Fred Taylor’s ankle took a time machine back to when it was younger and attached to the aptly nicknamed Fragile Fred.  He was looking ok for the Patriots, but he could be out for the rest of the season and even if he isn’t he is still extremely droppable.

Ronnie Brown: My masculine infatuation with Ronnie has paid off so far, but this might be the biggest test to Super Badass Brown. SBB has a Jets D that is tough against the run, but is also getting Calvin Pace back from a 4 game suspension.  That’s a long time to be suspended.  I wonder if it was some kind of S&M thing.  Whatever it was, Pace is a stud and will make that defense even better.  I’d start Brown against the best of the ’85 Bears and ’75 Steelers combined, but don’t expect a huge game. Maybe just 275 total yards and 5 TD’s.

Cadillac Williams: The offensive coordinator Greg Olson wants to make him the main back, but he forgot to take into account Caddy’s bald tires.  The dude cannot be an every down back without breaking, rupturing or tearing something.  For now, if you are unfortunate enough to own him, you probably have to throw him out there as a flex play as long as he is the main guy.  And how many jobs does Greg Olson have?  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Miles Austin: According to google maps, it is exactly 1,175 miles to Austin from here.  Sounds like an odd first line to a country song.  There is a chance Roy Williams won’t go against KC, so Austin would be a nice pickup.  I’m hoping Williams sits because I see a very big game from Austin against the KC corners if he does.

Eli Manning: Will he or won’t he? the answer is certainly “yes!” if the question is, will Eli do any commercial offered him?  But, if the question is, will he play on Sunday?, the answer is, I dunno.  He’ll probably be a game time decision, but they do have a early game so you should be able to check the news Sunday morning (which you can do in the comments of Sunday’s post!)

Michael Crabtree: How quickly will he learn the playbook and how effective will Shaun Hill be in getting him the ball?  Why do you keep asking me all these questions!!?  Oh, yeah, that was me.  I am not picking Crabtree up everywhere, but I think he is worth a stash if you have room.  He is a talent that could go all Percy Harvin on your shizz.  But the Niners are the epitome of a run it down your gut while playing tough defense kind of team.  The opportunities won’t be abundant.

Jamal Lewis: He was limited, but did practice on Thursday.  I think he is permanently limited due to uselessoldness. If the Browns give him more than 5 carries after Jerome Harrison had a huge game as the primary back last week I will find Mangini and shove him into a bottle and throw it into Lake Erie and then someday in the hopefully much distant future someone will dredge it up and rub the bottle revealing Mangini who can only grant one wish, and that is, to make your football team suck.  And I really don’t know anyone who would wish that.

Derrick Ward: Remember when I went off on Cadillac Williams?, yeah you do!  It’s just up the page a bit.  Are you reading this thing backwards?!  Anyway, this might be a good time to grab Ward for almost nothing.  Caddy will get hurt and Ward will replace him and maybe by then they’ll be able to move the ball a little bit.

Calvin Johnson: His injury isn’t much to worry about and Daunte Culpepper has enough arm to chuck it to him like he did last year.  They will be losing and unable to run and you could see a similar line to last weeks against the Bears.  Megatron is 190 matchup proof! I’m gonna start calling him Everclear.

Matt Hasselbeck: He practiced for a second straight day and looks likely to start against a dreadful Jags secondary.  Dreadful I say!  As long as he can go without limitations he would help all of the offense. Just remember that if he isn’t a for sure go you won’t know his status until 4:15 (east coast bias time). It would be nice if they could get back some of their offensive lineman, but that won’t happen this week.  If you own him or any Seahawker just hope that line doesn’t get him hurt. Thankfully the Jags defense doesn’t hurt too many people.

Clinton Portis: He isn’t listed on the injury report for the first time since 1983 and he is going up against a Panthers defense that might as well be made of peanut brittle.  Hope for a huge game and if you get it, don’t get greedy!  Trade him! And then send me a pound of peanut brittle to thank me for my peanutty advice.

Braylon Edwards: He has stone hands, but is talented enough to elevate his game in his new New Jersey home.  He also has all kinds of background with the Jets offense so he should be able to step in pretty quickly.  Miami is a middling pass defense and Sanchez will probably try to get Braylon going early so he doesn’t have to hear him braying like a jackass later.

Santana Moss: He will have a tough time against Chris Gamble and when he has a tough time he has a grandma fell asleep cooking the turkey tough kind of time.  I would not be surprised with zero receptions and one rush for -7 yards.

Mario Manningham: What has happened to you?  Why aren’t you living up to your ham-phenated namesake?  Well, whatever the problem, he hasn’t been targeted as much and has Eli hurting because he stepped on a gardener’s face or something.  Add to that a decent Raiders pass defense and he is a sit and maybe a long term sit.

  1. cleaver596 says:

    I was offered AP in exchange for Wayne and Brown. Make me feel better about not wanting this trade. I’ve never had AP and this is probably my only chance to do it. But Wayne is on pace to duplicate 2007. Brown is looking stupendous and with Ricky to keep his carries down, should be fresh and fast all year. Am I wrong for thinking this guy is asking too much? I talked to him and he said if it’s not Wayne and Brown, there is no deal.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: That’s too much. A 2nd round WR and a 3rd round (playing like a 2nd round) RB.

  3. Josh says:

    I’m pretty desperate for a win this week — should I drop Manningham and grab Miles Austin or Austin Collie? Right now my WR starters are Massaquoi and Welker, so yeah, things are looking bleak.

  4. eldee says:

    1) RB2 (yikes, I hate bye weeks and injuries): Shady or Leon?
    2) Is the odd man out above a better flex play than K-Walt or Pierre?

  5. Rank Em says:


    Can you please do us a favor and give us the rank of who will be the top 10 WRs at the end of the season in PPR? THANKS!

  6. jamiesonmj says:

    Who wins these trades?

    1) JHarrison/Tomlinson/Harvin vs Massaquoi/SJax/Moreno

    2) PT/SSmith(CAR) vs Olsen/Harvin/Coffee

  7. eldee says:

    @Josh: FWIW, I would start Manningham over Massaquoi actually. I doubt Mass would go off 2 weeks in a row and it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to more coverage, because even though Braylon was garbage, he was still seeing decent coverage. Of the other two I like Miles Austin over Austin Collie (hey, wait, is this one of those Wheel of Fortune Before and Afters?)

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Josh: If Williams doesn’t play I’d grab Austin.

    @eldee: Shady. I like Walter.

    @jamiesonmj: Moreno side, PT side.

    @Rank Em: I’ll give it some thought

  9. stumanji says:

    In a PPR (with return TDs) league, please pick two:

    Steve Smith NYG, Desean Jackson, Sims-Walker, Rice.


  10. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Doc: Pace returned from his four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on performing-enhancing substances. Pace said the violation resulted from using an over-the-counter dietary product. Maybe over the counter at some sleazy gym…

    Manningham did a Bray Edwards immitation and dropped three passes. The long pass he did catch was bobbled all the way. He does get open all of the time, but several more drops, and we shall be seeing a lot more of Hakeem Nicks. Meanwhile, Steve Smith is the Man.

    I can’t see Eli not starting, as he has this thing going with Peyton, he he is chasing his brother in consecutive starts as well as in producing a blizzard of commercials. But I am starting to doubt that he will play more then a quarter; by that time the D should have produced a 3 TD lead over the hapless Raiders (I shudder to think what OffYourMarkus will do against the Giant front four), and David Carr can safely be brought into the game.

  11. Butch27 says:

    In a PPR league who should I start? Sims-Walker or Fred Jackson?

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: DJax, Smith if Manning plays, Sims-Walker if he doesn’t

  13. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: ive been offered fitzgerald for my sims-walker and welker,that leaves me ocho cinco,owens, and massaquoi,4 weeks ago its a no brainer but with breaston officially in the mix,will larry be a big upgrade over sims-walker?

  14. Probable Party Starter says:

    So, would you start Westbrook or Barber to go with your Coffee? Or do you opt for a Frappachino?

  15. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    ***12-team, 0.5ppr league, (QB’s 4pt. TDs, eveyone else 6pt. TDs)***

    I’m 1-3 and need to mix things up. Which side would you rather have the rest of the way?

    Tom Brady, Kevin Smith, Pierre Garcon, Eddie Royal
    Hasselbeck, Mark Sanchez, Matt Forte, DeSean Jackson


  16. david says:

    I’ve got four RB’s for three spots. Which gets the boot (for week 5)?

    Jerome Harrison

  17. Probable Party Starter says:

    Sounds good, but do I dare drop Choice?

  18. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:


    the only one that splits time…Lynch

    But sit Harrison instead if Jamal Lewis somehow gets the start.

  19. Byron says:

    @Doc/Drew- PPR league- which 2 should i start? moreno, kevin smith, mccoy- thanks in advance

  20. jamiesonmj says:

    @Doc: I was able to get massaquoi/SJax/Moreno for harvin/LT/COFFEE instead of jerome harrison which I think is even better with coffee losing the job soon!

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jamiesonmj: Better!

    @Byron: Moreno for sure. Tough call on the other two, but McCoy has the best chance.

  22. Corey says:

    for my flex spot: Tim Hightower or Cadillac?
    TE: Vernon Davis vs Celek
    2nd WR: Boldin vs Stokely vs Kelley Washington

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Corey: Hightower, Celek, Boldin

  24. Trevor says:

    Look out for Laurence maroney this year with Fragile Fred finally down. Its only a matter of time before hes getting 15 carries a game as well as some work catching passes

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    WR2 (non-ppr if that matters): white or sims-walker?

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