The sausage lovers are back at it again this week, talking rookie wide receivers. Donkey Teeth gushes over his freshly realized love for the rookie receiver class as a whole while B_Don is a little more reserved with his heart. 

The guys go in depth on their profiles of rookie speedsters DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, and Keke Coutee while also re-visiting Antonio Callaway and Tre’Quan Smith. Find out how to prioritize all the rookie WRs for the rest of this season. 

And don’t miss the A-hole of the week along with a quick session of Sausage, Cheesehead, Ditka featuring Da Bears own Tarik Cohen and Drew Brees. Put some premium sausage in your mouth right here:


  1. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    20 team dynasty half-PPR BUT rushing yards are 10 per point and receiving 15. lots of other scoring for things like: .25 for each thrown completion, 1st downs receiving/rushing .5, 1st down passing .75, small bonuses for rushing/receiving to 100/150/200 and throwing 200/300/350. small bonuses (that are bigger for the rushing/receiving than the throwing) for 40 yard plays and 40 yard TD’s.

    2 other rules, i need minimum 10 WAS players (IR guys count) and the max QB rule is as many active guys from ONE real life team as you want and UP TO ONE from a 2nd team. people in good shape just have 2 from 2 teams (like me). i’ve won this league a decent amount since it’s inception (was about the 11-12th best team the 1st year but got unlucky and got like 17th)

    QB (1) goff/cousins (used to need cousins as WAS player, not anymore though, now he’s trade depth that it was yet to come up with good value, till now)
    RB (1) thompson, lat murray, ekeler, c.thompson, perine, blount (is being dropped tonight, i’m using my #1 waiver on mostart, i need possibly useful RB’s here badly, and he’s been their best guy when not hurt, FAR more yards per carry than anybody else, he looked DAMN good a couple of weeks ago when i saw him)
    WR (2) t-will (LAC), m-will (LAC), doctson, grant, k.benjamin (good lord that benjamin for l.collins trade looks bad now, made about 2 years ago when benjamin was a worthy WR to trade for and i had S depth to NYG owner)
    TE (1) reed/VD
    1 flex (so if you have 2 useful RB’s you put one here all the time)
    IR (5) kelley, guice (2nd best back from draft grades, would’ve went top 4 or higher had he not missed this whole year, i got him 20th overall by luck from that)
    K (1) WAS kicker
    LB (3) (the years i won this was a MAJOR strength, weaker now): l.david, kendricks (MIN), lee (OAK), walker (IND), burfict
    DT (2) AAron, allen (WAS)
    DE (2) campbell, cam heyward (has DT now too, although this is hurting his stats), okwara (LB too, and he’s been GREAT for about a month almost)
    S (2) swearinger, baker, vaccaro (sounds back this week, ranked quite highly when healthy)
    CB (2) roberts (NYJ, only has value with injuries lately), awuzie, dunbar (WAS)
    IR (5) kwon A (burfict can be put here later in week)

    finally got a possible trade for one of my good QB’s. would you do all of these
    1. cousins + lat murray for bortles (he’s far better than anybody in FA though, he has a job and produces positive points, unlike say peterman) + DJ (ARI). for some reason the DJ owner with brees (probably realizing brees is getting old as shit) wants another top end QB and actually cousins, with all of his short throws he makes is better than in standard leagues due to many completions and 1st downs. i’m in about 5th right now but am actually tied for 3rd in points
    (which means it’s FROM the QB’s mostly, my RB’s and WR’s are not close to as good as previous years, weeks ago i was worse than this)
    2. cousins + lat murray + pretty high draft pick for bortles/DJ

    3. (this one i’m assuming DO NOT DO): cousins + lat murray + guice for wilkins + bortles + DJ.

    for scoring relevance, ROS (by yahoo, as i need some sort of stats to show for this):
    DJ projects at ROS total of 100.19 (12.52 per game), for totals the 14th RB going forward (had been the 23rd thus far), better than 14th per game though, as he’s got a bye just now, others already had theirs.
    cousins = 240.86 (12th), AVG (30.11), but a bit better, has a bye coming
    goff = 248.11 (9th), AVG (31.01) but a bit better, has a bye coming
    bortles = 202. 02 (27th), AVG 25.25), bye right now, BUT of course is on a cliff as far as losing job entirely.
    basically how much would you be willing to nab DJ forever. DJ/guice next year would take me back to being a DOMINANT team i’m fairly sure (last few years my total points were just sick)

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