Here are how quarterbacks finished in fantasy rankings the last 3 years. There isn’t too much that sticks out here which is what we are actually looking for! Boring consistency!! Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are easily the most consistent quarterbacks for the last 3 years. That consistency gives them a little boost in where you’ll want to draft them.

I am lessening my hard line stance against QBs in the early rounds. As you can tell Aaron Rodgers is easily the most consistent and bad ass fantasy QB out there and if I could have him on all my teams I’d be a happy camper but I also feel confident in 4 other quarterbacks this season.  Brees, Brady, Newton and Stafford all are worth an early pick but I feel good in taking whoever is left of those guys in the second round. But I’ll also feel ok if those guys get scooped before I can grab them. Tony Romo and Philip Rivers both have enough upside for me.

As you can see Romo is actually fairly consistent having finished 5th and 7th in 2 out of the last 3 seasons. Oh, and the weapons around him give him the chance to finish with those guys ahead of him. Philip Rivers has been the most consistent of the non-elite quarterbacks having finished in the single digits all of the past 3 years. The loss of Vincent Jackson is tough but he had a very nice season when VJax sat out so I’m not too worried. Right now he’s going in the 6th round over at Fantasy Football Calculator which is great value for him. I don’t know if he’ll stick there but I think he’ll bee undervalued after a poor first half last season.

I will be targeting the top guys this season more than previous seasons but as long as I’m in a 1 QB league I could see getting scooped since I still value positions with more starters, especially when there is a RB/WR flex spot. Remember that we had 10 quarterbacks finish with over 4,000 passing yards last season and 3 over 5,000 yards! There is some real talent in that top 10 with some guys that easily could move up into the elite top 5.