Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Razzball readers and podcast listeners. With Donkey Teeth off doing who knows what, it felt appropriate to bring in Razzball contest extraordinaire, Coolwhip (@CoolwhipRB) to top off the Thanksgiving pod. Fresh off his top 10 finish in the 1st week of the RazzBowl playoffs, we discuss a little bit of his roster and how he built for the RazzBowl and RazzSlam. Before getting into all the football happenings, we answer the biggest question of the week, what is our 1.01 of Thanksgiving food?

We talk about some players returning from injury, Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders among them. We discuss the big days from Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler, and who could possibly give JT a run for his #1 spot ROS. A couple of QBs had less than stellar weeks. Coolwhip and I give you our thoughts on starting Dak and Mahomes after duds this week. Did you think 2021 would be so weird that Cam Newton would be a more trustworthy start than Russell Wilson

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