So ends another week of football, and so begins another! It was a painful week filled with more team-crippling injuries, that we are still waiting to hear all the ramifications from. We have entered the gritty part of the league year where a championship-bound team is an injury away from not making the playoffs. Despite these injuries, we keep looking for more ways to get a leg up on the competition. We keep looking forward as we search for more Fantasy Stacks to match up. Before we do, however, let’s take a look back at how last week’s stacks faired.

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A Look Back at Week 6

The first of the Fantasy Stacks from last week was very disappointing, as Kirk Cousins and Jordan Addison failed to get anything going for them on offense. Cousins had an abysmal 8.74 points, while Addison saved his week by catching the only offensive touchdown the team had, for a total of 11.8 points. The next two matchups were not great for the quarterbacks, but the receivers made up for them. Matt Stafford scored below his weekly average, with a score of 13.24, but Cooper Kupp blew up for a total of 27.8 points from 9 targets. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs had a similar game script where Allen scored under his weekly average of 14.86, but Diggs made up for it by just breaking 20 points. The receivers were not bad, but the quarterback play from last week left us wanting.

Week 6 Air Yards Report: Top 5 Takeaways | Christian Watson

Jordan Love and Christian Watson

We’re going to dip back into the well for one of the past Fantasy Stacks that didn’t hit the first time around to give Jordan Love another chance, although this time we are going to pair him with Christian Watson. Love has finally come to earth a little bit with his last showing in Week 6 against the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite the poor performance he put up there, he is still on pace to be a top-half quarterback in the league. Even with the poor showing, Love is still averaging 19.3 PPG. The big question will be whether he can overcome the touchdown/interception regression from the past few weeks. After starting off the year hot with 6 touchdowns and no interceptions, Love has thrown an interception every week. I’m banking on him getting right against the Denver Broncos, and I am starting him where I can.

Love’s top receiver, Christian Watson, is still a bit of a question mark after coming back from the injury that sidelined him the first three games of the year, but it is a question mark I’m willing to take a chance on. In both of Watson’s games this year, he has managed to score double digits despite not being at a full snap count yet. He had seven targets in the Week 5 loss to the Raiders, which shows that they were already getting him more involved in the game. Now, six weeks into the season and coming off of the bye week, I expect Watson to come out swinging.

The Denver Broncos have shown they are more than beatable, which should give signs of a good contest between the two growing teams. The Broncos have given up the second-most passing yards in the league and have given up the most passing touchdowns. Expect the Green Bay Packers to attack them through the air and to score multiple times.

Week 1 Matchup Preview – Slot vs. Wide PPG Allowed Analysis | Chris Olave

Derek Carr and Chris Olave

This time we are double dipping back into the well for a couple of players from Week 2’s Fantasy Stacks: Derek Carr and Chris Olave. They did not impress much in that first showing, but this week’s matchup might be the best one they have faced so far this season. Carr and company will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars to see if they can improve upon their game. One of the things that has held Carr back this season is a shoulder injury he suffered in Week 3. He has managed to play in every game so far, though, and last week he threw an impressive 50 times. I expect him to continue to show his health improvements and make connections with his receivers, especially Olave.

Chris Olave has garnered double-digit targets in four of the six games so far this season and has shown he is Carr’s favorite target. I expect this to continue to be the case as Carr becomes healthier. Last week was the best Carr has looked so far since the injury, and it was the first time Olave had scored double-digit points since the injury. Now, Olave has the chance to go up against the team that has given up the most passing yards in the league. He should have a day feasting on a beatable secondary.

Tyreek Hill

Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill

One of the teams that has been the most fun to watch this season has to be the Miami Dolphins, which is where my favorite of this week’s Fantasy Stacks plays out. Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill have been dismantling defenses this year. This is apparent when you look at the fact that Tua is QB3 on the year, and Hill is WR1 in PPR leagues. Tua has been on a tear, throwing touchdowns in every single game so far this year and minimizing his interceptions to five. He has been averaging 21 PPG so far this season, and that has been going up against defenses such as the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. Tua has shown he is ready for this kind of challenge, and this week he gets a fun one in the Philadelphia Eagles, who have given up the tenth most passing yards and the fourth most passing touchdowns so far this season.

If Tua has been impressive, Tyreek has been playing out of his mind. He is averaging 19.02 YPC and has scored a touchdown in every single game except for one. Hill has been targeted 9.8 times on average and is showing no signs of slowing down. The speedster receiver has averaged 26.8 PPG so far this season and has broken 30 points three separate times. In other words, Hill is crushing it. There really is not much more to say on the subject other than the fact that he will have a great matchup going up against the Eagles and should expect to have another big week as they attempt to outpace their opponent.

What is Your Favorite Fantasy Stack?

How about you? What is your favorite Fantasy Stack of the week? What is a Fantasy Stack I should investigate for next week? Let me know in the comments below!

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