As expected, in the midst of a pandemic, NFL players around the league are deciding to opt out of the 2020 season. All eyes will be on the MLB for the next couple of weeks to see how outbreaks within organizations are handled. After all of the positive tests for the Marlins and the two positive tests in the Phillies’ organization, it’s hard to imagine the NFL functioning with travel in the fall. At this point, Goodell is going to try and push through and have teams play in their home stadiums. I don’t understand why the NFL can’t move their operation down to Texas for the season and play in those nice high school facilities that they have down there. I get that NFL players want the cushy locker rooms and state of the art weight lifting facilities, but you have to look at the NBA campus and notice that there hasn’t been a positive test in weeks. Having 53 players per roster following proper guidelines in a high contact sport seems far-fetched enough as it is. As I previously mentioned, the consequences of the less than ideal protocols are opt outs, and it’s already having an effect on fantasy football. But first, the Buccaneers made an interesting roster move on Thursday. 

Bucs Sign LeSean McCoy

Just as drafters were starting to gain a little confidence in drafting a beefed up Ronald Jones, Tampa pulled a fast one and brought in LeSean McCoy. This actually adds value to Ronald Jones because his price tag should end up a little bit cheaper. There are already murmurs in the fantasy community of not wanting to even mess with the Buccaneers’ backfield. I get that. But you have to remember LeSean McCoy didn’t even DRESS for the Super Bowl in February for the Chiefs. LeSean showed flashes that he can still pick up yards in chunks but he never took over the backfield in Kansas City. McCoy is 32 years old, his best play is obviously behind him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the 3rd guy on the depth chart, key word DEPTH because of Covid. Ke’Shawn Vaughn is already on the Covid list, and this illness can be unpredictable. I’m not saying that Vaughn is the reason that the Bucs signed McCoy, but I would continue to draft Ronald Jones in the middle rounds with confidence. 

Damien Williams opts out of the 2020 season

Damien Williams has decided that the Covid season isn’t worth it to him. Immediately after this happened, Clyde Edwards-Helaire started to fly off of draft boards in the #Razzbowl. CEH even went as early as pick 1.07 in one league. What the hell are people expecting? First of all, CEH is NOT Saquon Barkley who was only going a couple of picks earlier than 1.07 in his rookie season. There is a lot more trustworthy talent on the board in the first and second rounds that are going to get a heavier workload than the rookie. In recent seasons, Andy Reid has used a mix of backs instead of a bell cow back. Sure, CEH might be the most talented back that Kansas City has had in a while, but don’t forget that Kansas City also brought in DeAndre Washington who came on very strong in Oakland at the end of the 2019 season. I’d much rather take a late round flyer on Washington with confidence that he will see the field pretty often in 2020. 

Drafting rookies is an interesting conundrum. I’m not TOTALLY against drafting rookies, I simply don’t want to over pay for them. I’ve written it before, training camp is going to be weird. Getting up to game speed is going to be more difficult than the average football fan realizes without any preseason games.

Quick tidbits

Dalvin Cook has reported, but still wants a new deal. Showing up is half the battle, right? This stuff is hard to predict, but even if they don’t get a deal done, I believe Dalvin will still play. The hold out blueprint hasn’t been kind to running backs. I think that they get a deal done anyway.

– The 49ers restructured Raheem Mostert’s deal to the satisfaction of both sides. Did you get any cheap Raheem Mostert during the big panic?! I hope you did, he’s going to have a big 2020. 

Marquise Goodwin also opted out of the 2020 season. I think this is good news for getting Jalen Raegor on the field. It was previously reported that he would be working behind DeSean Jackson, but now it sounds like Raegor has been learning a lot of different placements within the wide receiver position. Like I’ve said, I’m not big on rookies unless the price is right.

Sony Michel might not be ready for the start of camp. I’d be grabbing all of the late Damien Harris that you can. Michel hasn’t been impressive and health continues to be a concern for him. Plus, I think Damien Harris can really break out if he is given the opportunity.