devin Thomas – Training Camp has not been good to Thomas so far, but I’m gambling on him earning his starting job back and coming through with a breakout season. He also doubles as a handcuff to Santana Moss.

14.165 Heath Miller – Miller is extremely underrated for some reason, so I’m more than happy to get him as my backup tight end in round 14.

15.172 Chris Chambers – Chambers ranks 35th in my receiver rankings and is my next best available option at the position. Considering we’re in round 15, getting a guy I feel can start in this league at this point is a steal.

16.189 NY Giants Defense – No reason to reach on a defense. I’m content with the Giants in round 16.

17.196 Ryan Longwell – There is absolutely no reason to reach for a kicker when the likes of Ryan Longwell and David Akers are still available at this point.

Conclusion: Although having a strategy in place prior to your draft is important, you will be disappointed with your team if you aren’t flexible. You might start a draft expecting to have a pair of running backs and a superstar wide receiver on your roster by round 4, but forcing yourself to stay in line with that strategy is just asking for trouble.

My draft is an excellent example of this. I went with Jamaal Charles in round 2, but easily could’ve taken Greg Jennings. (In fact, I initially took Jennings, but realized later it was the wrong decision and hit the rewind button.) Considering I took Jones-Drew in round 1 and couldn’t pass on Pierre Thomas in round 3, it seems that the smart move would’ve been RB-WR-RB, instead of loading up with 3 running backs. I learned in the middle rounds, however, that I could still get better-than-advertised wide receivers, while the available running backs weren’t as appealing. Instead of having a question mark like Montario Hardesty or Fred Jackson in my Flex spot, I have Charles. To gain that stability, I had to give up Jennings, but I don’t consider that much of a loss when you consider that my replacements for him are one of Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. If someone offered me Charles and Knox for Jackson and Jennings, I’d take it.

The example continues in round 4. I usually won’t take one of the elite tight ends here, but it really came down to Antonio Gates or Hines Ward (or Chad OchoCinco I suppose). Do I take Gates here and settle for Tony Gonzalez later in order to go from Santana Moss to Hines Ward? Again, it is a judgment call and I felt Gates-Moss was better than Gonzalez-Ward.

People can argue when to take a quarterback and how many running backs you should have by round 4, but what is really important is having a good draft board and adjusting it after each pick. You must be committed to finding ways to get yourself in position to be able to select the best available player when you’re on the clock.

After all, there are no rewinds on draft day.

Andy Miley

You can follow Andy on Twitter here and find his fantasy articles at

1.4 Maurice Jones-Drew — I’ll take the end of the fantastic four any day of the week here.

2.21 Greg Jennings — Selecting the #1 WR of the #1 QB the choice was hard with Jamaal Charles on the board, but good RBs left.

3.28 Cedric Benson — Ego and SuperEgo (85 & TO) will provide a lot of running lanes for a not so Texas favorite.

4.45 Antonio Gates — He will get more receptions than my first WR choice.  90+ receptions easy.

5.52 Hakeem Nicks — Toe, shmo, knee, please, he will be top 12 and is a steal right here at this ADP!

6.69 Jeremy Maclin — His QB likes to throw, check, he has someone else taking double coverage, check. Then he is mine, check!

7.76 Jay Cutler — “Mad” Mike loves him some Jay right now. Stay away from the sugar and deliver a top 7 season!

8.93 Santonio Holmes — Maybe he figures it out, maybe Sanchez figures it out. For a #4 WR I could do much worse.

9.100 Donald Brown — Call me crazy, but this kid is more physical than Addai and with great play can make sure Addai doesn’t come back, that is what I call motivation.

10.117 Devin Hester — Martz’s offense needs plenty of WRs. I like taking one with huge upside in the 10th.

11.124 Chester Taylor — I am no Forte believer and if I’m wrong, I still have a good bye week plug in guy.

12.141 Vince Young — Uncle Rico it’s my first time, be gentle! Horns up!

13.148 Jon Carlson — Solid #2 TE to Gates, he has a bye week you know!

14.165 Correll Buckhalter — Moreno is hurting now, who knows he could keep producing like last year and is a great #5 RB.

15.172 Chicago Bears — New pieces with Peppers and old pieces healthy with Urlacher equals good upside.

16.189 Cincinnati Bengals — They have gotten better and Pittsburgh has gotten worse. Great for a second to last pick.

17.196 Rob BironasTitans have problems in the endzone, which is good for a strong legged kicker.

  1. tourinct says:

    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, std scoring but QB gets 6 for TD.
    Do you think Donald Brown is worth picking up to handcuff Addai? General thoughts on handcuffing?
    So far I have:
    K – Megatron
    K – Austin
    1.10 – Charles
    2.11 – Beanie
    3.30 – Addai
    4.31 – Findlay
    5.50 – Cutler
    6.51 – Nicks

    Thinking about if available at 7.70-8.71 F. Jackson, M. Bush, D Brown/ Mcnabb, Manning, Ryan.

  2. tourinct says:

    b is right next to n

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tourinct: I think handcuffing completely depends on the player, but with Addai I like the idea. That would probably be my choice.

  4. tourinnc says:

    And and how close is a and d to n and e Mr. Finley? I’ll have another Duck rabbit Amber please.

  5. 'Cue Pork State of Mind says:

    Thanks to Andy and Mike. I did want to point out that simply using the order of ADP to simulate a draft is an interesting exercise, but doesn’t necessarily reflect what you’ll be likely to achieve in a real draft. Things especially get skewed late.

    If you look at Andy’s last 8 picks, only Chester Taylor is actually available where he takes him in average drafts. For example, Devin Hester is not available at 117–his ADP has him gone at 113.7. Likewise, Leon Washington is the only guy Mike would’ve nabbed out of those last 8 based on ADP. Doc, it looks like Z.Miller is the only guy of your last 8 picks that you’ll actually be able to draft, on average, where you’re taking them.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @‘Cue Pork State of Mind: I’m not sure what you are saying. All the players we picked are at or before their ADP according to FFC. You might be looking at a different ADP source.

  7. 'Cue Pork State of Mind says:

    Hi Doc,

    No, I’m looking at your spreadsheet. What I’m saying is that towards the end of the draft there are players that are not picked in every draft, which creates a gap between that player’s rank and his ADP.

    For example, Matt Moore. You took him at #172, the 4th pick of the 15th round. But if you look at his ADP on FFC, on average, he’s not going to be there for you in the 15th round. He’s the 183rd ranked guy, because he’s not always getting drafted, but when he IS getting drafted, he’s getting taken on average with the 1st pick of the 14th round–his ADP isn’t 183 it’s 157.3. So you probably can’t get him with the 172nd pick. And if you look at all three of your drafts, the last 8 guys you’ve taken, you’re taking them all after they are probably gone already.

    See what I’m saying? FCC has ranked 206 guys, but for only 180 actual slots. They are projecting a 15 round draft. The fact that you’re doing 17 rounds skews things a little bit, because you can see some of the defenses and kickers, their ADP is based on a 15 round draft–like Rob Bironas is getting taken with the 11th pick of the 14th round, but obviously in a 17 round draft, he’s probably getting taken with the 11th pick of the 16th round.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @‘Cue Pork State of Mind: I see what you are saying, but don’t you think the fact that these guys aren’t being picked in all the 15 team mocks mean that the average they do get drafted is skewed upwards?

    I think FFC overall #’s are better than other sites. If we used Yahoo we probably could have gotten much better teams. I don’t think the guys we got in the later rounds are out of the question at that point in drafts judging from the drafts I’ve done this season. I actually often get better players than that because someone falls.

  9. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    i picked from the 7th spot
    7 turner RB – getting a TD machine is never a bad thing
    18 roddy white wr – wanted an elite WR, thought about either mathews or charles
    31 schaub – having a top tier RB, WR, and QB is a great way to start a team, plus schaub helped lead me to victory last year
    42 j-stew – 1000+ yard rusher, with possibility for elite status if D-Williams gets hurt
    55 hakeem nicks – was a tossup between him and witten
    66 tony gonzalez – added another top tier player to the team, didn’t like many other of my options
    79 bradshaw – has huge upside if and when Jacobs goes down
    90 braylon edwards – I could do alot worse for a WR3
    103 donald brown – I like his opportunity for later in the season
    114 arian foster – a possible starting RB this late is a golden ticket to success
    127 chester taylor – could pay big dividends in the martz offense, and forte hasn’t impressed me at all the last two years, and I’m a bears fan.
    140 kevin walter – could be a #2 WR on a very potent offense
    151 kevin smith – Best might suck, meaning Smith gets to be the #1 guy
    164 tashard choice- does good things when given the chance
    177 gostkowski – I liked the top kicker more than the top def
    188 SD def – has a very weak div. schedule

  10. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Back to your ADP post, do you see Ryan Matthews ADP being as high as it is worth it? Just thinking how I want to run through my keepers league and your description of Spiller has me wondering about Matthews ability especially at what it will cost (1st or 2nd in 10 team keeper) to get him.

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Also, I see a pattern with Defense being next to last. Do you always do that or have you ever reached for a top 3 D?

  12. 'Cue Pork State of Mind says:

    @Doc: Yes, definitely in many drafts you’ll get better guys, and these ADPs I think are pretty good. Yahoo has numbers that just look wrong sometimes–very difficult to believe you’ll be able to get certain guys that late and so forth.

    But, I think for this exercise, you should still stick to the player’s ADP, not their ranking. Because what’s happening is that round 14.1, that guy is looking for his 2nd QB, and he either takes Matt Moore or he takes Jason Campbell, and the other guy is likely not to get drafted. So if you want to say I can wait until the 15th round for either Moore or Campbell–yes, I think there’s a good shot one of those guys falls, but if you’re targeting one or the other, you need to grab them by their ADP in the 14th to actually get that specific guy. If someone else in your league likes Moore, you’re not getting him in the 15th. If nobody likes him, of course you can have him with your last pick.

    For this exercise, I think you have to assume that someone in the league will grab the guy you like by the ADP. It’s definitely not out of the question that some of those guys will drop, but on average, which is the name of the game, they won’t. Of course this means that nobody is falling to you (unlike in a real draft) but it also means that you can sit back for Zach Miller, and nobody is grabbing him two rounds earlier (like in a real draft). By using the ranking instead of the ADP, you’re kind of undermining the purpose of the exercise in the late rounds.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @‘Cue Pork State of Mind: The problem then is we cant even do the exercise since the numbers couldn’t correspond correctly to draft picks. There is no 134.7 draft slot. I still think as soon as the numbers stop corresponding to the rankings the data is skewed in the other direction since not drafting someone in a mock doesn’t get counted. So when Matt Moore gets picked it averages out to 160, but say 25% of the time he doesn’t get picked at all. In a deeper draft he would eventually get picked sat at 180-200. If those picks were calculated in his average would go up.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: Not a fan of Braylon or Walter at any point really. I love Roddy White this season. He’s on my target list. Kevin Smith is an interesting case. Could have upside, but I’m worried how he’ll rebound from his injuries. Bradshaw is high on my target list as well.

    @Mr2Bits: I think he has been a little overhyped, but it is hard to see him not being productive and at the very least getting into the endzone like Old LT did last season. I’m about in the middle on him. I think he’ll struggle some, but not be a bust at all.

    @Mr2Bits: No, I never reach for a top 3. The turnover on D/ST is too big. The Jets aren’t a huge sacking, TD returning type of team so even they aren’t a lock. I rather play matchups against Buffalo and Tampa Bay.

  15. DSimms says:

    Doc – When I mock draft (in a 12 team yahoo) from 8,9,10 I never feel good with how the draft goes. If I’m stuck there what do you like best for the 1st two rounds: grabbing Mendy and a good reciever or reaching a bit for Shonn Greene and Jamall Charles. Or say screw it and grab the top QB and next best player?

  16. Greg says:


    I think you should do a piece on the scrubs that keep getting hype. The newest scrub is Craig “Buster” Davis and James Davis. James might have some value as a split back but do you really think that a man named Buster can be valuble w. Rivers throwing to him?

    And can you explain your extreme MAN love in Jamaal Charles. I just don’t feel a shifty back on a pathetic team like KC.

    And Doc….I hate to admit it but I am some serious FEAR that Felix Jones is half the man he’s suppose to be……

  17. Greg says:

    and fyi…. I’m stealing this quote: “So even when you can backtrack and redo picks and look up byes and take a nap and grab five beers and pee at will, you still can’t make the perfect team. There is no such thing. “

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DSimms: I like Mendy late in the first quite a bit and then choosing between a RB/WR.

    @Greg: JC is CJ spelled backwards.

  19. 'Cue Pork State of Mind says:

    @Doc: Well, 134.7 just means you have to draft that guy at 134 or earlier. Yeah, the numbers skew–it’s helpful to look at the 14 team ADP, although also imperfect, as the extra QBs and TEs drafted inflate some of the RBs and WRs ADP higher than you could actually get them. I’ll take a hack at it.

    1 RB1 – MJD – 4 (3.8)
    2 WR1 – G.Jennings – 21 (21.1)
    3 RB2 – P.Thomas – 28 (32.1)
    4 RB3 – R.Brown – 45 (49.9)
    5 WR2 – H.Nicks – 52 (56.1)
    6 WR3 – J.Maclin – 69 (72.3)
    7 QB1 – J.Flacco – 76 (81.5)
    8 RB4 – D.Brown – 93 (103.5)
    9 WR4 – J.Knox – 100 (103.7)
    10 TE1 – Z.Miller – 117 (117.7)
    11 WR5 – J.Cotchery – 124 (138.3)
    12 RB5 – Leon Washington – 141 (141.0)
    13 WR6 – Jacoby Jones – 148 (156.8)(166.6 in 14 team)
    14 RB6 – Bernard Scott – 165 (153.7) (168.4 in 14 team draft)
    15 WR7 – Devery Henderson – 172 (164.0)(176.0 in 14 team)

    With 3 WR + Flex, it’s so tough to not get one of the top tier WRs. In leagues with really active trading it’s easier to just grab talent, but in tighter leagues, it’s awful when your #4 RB is blowing up, and you’re still rotating in scrubs at all the WR spots. I like to nail down the top two RB and WR slots, so I’ll go with Jennings. With Welker available in the next round, I could see taking Charles (or Grant) and going with Welker as a #1, but I don’t think Welker will stay at that ADP–he’ll keep rising now that he appears healthy. Pierre Thomas/Ronnie Brown have their question marks, but they’re talented guys in good situations, so I’m satisfied with them rounding out the RB2/3 slots. If Donald Brown stays healthy, he’ll have value even without Addai slowing down or getting dinged up. Having only Washington/Scott to round out my RBs is disappointing, but I’m happy with my WR depth, and in a worst case scenario could always throw one of those guys in the flex slot. Jacoby is an upside pick, but I’d have no compunction starting Cotchery, Knox, or Hendersen as a WR3 or a flex from day 1, if need be. Took Flacco over Cutler more to mix things up than anything–I think either are good value in that spot.

  20. tourinnc says:

    “Success is not forever and failure isn’t fatal.” – Don Shula

    Growing up, and even now, I have always questioned authority to find a better way to understand someone’s thought processes, to make heads or tails of a situation, or maybe just so that I could twist the results in my favor when the time came. But today I am just doing what the “doctor” ordered. No what if’s or how about that’s, just following the guidelines for a change. I drafted from the four position as asked and only stepped outside the boundaries once because a player I wanted was not on the list. Here is the team I chose, with this in mind, I wanted a team that could get me to the playoffs and allow me to look intelligent if my “upside” hunches worked out, or just look like a risk taker (stupid), if they do not. My picks with some thoughts are as follows:

    1.06 Frank Gore – MJD is the safe pick but I took Gore looking to the future, as in making the playoffs. I use Fantasy Football Toolbox quite a bit during the season to help decide on strength of schedule for bye week players and defenses and SF has the 4th best RB schedule in weeks 1-13 and 1st best in weeks 14-16. If Gore is healthy all season this could be big.

    2.09 Greg Jennings – I Decided on a WR for this pick and thought Jennings had best potential with AR as his QB.

    3.11 LeSean McCoy – I really like the possibilities for McCoy this year. Will take over the role that Westbrook had and will be the release valve for Kolb if the offensive line can’t tow the line. If Celek isn’t open in the end zone dump it to McCoy and let him run it in.

    4.1 Antonio Gates – Antonio Gates. Enough said.

    6.03 Justin Forsett – Gut feeling here. Always go with your gut. I think that he is going to have big year. Came on strong last year and has a tone of up side. If Hasselbeck stays healthy, and the passing game is consistent, than Forsett runs wild. A lot of my team has a ton of upside. Your Cutler – My Forsett.

    7.02 Malcolm Floyd – Floyd will get lots of looks in the high powered passing attack of SD. If Jackson is a hold out, than Floyd is the man. If not he still gets a ton of targets.

    7.1 Joe Flacco – This could have been Cutler and I would have taken Cutler if Flacco was not available. I think the BAL defense will give more opportunity to the Raven offense then Denver D will for Cutler. Flacco now has a number one receiver in Boldin and that funny little guy who catches all those passes out of the back field, Mr. Rice.

    8.1 Thomas Jones – Bench spot here, kind of early, but taking the risk. Jamaal will get KC into the end zone from ten yards out. Inside the ten… Jones time. Also, FFToolbox has KC ranked 5th in weeks 1-13 and 2nd in weeks 14-16 at the RB position.

    10.05 Arian Foster – I believe that when the fight is over, and the three headed Dragon is slain, Mr. Foster will be the only head left to finish the battle. Smart, dedicated, thinks about nothing but football. He will never get his own reality TV show but I am okay with that.

    11.05 Golden Tate – Big, young strong with breakaway speed. The Hasselbeck factor comes into play again but he has a lot of upside as a rookie receiver. And old man Housh … thats another story.

    11.1 Matthew Stafford – Needed a back up QB for week 8. Some of the others I wanted had the same bye week. I took Stafford because he will be coming off his bye week and going against the KC defense. Man wish I had Megatron to go with him that week.

    N/A Arrelious Benn – By the time the season comes upon us, he will be in the top 150 ADP. A good looking young rookie with lots of upside. Will be fighting with Mike Williams for a starting role, but the team has nothing to lose, so they both could be starting from day one.

    12.12 Dexter McCluster – RB in college, WR in the pros, Flanker in KC. Has the upside to be the starting flanker in KC and with his speed he could turn short slants into long TD’s. There will be lots of opportunities for big plays.

    13.1 Heath Miller – Steady as they come. Will be a big part of the offense early on as a relief valve for which ever starting QB is there until Ben returns. And he is also one of Ben’s favorite targets. Pittsburgh is also saying that they want to get him more involved in the offense this year. That’s good news.

    13.11 Chicago DEF – FFToolbox has Chicago with the 4th best overall defensive schedule for the year. “Maybe turning Jay Cutler into Joe Flacco wasn’t such a good Idea, Mary”.

    14.02 Mike Williams – See aBenn. By the time my bye weeks roll around for my main starters, mostly 8-10, I will be able to make a decision between either Williams or Benn. If I am lucky, I won’t have to.

    14.11 Rob Bironas – CJ under the post. RB over the post.

    In conclusion: Man is this fun or what? Lots of upside here, hope it works. Good Luck to everyone.

  21. Greg says:

    @Tourinnc – Like the team. I’m a WR man myself and greatly respect your picks. You DRAFT VERY similiar to myself.

    Greg Jennings – I am targeting him in EVERY league this year. A WR1 that isn’t getting the street cred he deserves bc he had an off year last year. Driver is done leaving more room for Jennings.

    Golden Tate – VERY high on him. Will be a serviceable WR3/flex by week 5.

    TB receivers – you figure one of them has to break out.

    —– ur RBs though I’m not such a lover. Gore always gets hurt and in my eyes has never stood on his head like MJD. Foster may be the man in Houston but Kubiak RB’s are worse then playing russian roulette.

    I do however feel your love for Forsett.

    Your QB thoughts are the same as myself. I’m going for a Kolb, Cutler, Flacco in most of my leagues…..u da man!

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @‘Cue Pork State of Mind: I would worry with PT and Ronnie. I like both, but not together. Otherwise I do like what you have. Leon Washington is showing he still has it in TC right now. Scary for Forsett backers like myself!

    @tourinnc: I think Gore is a decent Gamble at #4. His upside is higher than MJD if he stays healthy and Smith and that defense continue to improve. I’m still with the stability of MJD there, but I can see Gore.

    Gonna have to see more from Benn. If he is getting outplayed by Williams now, even if he starts he’s #2 on a very bad Bucs tam.

    I like McCoy too, but much more in PPR. He’ll have trouble getting into the endzone.

    Like I said earlier, starting to worry a little about Forsett, but I still like him as long as he doesn’t get really overvalued.

  23. danimal35 says:

    @tourinnc: Just an FYI note that the Cutler doesn’t actually play for the Denver Broncos anymore

  24. tourinnc says:

    Yeah, missed that on the proof reading. Got it right on the defensive team pick though. Thank goodness failure isn’t fatal….

  25. 'Cue Pork State of Mind says:

    @Doc: Oh, I’m worried with PT and Ronnie, but you’ve got to gamble somewhere. A potential RB2 in the 4th round isn’t going to come without some risks, but I like that gamble slightly better than Bowe as my #1, or Nicks/Moss as my WR1/2, or Donald Brown as my starting Flex. So much can happen in the season, at least I feel good about those starting 6 RB/WRs for week 1. What’s the over/under on Brown to Marshall TDs out of the Wildcat? 1.5?

  26. Josh says:

    Good stuff. Can we expect any similar analysis with average auction price?

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Josh: I’ve been doing some Auction mocks, just trying to figure out the best format to give you guys analysis. There isn’t quite the data for auctions as as there is for snakes.

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