Finally, we’ve made it a metric week in your fantasy football season! Who has 1 kilowins so far? Or I suppose a deciwin? A microwin is all I can hope for…maybe read that sentence back again. Regardless of your system of measurement, we’re stuck in the trenches of fantasy football: the teams that can’t get out to see daylight, the teams that are awaiting reinforcements, the teams that decided to dig a new path forward to see if they can gain any ground on the opposition. And you wondered if sports had any relationship to the armed forces, didn’t ya? Let’s jump into the fray and see if we can’t get a megawin for your team this week. 

Week 10 Highlights

If you’re still showing up here (Hi Mrs. Donkey Teeth!) at this point in the season, you might be wondering, “Why exactly am I spending my limited time on this planet discussing imaginary football with a guy whose advice could be worse than just shaking my magic 8 ball that I got from Uncle Greg for Christmas in 1993?” Well, first of all, congratulations to you for holding on to sentimental objects — your Uncle Greg just loved spectral forces and he wanted you to love them too! And second of all, I like to think you’re supporting the good fight of the DIY site in keeping up the battle against the billion-dollar-backed sites. Not that we don’t love the big sites, but cha’know, we’re giving you top notch advice and all we ask in return is that you tell us jokes about Bill Murray and otters. Why am I going on like this? OUT WITH IT EWB. OK, OK, yours truly placed in the top 10 of the Fantasy Pros weekly ranking battle scrum tournament competition yet again. So you — yes you! — you could be going to one of those mega sites with guys and gals on TV and a marketing budget and Adam Schefter and a million Twitter followers. You could be doing that. But instead, you’re playing the smart game and coming to some of the top analysts in their field who are here because they love a good movie reference. On a long enough timeline, everybody will place top 10 in Fantasy Pros at some point…but it’s extremely hard to do twice in a 3 week span. Let’s get on with the highlights!


Carson WentzDid I write about Carson Wentz last week? Somebody scroll up and click on my name and find out for me. [drinks rum while waiting] Also I ran out of all the middle-shelf rum: I’ve got top shelf and Sailor Jerry’s, nothing in between. It’s a tough life here in Wisconsin. ENYWHEY. Carson Wentz’ wife is supposed to have a baby very soon — on Sunday in fact! — and Wentz says he’s gonna play right through that delivery. Wow, Carson is really scared of Jacob Eason. You know what’s weird? Wentz isn’t even in a contract year, and his dead cap his is a very large $15 million next year. He could lose his starter job, get cut, retire from the NFL, and quite literally never have to work a day in his life again just from his “severance” pay. Come on Carson, go see your baby be born! Whatever. Wentz has been a top 10 fantasy QB in 4 out of the last 5 games, including a QB 4 finish last week. He’s available in 50% of leagues and there’s the baby daddy narrative — could be a big game against Jacksonville. Also the Jags somehow limited Josh Allen to a handful of cupcakes in last week’s matchup, so don’t sell the house for Wentz. Just redo the basement or something. But make it tasteful. 

Running Backs

Kenyan DrakeA lot of the time you just have to suffer through my early-career Hemingway-esque prose to get to my points. Unless I’m tired, then you get straight-to-the-point technical writer Blair. But right now, I’m going to show you something so beautiful, so wonderful, and so shocking that you may just fall out of your gaming chair: Kenyan Drake’s recent run of fantasy relevance. Available in 40% of leagues. RUN TO THE WAIVER WIRE NOW [shouted in a vaguely-Schwarzenegger-esque way]

Kenyan Drake's Fantasy Football Stats

Courtesy Razzball Player Pages


Christian KirkAfter we learned that your fantasy saviors are Colt McCoy and James Conner last week, this week we’re going to highlight Christian Kirk — one of the many receivers in the chorus that is the Arizona Traveling Cardinals. Kirk saw a massive increase in snaps and targets last week with DeAndre Hopkins out, and Hopkins didn’t practice Wednesday, and Saturn is near the moon…you do the math. 

Hunter RenfrowAfter a shakeup in his usage following the departure of coach John Gruden, Renfrow returned as a top 12 WR last week against the Giants. Renfrow has a questionable status next to his name, but he’s available in 25% of leagues and Rudy has him ranked higher than luminary receivers [name redacted] and [name redacted]. To uncover the redacted names, you’ll need to subscribe to our premium tools

Pat FreiermuthYou need a tight end don’t you? Pat Friar Tuck is the only guy holding my RazzBowl squad together. Thanks The Joey Wright! 

Thursday Night Football

All right, let’s load up the old scheduleonator and see which teams are on tap for tomorrow: Ravens v Dolphins. Ah, a classic battle of mother nature. At least I can envision why somebody at NFL Headquarters — deep in the Siberian tundra and far away from tax collectors — would want to have a primetime game between these teams. Except instead of J.K. Dobbins and Tua Tagovailoa, you’re getting Le’Veon Bell and Jacoby Brissett. OK, and Lamar. With a -330 line on the Ravens on this one at the time of writing, I’m cool if y’all just sleep through this one…which is basically true of every Thursday Night Football game this year. Just don’t sleep through JB’s write up on Friday morning! 

Myles GaskinEverybody and their grandma will have the Lamar/Andrews combo on their slates, so you’re going Myles Gaskin on their bass. What? Miami has bass…at least the instrument, I dunno about the fish. Gaskin is the kind of RB that DFS players love and season-long fantasy fans hate: he’s anywhere from RB2 to RB71 over the past 6 weeks. What does that mean for you? You’re gambling! I’ll meet you at the poker table if you bring the rum. 

Devonta FreemanThe Ravens love to run and Freeman took that “RB1” spot in the Ravens squad from Le’Veon “Top 25 RB” Bell. It doesn’t really matter if these guys are any good — they’ll get reps. Will they be good reps? Oh fridge no. But it doesn’t really matter because you’re digging for value on a slate filled with Lamar/Andrews/Hollywood/Waddle teams. Why does finding the diamond in the rough matter? Because that gives you leverage and the win — look at this Josh Johnson play from last week and tell yourself not to start playing cheapo RBs: 

All right, let’s have a good week, and shout outs to everybody who hangs with us for the next metric week. You’re the real trench warmers.