The St. Louis Rams had a backfield of Isaiah Pead, Zac Stacy and Daryl Richardson going into the 2013 seasonTwo of these backs (Pead/Richardson) were coming off their rookie years, and Stacy was newly drafted. Pead, in his rookie season, carried the football 10 times for 54 yards (5.4 YPC). Stacy, who was a 5th round pick from the University of Vanderbilt, had a stat line of 1,167 rushing yards (5.7 YPC), and 12 rushing touchdowns per season in his last two years of college. And Richardson, in 2012, rushed 98 times for 475 yards (4.8 YPC) and was able to catch 24 passes for 163 yards. Digging a little bit deeper into his first year, I found a stretch of games from week 6-12 (five games) in which he carried the football 46 times for 281 yards (6.1 YPC) and also caught 11 passes for 81 yards. As fantasy owners, it was up to us to pick the player that we thought could bring the most fantasy production. Just for your amusement at my suffering, I actually chose Richardson. Hmmmm…. There seems to be a growing trend in these intros of mine.

Let’s take a look into the game log for Zac Stacy in 2013…

Weeks 1-4 (two games):
1 carry for four yards in total over the first four games.

Weeks 5-17 (12 games):
80.75 rushing yards, 2.2 catches for 11.75 yards and .7 total touchdowns per game.

Stacy’s final numbers in 14 games was 973 rushing yards, 26 catches for 141 yards, and seven rushing touchdowns with one receiving touchdown. Those numbers placed him as the 17th best running back in standard (Non-PPR) scoring.

In the first four weeks, we got to see Stacy on the field for a total of eight snaps. The first game of the season vs. the San Francisco 49ers, he had seven snaps and his only carry in his two games was just four yards. Since because of that, I have nothing else to bring up for Stacy, I’m going to talk about Richardson and his first two games. In the first two weeks, he had a stat line of 88 total yards with five catches per game. The first game of the year (49ers), he had a total of 96 yards with five catches and earned 9 fantasy points in standard (ESPN) scoring. Those numbers had him 17th among running backs for that week. I bring this up to say… at least I was right for two weeks. Hey, it’s somethin’.

Starting in week seven vs. the Carolina Panthers, Stacy had 87 total yards, with four catches and one receiving touchdown. That game started a run of five straight games with at least 12 fantasy points and four games in the top-10 for running backs in standard ESPN scoring. His best game during this stretch came in week nine vs. the Tennessee Titans. In this game, he had had 127 rushing yards, six catches for 51 yards and two rushing touchdowns. This performance earned him 29 points and a tie for first place among running backs in standard (ESPN) scoring. I do want to bring one more game to your attention, and that is week 15 vs. the New Orleans Saints. In this game, he had a stat line of 143 total yards and one touchdown. With this performance, he earned 20 fantasy points and finished tied for sixth among running backs in standard (ESPN) scoring. In total, he had double digit fantasy points in seven of these 12 games. Also, I can not forget to spotlight his touchdown rate. In his final 10 games, he scored either a rushing or receiving touchdown in eight games. From a fantasy perspective, he was a excellent addition for fantasy owners over these 12 games.

When you take his final 12 games and use his numbers over a full season, he would have earned 214 fantasy points and finished as the number six running back in standard (ESPN) scoring. Plus the Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher said that he can see Stacy carrying the football 70% of the time. Only a handful of other running backs have his potential workload. I like Stacy as a solid RB1 option for 2014.

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  1. SMLV1 says:

    Agree..Love Stacy! He will bring me Championship along with Lacy. Stacy and Lacy combo of this year!

  2. ashtray says:

    I’m having the hardest time trying to decide between Stacy, Morris, and AJ Green as my 2nd keeper after Lacy. Thoughts? It’s standard scoring for the most part. Bonus points for monster yardage totals.

    • frankgrimes says:

      @ashtray: Green no question about it.

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