B_Don and Donkey are back profiling several rookie running backs on the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast. First, the guys take a look at the film on Da Bears David Montgomery who has shown signs of life in recent weeks, despite the putrid offense in Chicago.

Then your hosts dive in on B_Don’s heartthrob, Devin Singletary, who might be staking his claim on the Bills backfield in the coming weeks. The last rookie RB profiled on this show is the ever-explosive Miles Sanders of the Eagles. Find out how Donkey and B_Don are valuing these players for the rest of the season and out into the future in dynasty leagues. And don’t forget to set those RazzBowl lineups next week if you make the first RazzCut!

  1. Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

    20 team dynasty where i have to have at least 10 WAS players at all times. IR counts towards this. rushing yards worth half more than receiving, but it is PPR. for the IDP’s i’ll just list their ROS ranking from idp guru, the best idp site existent (youse guys should see about teaming up with him similar to how grey found you 2 almost a year and a half ago, as razzball hasn’t had any IDP stuff in about 3-4 years and the last time they did their guy was also a top 2 ranker for IDP for 2 consecutive years, but even that guy’s content paled in comparison to IDP guru’s stuff at his site (in season is free, super deep preseason rankings are like 8 bucks for the predraft kit). return yards here are worth as much as rushing yards, so cord patt is actually better than pretty much any of my WR the last 3 weeks.

    QB (1, max from at most 2 real life teams, but as many as you want from one of those 2 teams you can have guys from, so here i could have multiple LAR or WAS QB’s): goff, haskins (WAS 1)

    RB (1): ekeler, c.thompson (WAS 2), b.love (W 3), and i can add bonnafon or wilkins again when VD gets his out tag for this week (or drop sprinkle if he is active)

    WR (2): t-will, m-will, richardson (W 4), cord patterson, aj brown

    TE (1): irv smith, sprinkle (W 5), VD (W 6)
    1 flex
    IR (5): d.johnson, j.reed (W 7), guice (W 7)
    K (1): WAS kicker (W 8)

    LB (3): r.evans (18), kwon A (33), l.david (25), used to have e.kendricks but i dropped him after having him for his whole career since he was trending down for the last 2 years, and then THIS year he goes off for a 15th ROS guy now (in preseason he was far lower, middle 40’s), d.ford (backup LB and DE here)), and i can add morrow (OAK, 50) or q.williams (JAX, was ranked higher till injured, 62nd)

    DE (2): c.campbell (DE 8), houston (15), d.ford (DE 27)
    DT (2): AAron (DT 1), j.allen (W 9, counts as a DT which is awesome since he plays DE and they score more, 19), j.phillips (BUF, technically a split starter with star lat but has done better than him, the 3rd DT can be thrown away after byes by LAR/WAS, ranked DT 10 this week)

    S (2): b.baker (S 9), simmons (16), r.harrison (i got the 2 waiver and he’s coming off tonight, 8), nicholson (W 10), so i’ll be too deep at S (rather be this deep at LB), shame i traded away l.collins about 3 years ago for a WR when i needed one (it was a fair smart trade at the time)

    CB (2): norman (W 10, CB 31, could go away from him he’s not good and doesn’t get full snaps anymore, could drop him for moreau, getting more snaps than him at WAS lately), j.joseph (CB 8)
    IR: a.phillips S LAC (this guy was awesome last year used somewhat as a LB, hurt all this year so far, ROS S 35)

    got a trade offer of:
    my aj brown + 3rd rounder (these have some value unless you keep so many that you only draft rounds 1-2)
    AP + keenum + mclaurin + worthless pick

    keenum and probably AP i have little use for (certainly keenum has no long term value and i only don’t start goff on his this week bye anyway, and keenum doesn’t sound like he’s playing over haskins this week as is, i have 1 IR slot left). i could drop some guys if i did this (one of the WAS TE’s probably). probably should try to trade away one of the S for LB here after i obtain r.harrison tonight. but is aj brown that much better than mclaurin long term anyway? clearly i’d love to have a base player on WAS long term (have guice, possibly b.love, haskins, j.allen, the kicker, one of the TE’s already, m.ioanndis DE is quite good all of a sudden but likely want to be held onto by his owner). if i did this i’d probably drop keenum right away. it’s been a hard road trying to both compete and have this many WAS players for this many years, but i did 3 peat once not long ago here.

    • Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

      made a miscount, i have 11 WAS guys.

      • Yr Never Too Old For Balloons says:

        AND kwon might’ve just gone out with longish thing, basically the worst (or 2nd to RB) position to lose somebody at for me now)

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