Today will go down in infamy right there with Pearl Harbor and the day the Lions drafted D’Andre Swift, bringing the Kerryon Johnson fan club to it’s knees. Except this is a good day. Maybe those weren’t the best examples of infamous days. Anyway, today Boof and I successfully published the debut episode of the soon to be wildly popular YouTube show: Fantasy Football Malpractice. What does fantasy football malpractice mean and what recourse do you have if you’re a victim? You’ll have to watch the show and find out! We also discuss a few underrated offenses for 2020 fantasy football including the Cardinals, Panthers, Jaguars and Dolphins. Plus we’ll share our dynasty rookie draft strategy now that the 2020 NFL Draft has completed. Kyler Murray, Christian Kirk, Preston Williams, Jordan Howard, Matt Breida and Curtis Samuel are just a few of the players we touch and rub on in this series premium. Feast your eyes on Dr. Donkey Teeth and The Boof!

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Jolt In Flow
Jolt In Flow
2 years ago

Boof, was that liquor you were drinking? Looked like a Canadian Club or 10 YO Highland Park.

Good show.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jolt In Flow

It’s Old Forester 1910 bourbon “blue label”… $50 bottle but tastes like $100… highly recommend

Thanks for watching!