It is officially week 1 of the NFL season after a busy weekend by NFL teams trying to get their rosters just right for the regular season. This week we will begin our regular season schedule at Razzball as well. Your favorite series are going to be back starting with a brand new spin on the waiver wire article tomorrow morning. I’ve noticed new names and introductions in the comment section this preseason and I love to see more people finding us. 

For the veterans of the Razzball community this is a tradition that we run every year. Staff Picks! A friendly game of “I told ya so” that we can screenshot and tweet to our followers all the way through the Super Bowl. We have our picks for fantasy MVP, Rookie of the Year, Sleeper, Bust, Infatuation, NFC Champ, AFC Champ, and Super Bowl champ all loaded up and ready for you to view. 

Fantasy Picks

Writer Fantasy MVP Infatuation Sleeper Bust
MB James Conner Curtis Samuel Jamison Crowder Joe Mixon
Alfred (Boof) Josh Gordon Cooper Kupp Deebo Samuel Antonio Brown
B_Don Alvin Kamara Aaron Jones Dare Ogunbowale Josh Jacobs
Dominick David Johnson Justice Hill DeSean Jackson LeVeon Bell
Donkey Teeth Nick Chubb Kerryon Johnson Miles Boykin Keenan Allen
James Christian McCaffrey Miles Sanders Marquez Valdes-Scantling Saquon Barkley
Jennifer Christian McCaffrey Kerryon Johnson James Washington AJ Green
Jordan Deandre Hopkins Chris Godwin Tyrell Williams Joe Mixon
Kerry Baker Mayfield Darren Waller Jamison Crowder Chris Carson
Nic Carson Wentz Tyler Boyd Matt Breida David Johnson
Pat Odell Beckham Jr Lamar Jackson Michael Gallup Adam Thielen
Rotowan Juju Smith-Schuster David Montgomery John Brown LeVeon Bell
Zach Christian McCaffrey Chris Carson Lamar Jackson Le’Veon Bell

NFL Picks

Writer Rookie of the Year NFC Champ AFC Champ
Super Bowl Champ
MB Josh Jacobs Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams
Alfred (Boof) Kyler Murray Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles
B_Don David Montgomery Da Bears Chiefs Da Bears
Dominick David Montgomery New Orleans Saints Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs
Donkey Teeth Darwin Thompson Da Bears Patriots Da Bears
James Kyler Murray Eagles Chiefs Eagles
Jennifer N’Keal Harry Eagles Patriots Patriots
Jordan David Montgomery Eagles Patriots Eagles
Kerry Deebo Samuel Saints Chargers Saints
Nic Miles Sanders Eagles Patriots Eagles
Pat Tj Hockenson Eagles Chiefs Eagles
Rotowan Kyler Murray Eagles Steelers Eagles
Zach David Montgomery Saints Patriots Patriots


  1. pugs slugs says:

    Hi MB,

    Last night you recommended I drop D. Thompson for Justin Jackson and M. Davis for Beasley. I appreciate those recommendations. We have $150 FAAB. Are they important enough to use more than a couple?

    Here’s my League and Team info for reference.

    12-Team, Half-PPR

    QB Watson
    RB DJ
    RB A. Jones
    WR Cooks
    WR Boyd
    TE McDonald
    Flex Kirk
    Flex T. Coleman
    IDP B. Martinez
    D/ST CLE
    K Vinatieri

    B E. Sanders
    B J. Hill
    B D. Thompson III
    B M. Boykin
    B Mike Davis

    • MB

      MB says:

      Beasley is probably $1, JJ i’d put $4-5 on. no need to spend a bunch

  2. Nic Romero

    Nic Romero says:

    Is Razzball an Eagles site?

    • MB

      MB says:

      it honestly might be

    • The Harrow says:

      back when jaywrong was actually the main writer and around all the time it easily could’ve been called a chargers site for the amount he likes them and mentioned them. one of the writers is a TB guy i think (or maybe that was football podcast back before DT/BD). DT/BD are huge bears guys.

      • MB

        MB says:

        I’m the TB guy

        • The Harrow says:

          yeah, you were one of the regular podcast guys pre DT/BD then. another was a NE guy pretty sure. probably the guy with belichick as his avatar. who’s the eagles guy then?

          • MB

            MB says:

            Yeah that’s Zach. Nic is the Eagles guy, we may have more

  3. southside dom says:


    Asking around for advice. I drafted Pollard and the Zeke owner is feeling desperate. Do I sell now at a slight profit or wait it out and hope for a James Conner/even better deal?

    Currently he’s offering Justin Jackson, 1 for 1. I’m deep at upside RBs. I was thinking potentially Pollard/McDonald for Engram? Or something to get DJ Moore?

    Here are our respective squads. 10 team standard scoring.

    Me: Wentz, Murray | CMC, Carson, Sanders, Singletary, Henderson, Pollard | OBJ, Woods, Westbrook, J. Brown, D. Hamilton | McDonald

    Him: Rodgers | Zeke, Chubb, Freeman, Breida, J. Jackson | Evans, ARob, Moore, Sutton, Coutee, Boykin, Samuel

    Appreciate it, MB

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey Dom!
      I’d sell now because I think Zeke will sign sooner than later. I think Breida would be a good target. You could also try for DJ Moore. I don’t think either is insulting

  4. What's A Drexl? says:

    bad news on zeke (not def bad, but not good). a friend of mine in a money league last night took zeke 5th and melgor at pretty good value (late 4th round) in SAME league. hahahahahahaha.

    12 team standard league dynasty, i have both of melgor/zeke. only 1 IR slot to stash melgor, who’s best RB to add here. i thought i had a deal for moving one of hilton/boyd/kirk for one of fournette/cook but owner backed out and moved mixon for diggs (i wasn’t willing to ask for mixon for hilton and certainly wasn’t moving m.thomas for anybody he had at RB, since the value of RB i’d get back i’d eventually not need at all for doing that)

    QB (1) mayfield (didn’t keep RW3 since i knew i needed to try to draft RB with my 1 or 2 picks total, not deep benches here)
    RB (2, no flex, so that’s good at least): both MIA guys, ogunbowale, AP, zeke
    WR (3): MT, AB, boyd, hilton, kirk
    TE (1): ertz (just had somebody try to trade me pollard for ertz, hahahahahah)
    IR (1) melgor
    K: NE kicker
    DEF: MIN

    best RB add out of these: hyde (recently dropped, guy who did it locked up both BAL guys gus and hill), d.lewis, richard, CJA, ito, ty mont, either GB williams

    • What's A Drexl? says:

      i have the 10th waiver, so attempting to obtain hyde doesn’t cost much. also it’ll likely work as nobody is excited by hyde.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Ahhhh that sucks! I think Hyde is the best add for immediate impact

      • What's A Drexl? says:

        it’s time to just stop trusting these “updates” on zeke. as of sat night and sunday day it was “good”, then monday it was “bad” then again today it’s “good”. unless it ACTUALLY is good and we get no more changes these were obv misinfo, or bad sources. we should be trusting these exactly as much as any IND injury report (or not reporting luck’s retiring for about 15 days and saying he’d be back in a few weeks at most) of the last 4 years.

      • What's A Drexl? says:

        what about if somebody just dropped samuels vs hyde? i added d.lewis till these other 2 come off WW’s.

  5. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    12 teamer PPR redraft with only 2 WR’s starting. also 20 yards per point for returning yards (so hill and lockett move up to around OBJ value, hill actually probably higher. edelman/cohen also move up). i’m staring to be sure that in these types of leagues after WR 3 range i shouldn’t follow my board anymore (i’m using rudy rankings for RB/WR/TE and merging in QB’s based on FP’s rankings and ADP’s) as guys like sutton/j.brown/crowder/washington/parker/pettis/a.wilson/marv jones/moncrief/a.miller and the like are going in the last rounds or not at all. normally i just overdraft them since that’s who i’m trying to get depth at, here though from d.adams at 4th (GOOD thing this draft wasn’t last night where i’d have gone zeke) and kittle being around at 3.4 (i’ve yet to take him anywhere before, but top of my board and this isn’t a start 3 WR league so i think doable here) i was late to the RB 2-4 and just kept going and i ended up with nearly the same WR’s i would’ve had i alternated RB and WR for a long time anyway.

    QB ben (i had been paying up for goff or wentz, but this league of all my similarly sized 12 team yahoo money leagues this one people went QB’s earlier, 16th QB off the board, 10th round)

    RB (2): AAron (i now have aaron jones and d.adams in at least 4 leagues and all 3 money leagues, i have more interest in rodgers not getting hurt than anybody i know, 2nd), jacobs (5th), drake (7th), guice (8th), pollard (right around here i realized the zeke owner is really short at RB’s(9th), ballage (10th, got lucky to go the guice and pollard route and still have ballage here, my friend in this league probably would’ve snaked me but he was WR weak and also was busy going after his handcuffs)

    WR (2): d.adams (1), lockett (more value since return yards worth half of scrimmage, 4th), kupp (my entire draft would’ve went differently had i gone lindsay here instead of kupp, 6th), sutton (12th, right here, rudy’s bot had this guy about 80 slots higher or more, knew i could wait though), j.brown (BUF, 13th)
    1 flex
    TE (1): kittle (3rd)
    K: PHI kicker (15th)
    DEF: DAL (best week 1 matchup left, 14th)

    the zeke owner here has ONLY these at RB: zeke, michel, d.freeman, j.hill. i’m trying to extort this trade out of his fears: kupp + pollard for JJSS (who went later than i’m used to seeing at 19th overall)

    • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

      also the zeke owner got auto’d (why in the F would 3/12th of league not show up to a decent sized buy in league i ain’t got a clue), so he might be even more pissed off at this.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Overall that’s a solid squad man! Great move grabbing Kupp > Lindsay, WR has some depth now

      • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

        yeah, and then i just could go RB forever nearly (4 out of 5 picks after) and get my last 2 depth guys (other than fitzgerald these 2 were about the same i’d have grabbed in the 7th and after, but paid 12-13th for them).

        • MB

          MB says:


  6. Better Call Limehouse says:

    14 team super flex standard dynasty (actually QB’s are even MORE valuable here it’s a super standard, 15 rush or caught yards per point)
    QB: goff, allen, tannehill (seemed most likely in draft with last pick to take over a job, all the rookies gone in round 1 so i went harry)
    RB (2): gurley, breida, coleman, guice, ballage
    WR (2): cooks, m-will, pettis, a.wilson, quinn (highest projected WR left in rudy’s bot, i just added)
    TE (1): howard, walker
    1 regular flex
    1 super flex
    IR (2) green, harry
    K: NO kicker
    DEF: MIN

    best add out of:
    QB: finley, hill, grier, stidham, glennon
    RB: samuels (just dropped), CJA, gio, mal brown (handcuff value), snell, richard
    WR: lee, foster, ginn, humphries, isabella, d.moore, callaway, renfrow, k.johnson, aj brown

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d stay put!

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