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Well, after a successful first run with our Julio Jones versus Roddy White debate – which you can go look at the results of here – we decided ‘why give you guys new content when we can simply swap out players and do the same damn thing over and over’?  Actually, we thought the first one was so enjoyable and overheated – I never thought I’d see a slap fight between two fantasy football writers – that we craved more.  This week we examined what are considered to be the top two tight ends going in the draft this year in Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.  You can review the argument for Rob here and for Jimmy here.  The winner this week gets a falafel rubdown from Bill O’Reilly.  If that didn’t make sense to you, google ‘Bill O’Reilly falafel’.  Good, now that you’re back, it’s time to vote.  Oh, and you’re welcome.

  1. David_KOA says:

    @Jonathan Gilpin & Sky,
    Another solid debate, from two writers that represented both players well. Below I am going to list some of my opinions, that led me to my decision.

    Starting with Jimmy Graham and my expectations for 2012. The first thing that stands out with Graham and his 2011 season, is the consistency of targets he saw. Never seeing less then seven in any one game last year! Even with the loss of Meachem on the outside, I don’t see room for growth when it comes to his targets(149). If anything, I see those targets that would have gone to Meachem. Being filled by Devery Henderson(similar player) and Lance Moore getting in the mix. When it comes to his TDs, I don’t see an upgrade and actually expect a decrease in that department . We as fantasy owners can not forget about Lance Moore and his red zone presence.

    Now on to Rob Gronkowski and my expections for his upcoming season. The first thing that stands out when looking at Gronkowski and his numbers is the 28 TDs in only 32 games! You could say that Gronkowski is not going to get the consistent looks like Graham. Yes, that is true but even with less targets, he still gets TDs. He had six games(2011), in which he had six or less targets and he still scored five TDs. With the addition of Brandon Lloyd and the other familiar weapons, I do expect a few less targets and catches in the stat column this year. That being said, I don’t expect a significant dent in his TD total.

    If, I did not feel the need to come away with RB-RB in the first two rounds. I could see myself taking a look at Rob Gronkowski, in the first round of my fantasy drafts this summer. As of now, I have a list of 13 RBs, I would feel good about drafting early. When my pick comes in the second round, if none are on the board. I will not hesitate calling out Rob Gronkowski name.

    I tried to come up with some negatives about Rob Gronkowski on the football field. I just could not and don’t see how he is not viewed as the clear cut number one TE in all formats! Not taking anything away from Jimmy Graham and his ability. I think he is the number two(TE) and will produce excellent numbers. If you could not tell already, I pick Rob Gronkowski!

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Boooo! :)

      • JB Gilpin

        Jonathan Gilpin says:

        @Sky, You mean Yay!

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