B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back after most of week 7 is in the books (just waiting on MNF). Missing the double header from last week, but we take a look at the happenings from week 7. 

Chris Carson left the game with a mild foot injury so we talk about where Carlos Hyde might rank among potential waiver wire targets. Speaking of injuries, we look at the Cardinals RB situation following Kenyan Drake and our expectations for Chase Edmonds.

The guys move on to talk about the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott. Should you be concerned ROS for Zeke? Where does he fit in among RBs? DT and B_Don let you know their opinions. 

Next, the OBJ injury was tough, and what kind of FAAB we might be dropping on potential replacements for the Browns. We both scoff at the idea that the offense will be better without OBJ as some have suggested. Speaking of tough Ohio WR situations, we discuss where A.J. Green and Tee Higgins fit in among WRs. 

Moving on to an equally cloudy situation B_Don asks DT if it’s time that we can trust D’Andre Swift. We wrap up with a quickfire of questions about Rob Gronkowski, Josh Allen, and where Tua Tagovailoa fits in at QB for the rest of the season. 

  1. Hamtime says:

    Great pod as usual! 14m league:

    1. Would you try and trade amari for mixon or Michael Thomas? Losing faith in Dallas fast

    2. Start amari, Hollywood, or Preston

    3. How would you rank: peoples, pascal, Irv smith, Marcus Johnson

    4. Is hooper worth a stash (FA) or will Bryant emerge

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      1. If you can get Mixon or MT for Amari, I’d do that immediately.

      2. I think I’d go with Preston of those 3 for week 8. No trust in Ben DiNucci.

      3. ROS: Pascal, DPJ, Irv, Marcus

      4. Hooper is worth a stash. Bryant and Njoku pretty much split the TE2 roll when Hooper is healthy.

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