I was asked by my main man Marv who I thought was flying under the radar in the 7th and 8th rounds this season.  It’s hard for me to see anyone actually flying under the radar since I am so ingrained in fantasy talk and research every day (this is not something to be proud of) that players that may seem like sleepers to some are players I’m discussing and arguing about every day.  So I figured I’d just look at players I am targeting in rounds 7 through 13.  Some may be sleeperish, some just falling further than I think they should, and some are just upside picks who should be going where they are.

Malcom Floyd: ADP 72.9: He keeps moving up and for good reason.  He should easily be the #1 receiver while VJax is suspended/holding out, which might be most of the season.  I’m not reaching for Floyd anywhere earlier than the 7th round but the way things are looking he has value there.

Jay Cutler: ADP 74.4: You know I think he is set for a good fantasy season and at his current ADP you can stack your roster with RBs and WRs before worrying about him.

Ahmad Bradshaw: ADP 77.7: I’ve liked Bradshaw over Jacobs since the olden days of yore and now he’s running with the first team, which is kind of like running with the Sharks or the Jets, but without the finger snapping.  If this continues, his ADP may start to rise, but for now he fits in my 7th round hootenanny.

Michael Bush: ADP 82.4: I wrote some post on how much I love Bush a while back, or was that a Penthouse letter?  Anyway, I see him as the main back in Oakland and McFadden is giving him some more time to shine since The Mac Fad is hurting.

Johnny Knox: ADP 98.8: The Bears receiving corp is all over the place, but Knox has clearly been the most targeted receiver in camp.  You have to take some of that with a grain of salt, which really isn’t very much salt, but this late in the draft it makes it much easier to take on the risk.

Donald Brown: ADP 103.1: There is a very good chance this is Joe Addai’s last season in Indianapolis and the head shmoes are going to want to see if Brown can handle being the #1 guy.

Derrick Mason: ADP 109.3: Mason finished last season as the 17th ranked WR and was drafted as the 37th.  He is now going as the 42nd WR and should easily be top 30.  He’s safe without a huge amount of upside, but that’s sometimes what you need to succeed.

Arian Foster: ADP 101.6: Even though the hype machine is in overdrive on Foster, his ADP is still favorable for a possible starter on a good offense.

Devin Hester: ADP 114.5: Hester fits Martz’s quick hitting, pass happy offense well, and when it comes down to it, could be the biggest beneficiary, especially in ADP.  And he’s also the safest receiver of the 4ish.  I feel good about drafting him in the 10th round every time.

Zach Miller: ADP 117.3: Once again, another of “my” players.  And he could easily be the player I own the most across the board this season.  I don’t even look at where I’m getting him anymore.  I just see what TEs are off the board and if it’s Miller’s turn, it’s Miller’s turn.

Laurence Maroney: ADP 117: Probably my least favorite of this list (whoops, forgot about LJ), but also someone with a lot of upside if he can get his shizz sorted.  He went on a TD tear for a stretch last season and should once again be given the chance to be the main guy, especially with Morris, Taylor and Faulk olding up the depth chart.

Larry Johnson: ADP 149.9: I can’t stand that I keep ending up with him in mocks, but I do, so I should stick him on here.  You all know my faith in Clinton Portis is similar to that of Bill Maher’s in God, so LJ seems like the only guy who could possibly do something, unless of course they trade for Marshawn Lynch.

Early Doucet: ADP 152.9: I’m not sold on Steve Breaston and we could be seeing a battle for the #2 position.  This late he’s droppable if Breaston becomes the clear winner.

Jacoby Jones: ADP 153.2: See above, but I like Kevin Walter even less than Steve Breaston, much less actually.

  1. Andy says:

    I’m a big fan of Zach Miller this year as well. I’ve been stocking up on RB’s & WR’s in the middle rounds of mocks this year while others are taking TE’s. So far, Miller’s fallen to me in round 10 our later each time. Gotta love the value.

    Also a big fan of Floyd, Bradshaw, Knox, Doucet & Jacoby Jones this season.

  2. Jim says:

    Where are these ADPs from, out of curiosity?

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : My current 5 keepers are as follows :

    Ryan, Matt
    Forte, Matt
    Moreno, Knowshon
    Johnson, Andre
    White, Roddy

    Id like to go after a stud QB first round but at draft position 9 in a 10 teamer I think thats out. Below would be my only options if still available :

    A. Rodgers (most likely gone with the first pick)
    B. Favre(if applicable)
    Joe Flacco
    Jay Cutler
    Eli Manning
    Kevin Kolb
    D McNabb

    Should I go after any of the above or target another RB or receiver? Some that might be available are as follows

    RB :
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Ryan Matthews(doubtful due to hype)
    Pierre Thomas
    Joseph Addai
    Rickie Williams

    Receivers :
    Marques Colston
    Chad 85
    Mike SW
    Hines Ward
    Donald Driver
    Percy Harvin
    Brandon Jacobs

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim: Fantasy Football Calculator

    Out of those I like 1. Mendenhall 2. Mathews 3. Colston. 4. Cutler 5. Kolb

    If you could get Mendy I’d go for it. How long to wait n someone like Cutler/Kolb probably depends on how many teams keep starting QBs.

  5. BAM says:

    Hey Doc, I’m in a weird draft day predicament…in our 12 team PPR-league, if you keep a player, you forfeit your second round pick. I kept Chris Johnson. We can also swap draft picks should we choose to. So, in an effort to keep myself from being handicapped too much by not having a 2nd round pick, i made a series of pick trades and my draft shakes out like this:

    Chris Johnson – Kept
    12th pick in 1st round
    4th pick in the 4th round
    1st pick in the 6th round
    1st pick in the 7th round
    6th pick in the 7th round

    My fear is that if i don’t get this exactly right, i’m going to be deficient somewhere and i’m not sure who to target. Do I pick my second back with the 12th overall or go highline receiver? Do i take a back with my 4th round pick or wait (actually, hope) on a Michael Bush type in the 6th round? When do i take my qb? I think i have a sound strategy but you may have some other insights for me. Any help here is appreciated.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: Do you know how many players are being kept? Is the player pool pretty thin? With CJ in the bank I think I would shoot for a top tier WR. After that you are going to have to just see what kind of value there is. It’s very hard to predict, but I think I would go after an RB in the 4th.

    Do you have any other keepers?

  7. BAM says:

    Nope, no other keepers. I basically traded my 5th rounder to a 7th to trade my 3rd, which was to be my first selection after keeping CJ, up to the 12th pick in the first. I was thinking of taking a receiver with that first rounder as I’ll be in Wayne/Moss/Calvin Johnson territory. Your advice helped. Thx

  8. BAM says:

    Oh yeah, Only 3 players are being kept…CJ, AP and S.Jax. We have to declare keepers before the draft order comes out so the cat who kept S.Jax wound up with the second pick and lost out.

  9. BAM says:

    Just saw the shoutout at the top of this piece Doc…good lookin’ out! HAHA!

  10. Jeagle says:

    I think there’s some nice value with WRs this year. I like the following guys to have a good chance of breaking out:

    James Jones GB (Driver two knee surgery’s and age ?s)

    Jacoby Jones Hou (Daniels role will be smaller until he recovers)

    Burleson (CJ on opposite side put up great numbers with wallace and hasselbeck)

    Devin Thomas (Great Speed and can utilize mcnabb’s arm strength on intermediate and deeper routes)

    Doucet (i see breaston ending up in the slot and doucet taking on Boldins role in this offense)

    Thats who Ive been trying to target i agree with all your guys btw nice list.

  11. Syndrax says:

    Just a small error I noticed.
    When talking about Laurence Maroney, you had mentioned the backfield, Morris, Foster, and Faulk.

    I believe you meant to say, “Morris, Taylor, and Faulk.”

    Great stuff nontheless.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Syndrax: Whoops. Thanks

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