Week 1 is almost here, like just a few hours from this post! So it technically is already here when you read this! TIME TRAVEL! And while I’ve obviously taken a (further to the) back seat this year (self-imposed, just life maaaaan), I’ll still stop by weekly and provide my rankings. I’ll try to get to questions as best I can, but time, or the lack thereof, is becoming an increasing issue for me, despite the above breakthrough in time travel theory. All I can promise is that I’ll try my best, but you can always count on MB, Zach, and the rest of the wonderful Razzball crew to help you this entire season. While I’ve found great success with my rankings, all of our contributors have been offering the content and analysis that complements all of our rankings. I’d hope that you come to rely on them as I have so often the past two seasons. Regardless, as I spoiled earlier, Week 1 is incoming, along with another NFL season, so let’s get Razzasty. I’m actually not sure how to pronounce that…

  1. Philsfan76 says:

    Thanks for the rankings, Jay. Sorry to not have you around so much, but at least we get your thoughts once per week!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Sup PF!

      GL this season, and as always, appreciate the kind words.

  2. Chonday says:

    Hey Jay. Can you advise me on which two players I can drop between Damien Harris, James Washington, and Anthony Miller? I need to pick up a kicker and a defense but I cant decide which two i should drop. Please reply back when you get a chance.

    Thanks and Good luck this week,

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Sure thing, I’d say for this week only, I like Miller. Long term, it gets muddier between him and Wash for me. But lets see what Miller can do tonight.

      • Chonday says:

        Thanks Jay.

  3. Colonel Sanders Chicken says:

    Hi Jay, thanks for the rankings. Quick trade question. I feel like I should accept this, but it’s weird for me as I usually stream my QBs like my DEFs. But it is a top QB. I like Landry this year in PPR with Baker throwing to him. Maybe I am vastly overthinking this.

    14 team, PPR

    Send: Jarvis Landry
    Receive: Aaron Rodgers

    Current team:

    QB: K. Murray, P. Rivers
    RB: C. Carson, M. Mack, M. Sanders, D. Henderson, J. Samuels, C. Hyde
    WR: M. Thomas, M. Evans, J. Landry, W. Fuller V
    TE: A. Hooper

    7 Michael Thomas NO, WR
    22 Mike Evans TB, WR
    35 Chris Carson Sea, RB
    50 Marlon Mack Ind, RB
    63 Miles Sanders Phi, RB
    78 Jarvis Landry Cle, WR
    91 Will Fuller V Hou, WR
    106 Darrell Henderson LAR, RB
    119 Austin Hooper Atl, TE
    134 Kyler Murray Ari, QB
    147 Jaylen Samuels Pit, RB
    162 Philip Rivers LAC, QB
    175 Carlos Hyde Hou, RB
    190 Jake Elliott Phi, K
    203 Chiefs D/ST KC, D/ST

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, I’m fine with this trade.

  4. IMP says:

    Not studying fully I ended up being drawn to MeLGO in R6 of 12 team PPR (shallow 4 player bench)
    Would you drop anyone to roster with 3w and 2 r starts JJackson if you had:

    I am carrying so many WR since I don’t know which Wr3/4 would pop, but maybe Gordon’s situation is so bad it is worth rostering part of the group behind him.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, I kinda thing it’s worth it. At the very least, this answer could emerge after Week 1 anyhow.

  5. herschel says:

    @Jay: 12 team ppr. how do you think this AB thing plays out. was offered Alshon for him. am i selling too low or is that as good as its going to get?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Wild stuff. I have no idea what to make of it. I’d tend not to take this gamble though, despite the temptation.

  6. Luke says:

    Hey Jay,

    In a PPR league, which 2 players would you play between these guys…

    Josh Gordon
    Will Fuller
    Tarik Cohen

    I know you have Tarik lowest in your flex rankings, so is he the odd man out? Any concerns about Gordon’s playing time this week? I’m already overthinking it. Thanks a lot.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, I think Tarik is the oddman. I’m not crazy about Gordon, but very curious.

      • Allan says:

        Probably too late to get your advice on this but I’m flip flopping on Rodgers or Goff this week. That bears D on the road worries me. Thoughts?

        • Allan says:

          Totally meant to write that at the bottom

  7. baby seal says:

    totally read that as, “Razznasty!”

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      That would be too easy. And nasty.

  8. Mike Adamson says:

    Don’t forget to make your pick in the Razzball Survivor League. Yes, it has auto-renewed again and it would be nice to have company this season. http://raz44.football.cbssports.com/opm

  9. Jake says:

    Someone dropped Chris Thompson in my PPR league I got # 1 waiver priority should I burn this on him or keep the spot my RB’s are Carson, Jones, Sony M , J Hill .


  10. Water boy says:

    Morning jay! How screwed am I this week? .5 ppr league
    I had David Montgomery at flex and I’m stuck with 4.5 points however my opponent had a bad game from his WR1 Davante Adams (only had 5 pts) do I have a shot or should I think about week 2 haha? He’s projected to have 150 whereas I’m projected at 138

    Here’s my team vs his

    My QB: Russell Wilson vs bengals

    My RB1 DJ vs lions
    My RB2 Dalvin cook vs falcons

    My WR1: OBJ vs Titans
    My WR2 thielen vs falcons
    My WR3 Josh Gordon vs Steelers

    My flex d Monty (4.5 pts)

    My TE Darren Waller vs Broncos

    My D Broncos D @ Oakland

    Kicker I have cowboys kicker he’s vs g men


    My opponent:

    His QB wentz vs skins

    His RB1 Barkley @ Dallas
    His RB2: kerryon @ Arizona

    His WR1: played 5 pts D Adams
    His WR2: Hilton @ chargers
    His WR3: Lockett vs bengals

    His flex Chris Carson vs bengals

    His TE oj Howard vs niners

    His D chargers vs colts

    His kicker Justin tucker @ mia

    Thanks man!

  11. Matt says:

    ESPN 10 team Standard H2H

    Trying to gauge how good Jameis Winston might be to start Week 1.

    Add Jameis Winston and drop Kyler Murray?

    Would you start Jameis Winston or Baker Mayfield?

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