B_Don is back from Vegas and he brought in JB Barry to fill in while DT is stuck out there paying debts off to the Vegas cashiers. I wonder what is harder, the recovery after 4 days in Vegas or surviving Bye-mageddon? 

We run through positions starting with the signal callers. We talk about where we are on Tua for the rest of the season. Then, we talk about who currently falls into our QB5 spot in dynasty. On a much shorter timeline, we talk about what we’re doing with Aaron Rodgers this week sans Davante Adams and Allen Lazard

We move on to RBs with some of the more intriguing time split situations Elijah Mitchell, Damien HarrisKenneth Gainwell, and Myles Gaskin. We wrap up the show with some TE talk where we discuss the former Eagles duo of Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion about Mike Gesicki and what his value looks like over the ROS.