B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to discuss the recent Dynasty Best Ball draft. It’s a good thing that we put this league together because looking at the names in the draft.

We review our drafts and talk about our approach to a format that doesn’t have much discussion around it, best ball dynasty fantasy football. What do the guys do differently in these drafts? How do they split out their rosters? Then, we discuss some of the early round picks with surprises and where some values came out of the draft. 

  1. Jolt In Flow says:

    BDon, DT, much appreciated! Nice driving material. Looking forward to the upcoming profiles and all the football content.

    BDon, I’m interested in the bestball pools. Throw me an invite if needed and I’ll jump in on a couple of them.

    Thanks as always,


    • Thanks for listening! Will keep you on the list for upcoming best ball leagues! #AlwaysDraftSZN

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