The fantasy football regular season is nearly 40% complete. How does that sound? Depressing, I know. We have reached the point in the season where 5-0 teams are making room on their trophy mantles, and 1-4 teams are firing out angry league-wide emails about how fantasy football is for losers, all luck, and that they are never playing again (I’ve been there after a twelve pack of silver bullets and a tough fantasy loss on MNF…it’s a dark, dark place). However, the good news for teams on both ends of the spectrum, and all places in between, is that Razzball is always pumping out the best fantasy insight each and every week to ensure that 4-1 teams can keep ripping on their 2-3 buddies, and gloomy teams in 1-4 (or worse) territory can keep fighting.

By this point in the week, you’ve already devoured Razzball’s waiver wire advice, target information, defensive statistics, and buy/sell articles like you’re sitting alone in a back corner booth at Sizzler. Go ahead, let another notch out of your belt. Better yet, go change into some sweat pants so you feel more comfortable after ingesting the wonderful smorgasbord of analysis that Razzball has to offer. Now that your noggin is stuffed with all of the best statistics and latest news, big daddy Smash Back is here to show you HOW to schmooze the dummies in your league so you can maximize your haul in potential trades, and most importantly, make sure that your league is stuffed with as much interaction and fun as humanly possible. Here are a couple of trade strategies and an interesting way to fire up the chatter on your league message board…

Injury Targets: This is a favorite of mine and I am in full “injury buy mode” at this very moment. This strategy is clearly risky, but can be something to try if your team is struggling and in need of a spark. For example, in the Smash Back from week 4, we discussed targeting Miles Austin after his hamstring injury. Obviously, there is a chance that the injury is re-aggravated, but if you took advantage of a panicking Austin owner and got him at a discount, you are feeling nice about having the stud WR back after healing up during Dallas’ bye week. Currently, players with varying levels of risk to target are guys like Daniel Thomas, Andre Johnson, and Antonio Gates. Make sure not to pay full price for these players, but attempt to play the “risk” card and acquire them off the clearance rack.

Try this: If your team is currently sitting at the top of the standings, you have more room for a risky maneuver like this. Perhaps the owner of Andre Johnson in your league is clinging to hopes of contention at 1-4. That team could use a player to help them immediately. If you can survive a few more weeks without Andre Johnson, then try to make a deal for the injured wide out by offering up a WR like Stevie Johnson. Your team will be absolutely loaded upon Johnson’s return and you will still be in a comfortable place in your standings. Make sure to emphasize the fact that you are “taking on risk” while discussing the deal with your trading partner.

Points vs. Perception: This debate hits its stride at this point in the season. Trade proposals are being zinged out like hotcakes, and fantasy football players are generally in one of two camps when it comes to valuing their players right now. One group of people are realists, and highly value the players who are scoring the most “POINTS” through 5 weeks. The other group is still valuing players based upon preseason “PERCEPTION.” This is where teams can butt heads during trade discussion. Some teams still perceive their first round pick as having first round value, even though the player has a bad hammy, runs behind a horrendous O-line and hasn’t done jack this year…you know the black and yellow player of which I’m referring. Other teams will try to tell you that Hasselbeck has scored nearly the same amount of points as Rivers, so that’s pretty much an even swap. Which side is right? Obviously, it’s a little of both, but the key is to figure out what your potential trade partner believes.

Try This: When attempting to light the fuse on some trade negotiations, start first by actually talking to the person you would like to trade with. A phone call is best (please refrain from doing this after the consumption of alcohol or other mind-altering substances), but a text or email works just fine. Take the indirect route, and casually ask what they think of their squad after the first five weeks. Then bring up the player you would like to trade for. For example, “So…you’ve got Chris Johnson on bye this week, huh?” Sometimes that’s all it takes. The party on the other end with most likely respond with how much they:

a)     Will miss the player because he’s on a bye

b)     Will not miss the player because he’s a piece of crap anyway

c)     Will have to change their lineup because they didn’t realize Tennessee was on a bye

The answer to a question like this should give you some insight on whether the person has resigned to the fact that the player’s value is diminished, or still holds the player in high regard (unless they answer C, in which case, tell them you were mistaken and CJ2K’s bye is week 9). You can easily have a casual conversation, without sounding like a scam artist, and gather some valuable trade reconnaissance. Hopefully the discussion leaves you with a good idea of who to offer up in trade to improve your team.

Contenders & Pretenders: Now that the season is five weeks old, you can finally begin to dissect the rosters and schedules of the teams in your league to see which teams are actually legit. So, sign into your email, grab a Rockstar, and hammer out your very own “Contenders & Pretenders” article to the rest of your league. Give every team a distinction, and don’t be shy…the team who is starting Hightower and Ryan Grant this week already knows they’re hosed. Run down the league standings and boldly declare which teams will sink or swim…and which teams will stay at the bottom of the pool.

Try this: Points against totals, schedules, and roster status are the easiest indicators to use when investigating the teams in your league. For example, your buddy Wally is 3-2, but has the lowest “points against” total in the league and has played 4 of the bottom 5 teams in your standings. Stamp that punk a “pretender.” Maybe your pal Mikey is sitting at 1-4, but is now getting Miles Austin back, and already survived the bye weeks of Ray Rice and Peyton Hillis. Go ahead and give the guy the nod as a “contender.” Go even further to see which teams have stockpiles of running backs, or perhaps high end backup QB’s, and give your two cents about what they should be trading for to fill the holes on their roster. The main point here is that the other 11 team owners in your league can laugh and think your misspelled and misguided thoughts are a load of crap, but it will at least spark some conversation amongst your league mates. Hell, I’m pretty sure you could find worse ways to waste your Friday afternoon at work.


Leave your own trade or lineup questions in the comments…and feel free to share any of your own trade tactics or league interaction ideas with the rest of us.

  1. mikeonabike says:

    Got the bye week blues. Got Vick, AP, Forte, Graham, a kicker and the Niners. In the WR and Flex I’m toying with Nelson, Little, DHB or Graham. So out of these 4, which two should I roll with?

  2. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @mikeonabike: If the Nelson you are referring to is Jordy, and not David or Nelson from the Simpsons, I’d roll with Jordy and DHB this week.

  3. Blain Train says:

    Thanks for the ideas, I’m already brewing a Contenders/Pretenders email in my head. I’m 2-3 but actually tied for the lead in my division. I just lost Legarrette Blount for a few weeks, Ahhh! Should I panic and try to strike a deal or hold tight? I’ve sent out a few trade offers, the most desperate being give Blount & Tolbert for Turner & N. Washington. Am I giving up too early on a workhorse back? Thanks

  4. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Blain Train: I don’t think thats a bad deal at all. This Blount situation is tough, with nobody being 100% sure exactly how long he’ll be out. If you’re treading water at 2-3, I’d go for it.

  5. mikeonabike says:

    The Nelson is of the David variety. From the previous ?, I meant to say, “pick 3 out of the 4,” not 2.

  6. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @mikeonabike:Ok, and Graham is Earnest, Im assuming? If thats the case, leave David Nelson out and roll with the other 3. Graham will be good with Blount out and Little is supposed to start this week. Nelson has been rough the last 2 weeks.

  7. T-Bone says:

    I’m at 5-0, far and away the strongest team in the league, and I’ve been offered Romo and Mendenhall for Fitzpatrick and Roddy White. Fitzpatrick is on bye next week and its a 16 team league so the only starting QB on the wire is Matt Moore. I have Megatron and Welker at WR but my RB situation is Fred Jackson, Starks, Lynch, and Ridley. Make the deal?

  8. bELIeve says:

    Hey Jeff, speaking of projection vs. points: would you take CJ2K for Ryan Mathews? When the trade was proposed I was excited just by the name, but I’m trying to play this objectivley-not easy. It’s a PPR format 2 rb, no flex 14 team. Trying to climb back up the ranks at 2-3.

  9. Jason says:

    I have been targeting WR. White with Colston and Blount. Now Blount is down. I hear White may have something and looking at the article of pass def. I’m not sure. Should I continue to go after White? My opponent is looking for rb help. I have peterson, gore, s. jax, d. thomas, blount and e. graham, and battle.

  10. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @T-Bone: Wow, you must be smashing on people with that roster in a 16 teamer. I think the deal is fair. Im a little scared of Mendenhall at this point…I may wait to make sure he doesnt have any setbacks this Sunday, but I could see you making the deal. You’d still be set at WR and get a nice QB upgrade.

  11. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Jason: You’ve got some serious RBs there. Apparently Roddy practiced fully today…I’d have no problem going after him still. Try to offer them Colston and then Blount and Graham. That way they will have Blounts fill in until he’s back. You could start there and work your way up if they dont bite.

  12. kiss tha baby says:

    sittin in first place in a very competitive league. i have cam newton and tebow. So, i’m trying to trade tebow. Looking to get a WR, what do you think i can get for him?

  13. Jason says:

    Thanks! I’d like a way to target A. Foster. My opponent is 0-5 and his prime players are Foster, Hicks, and Hillis. After that he has nothing. So, I’m thinking of offering Big Ben (his starter Sanchez) and S. Jackson to start. If he rejects the proposal what next? I’ve got rb’s peterson, gore, s. jax, d. thomas, blount and e. graham, and battle. wr’s colston, s. moss. Qb’s Romo, Big Ben, Tebow

  14. Tim says:

    @Jason… Hicks??? LMAO! His name is Hakeem Nicks.

  15. Jason says:

    Ha!!!! Sorry, I didn’t realize I typed that.

  16. Steve Stevenson says:

    A little worried about Eli’s playoff schedule, and need someone to cover his bye next week. There are some decent FA options (Cassel, Campbell, etc), but would you give Cruz for Tebow? .5 PPR, start 2 WR and a Flex, Marshall is my WR3.

  17. Steve Stevenson says:

    Separate league – if you’re starting Freeman, would you take Tebow and Hernandez for Finley?

  18. Tonguepuncher says:

    I’m sitting at 1-4 (14 team keeper league) and looking to deal. Should I trade M Stafford and J Charles for M Ryan and Roddy White? I think the trade would be great for both teams and rally help me this season.

  19. Rags says:

    Posted this elsewhere, but happy to get as many eyes on it as possible. Any opinions welcome:

    My receiving corps is completely unreliable in the number two and three spots:

    TB Mike Williams, Meachem, D. Moore, and Greg Little right now.

    What do you guys think of Torain for Dwayne Bow?

    Torain’s my flex right now behind DMC and Hillis.

    I hate to lose Torain’s matchup against the Eagles, but I do have DAngelo Williams on my bench I could use as a flex.

    Or would you try packaging DWilly with a WR?

  20. bELIeve says:

    @Rags if you can swipe Bowe for Torain, I’d do it in heartbeat. I’ve personally been purging my teams of all Saints WR’s (except Graham), and Redskins RB’s-mostly so I can sleep at night since the risk isn’t worth the reward. I would def sell high on Torain though and hold onto DeAngelo Williams, bc you won’t get DW’s real value in return, as he’s been rather underwhelming thus far. Maybe Torain & Meachem for an Anquan Boldin/Stevie Johnson type-so long as it’s a WR1.

  21. DSimms says:

    Not really liking my flex for the week, pick one of Best, Brandon Marshall, DHB, Reggie Bush. Thanks

  22. Dominic says:

    Dynasty league, PPR 10 ypp: I got offered

    Aaron Hernandez and Felix Jones


    Jahvid Best

    My tight end was Jared Cook who I dropped for Heath Miller due to bye weekness so Hernandez is an upgrade on both of those and I think Felix and Jahvid are pretty even.

    Oh and my other running backs are D McFadd, Fred Jax, Bradshaw and Gore so I went ahead and accepted the trade, what do you think?

  23. Jason says:

    Thanks! I’d like a way to target A. Foster. My opponent is 0-5 and his prime players are Foster, NICKS, and Hillis. After that he has nothing. So, I’m thinking of offering Big Ben (his starter Sanchez) and S. Jackson to start. If he rejects the proposal what next? I’ve got rb’s peterson, gore, s. jax, d. thomas, blount and e. graham, and battle. wr’s colston, s. moss. Qb’s Romo, Big Ben, Tebow

  24. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @ bELIeve: Ya, it is tough to not get sucked in by the name. I think I’d actually stay put with Mathews right now. The guy is brittle for sure, but he’s getting the majority of the carries in SD and averaging 4 grabs a game so far, which helps in your PPR format. I’d stick with him

    @kiss tha baby: That’s a good problem to have right now. All of the fantasy hype Tebow is getting at the moment should help your cause. Not sure how deep your league is, but start by targeting teams who are struggling at QB, and then see what they have to offer. I’d start by fishing around for WR types like Holmes, Boldin, Mike Williams TB etc…start there and feel out the market.

    @Jason: As far as Foster goes, since you have Romo and all those backs, I’d go as high as Ben and Gore for Foster. Start lower with SJax and Ben but I’d go up to Gore. Foster is awesome. And don’t worry, I assumed Nicks…didnt think you meant old Redskins RB Skip Hicks haha

    @Steve Stevenson: Eli: That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t argue with you doing that deal if you’re gonna play Tebow. Not sure I’d do it for just a bye week filler. Freeman: Don’t think I’d do that. Finley had two bad drops last week on SNF that would’ve given him an extra 10 points or so. He’s still a monster at TE. With Blount out, hopefully Freeman will throw more, but you never know. Its close. Wouldn’t argue one bit if you took that deal but Im leaning barely towards no.

    @Rags: I would do the Torain for Bowe deal for sure. If somehow DWilly and a WR could land you a better WR than Bowe, do that, but I think Torain for Bowe is a damn good deal.

    @DSimms: I’d go with Best.

    @Dominic: Ya I think that deal is pretty good. I like Best a little better than Felix but with Hernandez in there, I think youre in good shape after that deal…especially with that gang of RB’s already on your roster.

  25. Jason says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and time. Take Care.

  26. BAM says:

    I’ve been offered Larry Fitzgerald for my Tim Tebow and Lance Moore. I’m already running Cam Newton so I don’t need Tebow and Lance has gotten lost in the shuffle a bit so I can use another solid WR…even if AZ is struggling a bit.

    My question is, should I be asking for more?

  27. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @BAM: I would do that. Since you were offered the deal by the other team, counter for Larry Fitz and throw in and see if they bite, but if not, I’d do the original deal for sure if I already had Killa Cam.

  28. BAM says:

    Thanks man…trigger pulled. I figured it was a more than solid deal so thanks for the confirmation.

  29. T-Bone says:

    Ya trigger pulled here too. I’m not one to brag, but heres how my draft went in my 16 teamer PPR, I had last pick. Roddy, Megatron, Welker, Finley, Fred Jackson, Lynch, Orton, Jets, Fitzpatrick, Starks, Ridley. Its still early, but not too shabby.

  30. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Hey, are there legitimate grounds for my Victor Cruz and Willis McGahee trades for Andre Johnson to get vetoed? It’s looking like there is a good chance it gets voted down.

  31. T-Bone says:

    BTW great read, love The Smash Back.

  32. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @T-Bone: That is a SERIOUS draft. Nice work. I would be a trash talking machine in my league if I pulled off a draft like that! And thanks for reading, I have a blast writing it.

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: The trade veto is a sensitive topic for me. I think I might actually include this in a future Smash Back post, but the whole concept of the “trade veto” is completely misunderstood. The veto function is ONLY to prevent collusion. There is a zero percent chance that Cruz/McGahee for Johnson should get a veto vote. Just my opinion, but unless there is a reason for people to think you’re colluding with the other owner, the trade is good with me.

  33. John Barleycorn says:

    Interesting article, but I have a concern/rant. This isn’t directed at your article per se, but all of the recent articles about trading.

    Whenever I read these “trading” how-to’s on sites, they never seem to offer much. Here’s why, and I’m wondering if other people’s leagues are like this. No one, in any of my leagues, ever in any year, has been without enough foresight to see that giving up AJohnson for SJohnson is a bad idea. No one in my leagues ever “sells low” on a struggling player. It is impossible to “pry away” players like that. It is just my experience, but I”m wondering how many other people have the same situation. It all sounds logical in terms of strategy, but most people remember what they paid for the player and won’t forfeit that value in case he returns to form.

    So are my leagues irregularities/excessively stubborn? Do other people actually have success with these strategies? I get the feeling that a lot of these articles are written with the writer in mind rather than the reader, who might feel “no one in my leagues is going to part with Mendy or Ahmad Bradshaw or Roddy White or an injured SJax, VJax, AJohnson….”

    Again, this isn’t directed at your article, which is better than most, but to the genre of “time to trade/buy low/screw over your leaguemates” articles. Cuz it just doesn’t happen in any of my leagues, in any year.

    By the way, I agree 100% on trade vetoes. Never seen one in any fantasy league, and hope to never.

  34. John Barleycorn says:

    I should say that the articles seem to be written with “the writer’s ASSUMPTIONS in mind” and I don’t know if anyone has actually researched how correct those assumptions might be.

  35. Rags says:

    I agree with Barleycorn. 100%

  36. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @John Barleycorn: I hear what you’re saying. Thats kind of what I was getting at with the whole points vs perceptions topic this week. I fully understand that people have a hard time letting go of the draft day price they paid for guys. I play in lots of leagues and see the same thing. People are often afraid to sell a guy when they paid a steep price for him at the start of the year.

    Personally, the players I suggest to trade away are starting points. The idea behind the Smash Back articles is to create as much league interaction as possible, which makes for a better fantasy football experience. If you need to add more than Stevie Johnson to get Andre Johnson, thats fine, go for it.

    I have been in TONS of leagues like yours, but these buy low opportunities do arise from time to time…its just takes lots of discussion to get these types of deals done. Thats why I always try to suggest a certain angle to use when initiating the trade talks that I think might help.

    I really appreciate the feedback, though. You and Rags are not the only one that feels this way, I can assure you.

  37. John Barleycorn says:

    @Jeff Brubach: Thanks for the response. I appreciate that you are making suggestions and I like your breakdown of perception and points. I suppose to put it in that form, when I try to make a trade that seems reasonable to me, I get a “WTF?” type of response, indicating that I’m dealing very heavily with a perception-type of owner, whereas i’m not so much.

    I think one thing that hampers trading, and may be worthy of discussion, is the difference between owners who know/love/breathe/eat/sleep football and those who play with statistics at the forefront. I’m very much a stat guy (probably comes from fantasy baseball) and dont’ know all that much about football, and have had a very difficult time trading with the “I know football” guys in my leagues. It seems that they add a “name value” to their “perception” value, which makes trading with a stat-line watcher like myself almost impossible. Some of them are actually offended that I would offer so-and-so for…let’s see…DWilly. They see a guy with a big contract who should therefore demand a high trade value, whereas I see a guy who isn’t part of the rejuvenated passing game and doesn’t get end zone touches. In certain leagues, he is therefore really Stewart’s backup, not vice versa, based on points. But watching stats, I simply can’t trade with the guys who add “name value” to “perception” value.

  38. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @John Barletcorn: Couldn’t agree more. I am usually on the numbers side more than the “name value” side as well. Those are definitely the two camps when it comes to trades.

    Personally, I always begin trade talks with as much dialogue as possible to try and convey my view of the deal. Like youre saying, a simple trade proposal that seems reasonable can get a “WTF?” response quite easily depending on who youre dealing with. The conversation is key, in my opinion.

    The only other suggestion I have is maybe to flip this situation around. Maybe try to hit those same people up and attempt to rid yourself of some “name” guys that you dont value as highly. Thats where the points vs perception conversation would help again. Just a thought.

  39. eyyoitsmejerry says:

    I traded Bowe for Andre Johnson. At 4-1 I’m liking it.

  40. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @eyyoitsmejerry: There ya go. At 4-1, you can take the hit of missing AJ for a week or two and emerge with an even better squad when he returns.

  41. surfmonger says:

    The only undefeated team in the league is willing to give up Newton or Vick for a WR or RB. I’d prefer to have Newton (and I’m an eagles fan). given my roster, should I make an offer and if so who?

    M. Schaub, J. Freeman
    R. Mathews, R. Rice, M. Ingram, R. Torain
    M. Wallace, V. Jackson, J. Jones, D. Nelson, H. Douglas
    J. Gresham, F. Davis
    (+ kicker and DST)

    competitive 12 team league, standard scoring.


  42. Jay says:

    3-2 in a 12team PPR. Trying to improve my RBs.

    Give Stafford and SGreen, get Schaub and MTurner?

    Rest of my roster Hasselbeck, AFoster, JStarks, KMoreno, BScott, BTate, MWallace, MAustin, JulioJones, AHernandez, Fred Davis


  43. Jeff says:

    I’d be angry, too, if I had to consume a 12-pack of Coors Light during a football game. That beer should only be consume with a ping-pong ball floating in it :)

    But our difference in suds aside (IPA all the way), great article and super comment thread. I also share the sentiment of some of the above posters. My league has been together so long and I’d dare say all of the owners are smart. Trades have gotten rarer with each passing year as owners double-down on their draft day investment or FA pickup gem. I’d be curious if you have any thoughts on what FORMAT makes for more trades? 10 team vs. 14? Deep vs. shallow bench? Waivers vs. auction vs. first-come-first serve for free agents?

  44. okerix says:

    I picked up Tebow Tuesday and got a trade the following day from a guy who is 1 and 4. He wants to trade White for Tebow straight up. I quickly accepted but the trade was vetoed by the league. After a bunch of conversation and name calling we are trying to make the trade again. Do you think this trade is legit? I think it mainly has to do that my team is 4-1(lost first game) and crazy good. Romo, Rice, McFadden, Wallace, Welker, Finley, Ravens D with Bowe, Benson or Hightower for my flex are my starters at the moment. Also doesn’t help that I’m the commish. I want White and he will probably ride the pine but I think the league is scared of my dominance. There is one guy the most vocal against the trade that is 5 and 0 at least he is until I play and beat him this weekend.

  45. Fighting Sumo says:

    I made the following mega-trade that was approved by the Commish last night:

    (Me) Traded Vick, Fitzgerald, and Ed Dickson for Brees, Meachem, Vernon Davis, and $13 blind bidding dollars.

    Prior to the trade, the rosters were:

    (Me at 1-4) Vick, Vince Young, Hasselbeck, Blount, Beanie Wells, Felix Jones, Tate, Kendall Hunter, Fitzgerald, Maclin, Malcom Floyd, Cruz, Danario Alexander, Dickson, Sea-Bass, Texans D.

    (Opponent at 4-1) Brees, Big Ben, Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson, Ridley, Spiller, J. Stewart, G. Jennings, Meachem, D. Branch, Harvin, Gaffney, Vernon Davis, Fred Davis, Nugent, Bengals D.

    Trade tactics? Opponent initiated talks by saying that Brees and Ben were available. When he first proposed Brees, Meachem, Vernon Davis for Vick, Fitzgerald, and Dickson, I was reluctant. I really liked Fitzgerald and counter-offered scenarios where Fitzgerald wasn’t part of the equation. But he was adamant about Fitzgerald being a cornerstone. (Also, several weeks prior I showed keen interest in Vernon Davis.)

    When I said I wanted $13 bidding bucks in addition, he pounced on it. His team is pretty awesome with Vick, AP, FJax, Jennings, and Fitzgerald anchoring.

    But my thinking (maybe erroneous, we shall see) is that Vick will get injured and Brees is solidly consistent. Fitzgerald is awesome, but if the Cardinal Offensive Line doesn’t get any better, then Kolb can’t get the ball to Fitz. Plus defenses should double cover Fitz because the other WR can’t do anything. Dickson is also a good TE because he is targeted so much, but I really like Vernon Davis given that the SF WR’s are mediocre and Vernon and Alex Smith have good chemistry together.

    Meachem? Maybe Colston or Lance Moore gets injured again and Meachem can get some more passes thrown his way.

    Anyways, did I give up too much to get rid of the wild uncertainty by owning Michael Vick? FYI, Vick and Fitz were my first 2 picks drafting from the 12th hole of a 12-owner league.

    Good trade? Or bad trade by me?

  46. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @surfmonger: It looks like if you give up either a RB or WR, it will leave you pretty shallow at that spot. Since its standard scoring, I’d lean toward giving up a WR, and keep your Mathews/Rice combo intact. It would probably take V. Jackson to start the conversation. See if you can throw in Schaub or Freeman to be his backup and have the other team throw in a lower level WR.

    @Jay: That’s a tough one. Pretty dead even trade. I really love Stafford and think he’s clearly better than Schaub, but Turner is indeed an upgrade from Greene. I guess it boils down to how much you trust Schaub. Foster/Turner would be a nice RB tandem and your WR’s look good. I guess I’d say do it, but I could make an argument for both sides…I guess that makes for a good trade!

    @Jeff: Great question, and kickass name. I’d say the best format for trades is probably a shallower league (10 or 12), due to teams having more depth to trade away to improve other areas of their team. As far as waivers go, last year in my hometown league we switched to the FAAB/auction waiver format for free agents, and allow trading of a team’s FAAB money. It’s actually spawned a few trades itself, as a big RB will go down and his owner will try to trade for more FAAB $$ to ensure they can claim his backup. In addition, I’d say obviously a keeper/dynasty format increases trades as well, as each team has different motives for making trades at all points during the season. I guess those would be my guesses. What do you think?

    @okerix: Oooh, interesting situation. If the guy trading FOR Tebow thinks the trade is legit, then it’s legit. If there is nothing shady going on between you two, then I would support it. Not sure if you’ve tried it, but I would recommend having both you and the other party involved in the trade make a post on the league message board outlining your reason for making the trade. For example, that guy would say he has a crappy QB, loves Tebow, and has other depth at WR. Try to go about it that way to make it seem like the other team in the deal is thinking on it’s own. With all the trade veto questions this week, I’m definitely going to highlight that in my next week article. Let me know how it ends up being decided!

    @Fighting Sumo: I don’t think it’s a bad trade. You outlined some pretty good reasoning for making the deal. I agree 100% about Brees vs. Vick. Both awesome, both score tons of points, but what you lose in crazy upside with Vick, you gain in stability with Brees. So then we’re looking at Fitz/Dickson for Meachem/Vernon/$13 FAAB. I would pretty much say that the peace of mind with Brees + the upgrade at TE you’re getting makes the deal ok. I would’ve hoped for maybe a better WR than Meachem in return but it doesn’t look like the other team had much in that department. I wouldn’t say you made a bad trade at all. Maybe Fitz was a bit much, but your reasoning is sound, and hopefully the $13 will help you grab some more depth on the wire.

  47. Steve Stevenson says:

    How much of an upgrade is Rivers over Eli? I could get Rivers for pretty much all my WR depth (my 3 and 4 are top-25 options) in a league where we start 2 + a flex. Would leave me with guys like A Brown, DHB, Floyd, Baldwin, Doucet as bye week replacements/flex options. But could also roll with Eli, who has a good schedule until the playoffs, and some chump with a good schedule like Cassel and keep my WR.

  48. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Steve Stevenson: I think Rivers is a pretty decent upgrade. So you’d be giving up BOTH your WR3 and WR4 for Rivers? If thats the case and they really are top 25 options, Im not sure if the upgrade is worth that much. I’m assuming the other team has another QB lined up behind Rivers and wouldnt need Eli, but maybe one of those WR plus Eli is worth a shot.

  49. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @toungepuncher: At 1-4, I’m not sure if I would make the deal. All four players would be great to have next year, but Im not sure If adding Roddy to a 1-4 team would instantly make you a contender. Maybe wait and see what happens this week. Perhaps at 2-4, you’d reconsider your chances of making a post season push.

  50. Steve Stevenson says:

    @ Jeff: Yeah, it would be my WR3 and 4, though I never play either of them except as a flex (my 1 and 2 are top 10). It’s steep, but if I can’t get anything else to work, is this a reasonable fallback or too much? I’m in good shape for a playoff berth based on talent and schedule. I don’t really like the deal, but it’s hard to trade in this league.

  51. Fighting Sumo says:

    @Jeff Brubach, #46: “I don’t think it’s a bad trade. You outlined some pretty good reasoning for making the deal.”

    Thanks Jeff. Some of the other owners in our league thinks that I’ve been taken and that the other guy got too much.

    I might have handed the other guy the championship, but on the other hand, he may have self-destructed his own team.

    With FF, ya just never know!

  52. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Steve Stevenson: Ya, its a tough one. I just think I’d try to stand pat if the deal required BOTH guys. Keep the conversation going with the other team and see if you can sub in like a DHB or something along with one of the other WR’s to get it done.

    @Fighting Sumo: Ya, like I said, Fitz may have been a bit much but you’re right…you never know with Fantasy Football.

  53. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5 ppr

    My RBs are Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Earnest Graham, and D. Murray
    My WRs are Fitz, VJax, V. Cruz, Little & Burleson

    Trade Fitz for Felix Jones & Deion Branch?

  54. DKAS says:

    k could not get any deals done in my league so gotta drop a few players for fill up defensive spots which 3 would you ok to drop in 10 team .75 ppr league?

    Lance Moore, David Nelson, Ridley, R,Bush, Hightower, F.DAvis, P.Burress.

  55. surfmonger says:

    Thanks! right now the opening offer is
    newton + decker for my Wallace + QB
    Newton + d.thomas for rice/mathews + QB

    I don’t like offer #2. but I don’t think either of these really helps me that much. right?

  56. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @Commish Cauda: Not too bad, Im expecting Felix to pick things up. I’d try to get a little better WR thrown in than Branch if possible.

    @DKAS: I would pick R. Bush, L. Moore, and Plax

    @ surfmonger: Ya, youre right. I dont think either one improves your squad that much. I dont like #2 at all, and I wouldnt feel comfortable moving Mike Wallace just for an upgrade at QB. Keep negotiating there.

  57. okerix says:

    @Jeff Brubach
    That’s what I did and told him to do. Ended up going through this time around with only a couple of objections. The guy actually went overboard on his discussions and made everyone sound like a communist. So hopefully everyone can just move past this trade and still have discussions this year. He’s already started some discussions on what if the trade had never been vetoed and if he would of won this week, etc. On the other hand I am starting to doubt Mr. White making a comeback this year. Good think I’m stacked at WR.

  58. Jeff Brubach

    Jeff Brubach says:

    @okerix: I’m glad it worked out. And as for Roddy, he had two HUGE pass interference calls during this week’s game on 50 yard bombs in the endzone. Those are some big plays. If he doesn’t get interfered with and makes only one of them, he has a nice day. He’ll be ok.

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