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Alright you Fantasy Football-type people, it’s time to put the first poll of the Face/Off series up to see whose virtues were extolled the best.  You can use whatever measure you feel is necessary to decide.  Maybe you prefer the improper use of the English language by one writer.  Maybe you prefer the other’s grooming habits.  Whatever your reason may be, it’s your choice and your voice so pick a side and tell the world what you think of this week’s match-up.  If you need a recap, you can read the Roddy White article here and the Julio Jones article here.  If you need to see what we at razzball do when we’re not writing about fantasy sports, you can click here.  But enough of that, who stole the show this week folks?  The winner earns Razzball glory and a replica wig from Dustin Hoffman’s role in ‘Tootsie’.  Don’t let your favorite writer down!

  1. David_KOA says:

    @Andrew Nordmeier & Mark Lee,
    What an awesome first debate to lead the series off into the summer! I am really looking forward to the next one and the many to follow.

    A couple of items, when it comes to roddy that stand out to me. Starting with the fact he is going to be 31 years of age. He has not had a YPC above 13.6 in the last three years. We also can not forget that Roddy led the league in drop passes in 2011.

    Now on to Julio Jones and a couple of exciting stats. He rock a very nice 1.53 fantasy points/per target his rookie season. From weeks 9-17 in what was essential seven games for Julio he had eight touchdowns to Roddys five in a full nine games.

    We already have seen how a healthy Julio is damaging for Roddy and his TD total. I think the next step will be the targets going away from White and into Jones direction. Fantasy owners are still drafting Roddy as a legit WR1. Right now over at FFC: Roddy White(5th) & Julio Jones(11th) WRs off the board. I just don’t see it? How Roddy is going to be able to contribute solid WR1 numbers for fantasy owners in 2012.

    I’m going to do everything, I can to get me some Julio for my fantasy teams in 2012! I think we could be looking at top five at his position(WR)! I still think that Roddy can push to be a low end WR1 but a better shot at being an awesome WR2.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      I don’t want to play my hand on this debate seeing as I am ‘reffing it’ but I can def see where your’e coming from. I’ll need to throw the other guys as authors on the next poll so they can see these comments. Glad you like the idea of the series! We’re looking forward to making them :)

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