In the late rounds you can start taking some shots on guys that you have a good feeling about. You can also start scooping up your handcuffs. I personally recommend only handcuffing your RB1 if the handcuff falls into the later rounds and then using the rest of these picks on high upside players. In the later rounds, you are taking guys that you are aware that you are probably going to drop for players that emerge on the waiver wire. If you get lucky, a few of these guys will hit and you will get excellent value. Outside of that, you can also add depth with your WR4 and RB4 if someone falls that you like. 

Justice Hill

Justice Hill has looked really good during the Raven’s first couple of preseason games and is working his way into snaps when the regular season rolls around in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how many snaps that he takes with the first team during dress rehearsals. We will know more by the time this comes out. I’m not big on Ingram this season and that makes Hill more intriguing. Hill has looked pretty dynamic and elusive in the open field.

Darwin Thompson

Thompson is not the sleeper that he was a month ago or even two weeks ago. This is why I love drafting in July, you can get value on guys like Darwin in the last couple of rounds before they become more popular among the more casual players. There are loud whispers that Carlos Hyde may not make the 53 man roster and with Damien Williams already dealing with a hamstring issue earlier in camp, Thompson is all the more intriguing.

Tony Pollard

The standoff between Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliott continues and it very well could continue into the regular season and that makes preseason darling Tony Pollard a viable fantasy option. The pass catching specialist has been impressing Dallas so they may not be in a rush to give Zeke what he demands. The longer that Elliott stays in Cabo, the more intriguing Pollard becomes. I wouldn’t overspend on Pollard because I believe that Zeke has a better chance of making a quick signing before the season starts than Melvin Gordon so buyer beware.

Justin Jackson

Things are not looking good for Melvin Gordon to be with the Chargers by week 1. Justin Jackson in the 11th round is pretty intriguing considering how well he and Austin Ekeler have played this preseason. The latest reports are that Jackson and Ekeler will split the carries 50/50 and I assume that Ekeler will get more of the pass catching work and Jackson perhaps seeing more goal line work. I think Jackson can be a flex play right away in deeper leagues and a wait and see in 12 team formats. There is a possibility that Jackson is better between that tackles and first and second downs could shift quickly in his favor in September. 

David Moore

I don’t buy into Tyler Lockett cleaning up all of the missing work that Doug Baldwin left behind. He’s just not that type of wide receiver. DK Metcalf is already banged up and missing valuable training camp experience. David Moore had moderate success in 2018 while catching five touchdown passes and having two games with at least 97 yards last season. Seattle spoke highly of Moore during OTAs but Jaron Brown has been taking first team reps over him. If Moore can get things going this last couple of weeks, he could provide late value. 

Mike Gesicki

THIS TIME Devante Parker is going to live up to the hype. Annnnnnnnnd he’s injured. Maybe Mike Gesicki can break out after a slow rookie season. On Thursday night, he had a couple of catches including a big gainer in Jaguars’ territory. As long as Gesicki can see a fair amount of snaps and Fitzpatrick is slinging it, I think that Gesicki is going to have some big weeks.

Josh Allen

Both of them actually. If you play in IDP leagues, Josh Allen was EVERYWHERE against the Dolphins last night. He looks like a monster. 

Also Buffalo has a quarterback named Josh Allen that you might have heard of. From week 12 and after, Josh Allen was the number one scoring quarterback in all of fantasy football. Allen has a nice rushing floor and if he can get some accuracy in that arm he can probably provide some great value for your fantasy team if you end up picking a quarterback way later in the draft.


  1. Snacks Zillion says:

    I love Pollard with Zeke’s questionable off field choices and Josh Allen can go off anytime rushing. I wish I had both these guys but will try to trade for them.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Add more leagues!

  2. jdred5 says:

    Fooling with the back of my roster in a 10 team PPR.
    1) Swap out Mark Andrews for Waller? Starting TE is McDonald.
    2) Drop Dion Lewis for Pollard?
    3) Drop Browns D for Philly D and the Week 1 matchup with WAS?

    • jdred5 says:

      Or actually, maybe Lewis for Mattison since I own Cook …

    • MB

      MB says:

      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. Yes

  3. What's A Drexl? says:

    12 team .2 PPR (yeah it’s weird, basically standard) keep 6. also short IDP’s (2 DL, 2 DB, 2 LB, 1 IDP flex). deep benches BUT we have roster maximums, 6 RB, 6 WR, 4 TE, 3 QB, 4 max of all the IDP position types, 2 K, 3 DEF (which means you should always have 2 DEF’s since you might get stuck with 1 pretty crappy one if not, esp if some teams go into auto mode late in draft and might get a lot of them). 1 kicker is obviously correct. 5 injury slots BUT our roster maximums count those, so anytime you put like a RB in there it’s not like you can just go and add another RB (assuming you’d always have exactly 6 max, which i do)

    starting slots:
    QB (1)
    RB (2)
    WR (2)
    TE (1)
    3 R/W/T flexes
    1 K
    1 DEF
    2 LB
    2 DL
    2 DB
    1 IDP flex

    keep 6: for sure i’m keeping ertz, michel, julio, JJSS, and then 2 out of these: b.wagner (top 3 LB guy), wentz, j.allen, drake’s coffee cake, jeffery, j.howard, r.anderson, l-jax, d.jones (ATL LB, another top 4ish LB). almost nobody ever did this, but new rule you can only keep max 1 QB (i have no idea why this was inputted, as you’d be hurting yourself keeping 2 QB when you can start one of them max)

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d keep Wagner and Wentz

      • What's A Drexl? says:

        interesting, as almost nobody ever says keep an IDP, but here wagner is about as steady as it gets (and this is true even while SEA is a garbage home tackle assigning crew, they spread tackles more than most, hockey with hits is like this sometimes in some buildings, it’s a weird thing to have to evaluate). plus we know the issues drake/jeffery (few targets with wentz, injuries, tends to not give a shit a decent amount of the time)have. i can get either back in draft probably fairly easily. once i have wentz, i can wait till near end rounds for QB’s 2 and 3. and LB’s (IDP’s in general) since so little good info is out there you can in season nab top 20 types.

        will have to target the crap out of RB’s immediately here (mccoy/howard were previous keepers for years here), but of course my LB/TE/WR/QB are set pretty well for a long time (outside of WR, can’t wait forever on 3-6). almost certainly will get a top RB rookie at 1.12 (non snake in last 2 years since comish is trying to balance, this league often has a decent amount of owners shit off). the best teams have remained the best teams each and every year (me even though my keepers have weakened with mccoy/howard lately, had jordy as keeper too before). did well nabbing JJSS (i think my 1st rounder last year after keepers), michel (not long after) last year.

  4. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    16 teamer dynasty with IDP, PPR. we have to in season have at least 7 players from our team names. it’s fantrax and we have infinite RES/IR slots and during byes we can put them in there too, pretty much any reason a player can’t or might not play he can be stashed. due to this nobody can add suspended/inactive/long term injured off of FA to stash. slow draft for about 3-4 rounds before an online to clean up anybody that still wants FA players. i won this mother and always have been a top 3ish season scoring team, other 2 years got unlucky in playoffs, but lucky for draft picks considering how good team is. almost no chance k.murray falls to 1.16 (but i wouldn’t have thought he’d still be there at 1.9 and he’s still there). non snake draft, i get the shitty pick in all rounds.
    roster (some of these are in RES/IR slots, max 25 active healthy at a time)
    QB: trubisky/rosen (max 2 QB’s active, i got screwed by ARI drafting this guy high then giving up early)
    RB (2): DJ, d.will (KC), drake, breida, gus the bus, samuel, hyde, 6 max RB healthy
    WR: evans, kirk, r.foster, d.hamilton, doctson, j.reynolds, t-will (OAK), m-will (LAC, works out for both my williams’ for t-will to leave town), 7 max WR healthy
    TE: ertz, RSJ (ARI)
    1 flex
    LB (2, max 4): vander esch, cunningham, trevathan, burfict
    DB (2, max 4): swearinger (SWIDGEN!), baker, mcdougald
    DL (2, max 4): campbell, c.jones
    K (1): badgley
    DEF: (1) MIN

    so i need at least one more ARI player and will have to drop some amount of my RB/WR depth if they all get healthy. h.butler in like round 3 or later can probably be stashed (highest draft grade out of the 3 ARI WR rookies: butler, isabella, k.johnson (the latter is supposedly having the best camp)). but RSJ clogs up a spot and is completely useless, so getting more of them isn’t an awful idea.

    what youse think about trading one of z.cunningham/burfict/trevathan (trevathan ranked a bit behind j.hicks by best IDP site, not tons though) + 1 of d.hamilton/foster/reynolds/doctson + 1 of gus the bus/samuels/hyde (doubt anybody wants hyde just now anyway) for j.hicks LB (ranked higher than any of my LB not named vander esch and ranked right at cunningham and is ARI player). i’d mostly have all ARI useful IDP guys.

    2. what about if opp asks for drake here? he’s MIA and probably is going to try that. getting hicks is good but dropping 1 or 2 out of trevathan/burfict is a value loss since at least one of those are better than most teams’ 2nd LB. this might depend on who i can get with my 1.16 pick (but it’s gone 5/8th RB so far, maybe that depth is going to be thinner this year in this league for drafting). this opp has absolutely horrible RB and somewhat WR depth issues though, might be exactly the kind of guy that’ll do a 3 for 1. he also might only want 2 of this group of players, and might be able to throw in like a 4th rounder (a very good 4th rounder if so) along with j.hicks for 2 of that group. he just now got his 2nd RB starter with jacobs at 1.1

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d probably do either, I’m not a Drake fan so I’d have no problem departing with him.

  5. slimbo says:

    taking over a dynasty team which one would u take?

    #1 pick at draft
    Jay Ajayi
    Odell Beckham Jr.
    Sam Darnold
    Evan Engram
    Josh Gordon
    Frank Gore
    T.Y. Hilton
    Austin Hooper
    Kerryon Johnson
    LeSean McCoy
    Jordy Nelson
    Greg Olsen
    Jordan Reed
    Jalen Richard
    Matthew Stafford
    Golden Tate
    James White

    #2 pick at draft
    Peyton Barber
    Alfred Blue
    Kirk Cousins
    Ezekiel Elliott
    Adam Humphries
    Marvin Jones Jr
    George Kittle
    Eli Manning
    Donte Moncrief
    Aaron Rodgers
    Wendell Smallwood
    Willie Snead IV
    Kenny Stills
    Adam Thielen
    Ben Watson

    #3 pick at draft
    Le’Veon Bell
    Cameron Brate
    Trey Burton
    Tevin Coleman
    Gus Edwards
    Austin Ekeler
    Devonta Freeman
    Royce Freemam
    Marquise Goodwin
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Zay Jones
    Elijah McGuire
    Anthony Miller
    Tim Patrick
    Matt Ryan
    Michael Thomas
    Tyrell Williams
    Jameis Winston

    #11 pick at draft
    Todd Gurley II
    Andrew Luck
    Travis Kelce
    Robby Anderson
    Doug Baldwin
    Dalvin Cook
    Mike Davis
    Robert Foster
    Will Fuller V
    Derrick Henry
    Alshon Jeffery
    Duke Johnson Jr
    Jarvis Landry
    Tyler Lockett
    Isaiah McKenzie
    Dak Prescott
    Zach Zenner

    #12 pick at draft
    Josh Adams
    Keenan Allen
    C.J. Anderson
    Tom Brady
    Antonio Brown
    Randall Cobb
    Jack Doyle
    Chris Godwin
    Jared Goff
    DaeSean Hamilton
    Chris Herndon
    Jordan Howard
    Kareem Hunt
    Christian Kirk
    Dion Lewis
    Patrick Mahomes
    Kyle Rudolph
    Taywan Taylor

    • MB

      MB says:

      I think #12 is the way to go

  6. Mr. A Knife says:

    how’s this look. first off, good MF’ing night on luck, at least we don’t have to waft through IND lying to our faces saying he’ll be playing week 1 (or at worst week 3) like 2 years ago when they knew fully well he’d be gone all year at this exact timeframe. then of course finally got the shoulder surgery he needed for like 3 years.

    14 team PPR keep 2. found out, do NOT draft at sports bar in casino, EVEN if their internet works fine for most internet stuff routinely, when it’s super busy from alice in chains/korn concert night the WIFI using yahoo’s draft software you’ll time out at least 5 times when it’s your pick, and when that happens you don’t get your full clock, you damn straight better have either set predraft rankings (i did. for about 400 players, only needed about 300) and/or queue your guys. had the 7th in odds, 8th in evens. 6 point TD throws PPR here. we cannot keep anybody drafted in previous season in rounds 1-2. used rudy’s projections for predraft rankings for the non IDP’s, used a top ranker for IDP’s, sprinkled them in based on where others were going. 2 IR’s here.

    QB cam newtown (9th, good value, just after rivers, trubisky, winston), jimmer G (13)
    RB (2) d.will (2nd), carson (3rd), miller (5), singletary (8), gio B (18), thompson (19)
    WR (3) AB (4th, keeper), JJSS (1), sutton (6), j.brown (10), a.wilson (15), doctson (16)
    TE (1) howard (21, keeper)
    1 flex (R/W/T)
    K (1): none yet
    LB (2): wagner (7, 5th LB drafted, 1 kept), kuchely (11)
    DL (1): campbell (14), s.thomas (should’ve gone DB here since j.adams has earliest bye, but it’s good to usually have a best LB for lone bench IDP, 20th)
    DB (2): j.adams (12th, 7th DB drafted), mcdougald (17)

    – computer went out in 1st round pick, meant to go mixon there, if i did i’d have mixon/godwin (or hilton or woods) rather than JJSS/d.will and since i was RB weak i’m pissed at this

    – might be said to overdraft LB/DB/DL here BUT RB/WR were damn weak early anyway, might’ve at worst cost myself getting (but it’s guys like k.cole, d.hamilton, boykin, agholor, tate, t.smith, mattison, cj anderson, samuels i missed out on). do need to drop backup DL s.thomas for best LB or DB (j.hicks/simmons/geathers)

    – i got made fun of for drafting jimmer G where i did, was asked “did yr internet go out again” when i made that pick, i thought it was good and since i have cam i needed a backup that didn’t suck or at least has upside. ryan/mahomes/roethlisberger/l-jax/watson only QB’s kept so technically jimmer G was the 23rd QB off the board.

    1. who’s my for kicker drop here? gotta be one of c.thompson/wilson/doctson. best RB/WR in FA are: m.davis, j.will, edmonds, rid dick, gus the bus, m.lee, parker, stills, t.quinn, richardson, (so possible if it’s thought a.wilson isn’t the best MIA WR to grab that could be done, rudy’s rater says stills is actually better than a.wilson)

    • Mr. A Knife says:

      holy god, JUST like last year with mckinnon (my 2nd rounder, went out in around 12ish hours after our draft) but this time in less than probably 1 hour after draft l.miller goes out for long term. another year of over FAAB’ing RB’s from need due to early drafting times. can’t even fathom those that draft earlier than this early. best RB add here: ajayi (gotta think HOU starts looking at guys just like this), m.davis, crockett (last RB starter type next up on HOU), ty mont, edmonds,

      • Mr. A Knife says:

        sorry, inaccurate, about 25ish hours after draft this was reported. either way, we’re drafting too damn early when this stuff happens this often in less than 2 days after draft.

        • Mr. A Knife says:

          yep, and reports are IND knew he was probably going to do this for 2 weeks now. for his part, good for him, you got tons of millions, live a life you’ll like.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Pretty brutal event with the Lamar injury but at least you didn’t draft him AND Luck. Jimmy G has been pretty bad in the preseason but it is just the preseason so I’d tell them to F off. I’d drop Doctson for your kicker.

      • Mr. A Knife says:

        so that’s what they meant, i don’t give a F what anybody does in preseason. we saw what he did the last 2 times he played IN season.

        • Mr. A Knife says:

          i got ajayi here off waivers, but somebody else nabbed crockett. i was able to IR miller just now and then added m.davis. any other RB ideas for miller loss?

          another good question (that applies to all leagues) how much you moving down all the IND guys now? can’t just say don’t draft hilton/ebron/mack/funchess/hines/doyle (maybe him), but clearly our boards need to be greatly changed on all of them.

          • Mr. A Knife says:

            oh yeah, to see how much the internet connection (and just how much bandwith yahoo’s draft software uses up) screwed me, which of these do you like better:
            mixon + godwin (or woods) vs d-will + JJSS?

            • MB

              MB says:

              Damien and J2S2

          • MB

            MB says:

            Mack stock up, the rest stock down, I’ll grab Hilton if he’s cheap enough

  7. Steve Anus says:

    yeah why exactly is everybody ranking l-jax higher than j.allen (QB)? l-jax can’t throw like at all, and supposedly he’ll run less this year (that’s actually almost guaranteed if he said nothing about it). also BAL tends to have a much better running game anyway which they’ll lean on. BUF gets behind all the damn time, OL gets j.allen nearly killed far more often, AND he can actually throw. if l-jax wasn’t so horrible i’d easily bet a bunch of money j.allen would have more picks (since the gunslinger stuff, and OL problems) but he is bad enough to make this a close bet probably.

    12 teamer standard league. dynasty. weird league though since it’s front loaded some owners keep very few players in order to attempt to get entire draft rounds to themselves. last year 1 or 2 guys kept like 2 total players to try to get barkley, it only worked out for one of them, and i’m sure both got worse overall than they were by doing that.
    keep max 15 here and since i got zeke AND melgor i’ll shortly be likely needing more RB’s than i would’ve hoped for.
    QB RW3 (SEA), mayfield
    RB (2) zeke, melgor, both MIA guys (so i’m in trouble here, possibly all year, long term i’m fine though)
    WR (3): (here i’m too stacked): AB, MT (NO), hilton, boyd, kirk (also could keep samuel)
    TE (1): ertz, cook
    K (1): NE kicker
    DEF (1): none yet

    could throw back cook or an extra WR here i guess (hilton or kirk, hilton’s entire career just took a completely disgusting turn, esp if we remember what his stats looked like the last time luck was out) or RW3 maybe. do have 1 IR slot in case drake isn’t ready to start year, but i’d have to keep him as active player now. pretty clearly i need RB’s quick if i expect to compete while zeke/melgor sit and do nothing and melgor loses money.

    • Steve Anus says:

      no flexes here. i must’ve had some RB get majorly hurt or lost job last year to only have the 2 stud RB’s and the 2 MIA guys.

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d throw back RW3, and Cook for sure. I’m not sold on throwing back Hilton, I like Frank Reich and believe Indy will figure it out to a certain extent.

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