Welcome reader/commenter. If you’re reading this, I have something exciting cooked up for you this season. It’s a vampire league! The concept is fairly straightforward. The vampire, let’s call him Dakula, doesn’t get to draft a team. They must build it via waivers once the other teams complete the draft. The twist is that if you lose a head to head match up to Dakula they get to swap one of your starting players for his. As the vampire’s potential prey, you need to decide which of your players to expose. As the season goes on, Dakula should get stronger. There are a few other wrinkles I have in mind. One of my favorite board games is The Fury Of Dracula. Here are some rules inspired by FoD, as well the other pertinents.

  • Rosters will consist of: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, and 3 Bench slots initially (expands to 4 once byes begin in week 4). The benches are intentionally small to keep the wire fresh. Waivers will be decided by a FAAB of $1,000.
  • Scoring will be PPR.
  • Unnatural Fog: Week 3. Feeling emboldened, the Count surrounds his target with fog. Dakula gets to select his opponent. The remaining teams will be randomly scheduled.
  • Hunt The Beast: Week 10. Gathering their strength, those brave enough aim to turn the tables on this foul creature. There will be two play-groups: Hunters and Bystanders. If you choose to be a Hunter you are in Dakula’s group and each Hunter plays him head to head. Should you fail to outscore him, you are subject to the starter swap. Conversely, any team to outscore Dakula gets to swap for one of his starters (worst record has priority). Bystanders are in a group of their own and randomly scheduled. Should an odd number choose to be a Bystander, one will randomly play Dakula with no swap on the line. Hunting Dakula is also a risk if too many people lose to him, as each win would vault him up the standings.
  • Week’s 1, 2, 4-11, and 13 will be standard head to heads. The playoffs will occur weeks 14-16 between the top six teams. The player swap will not be in effect should Dakula make the playoffs.
  • Ties do not count for swaps. Dakula/Hunters must outscore their adversary.
  • The draft date and time will be decided when the league is full. A slow draft may work best. Fantrax will be the hosting site.
  • There is no buy-in, but I will figure out a prize for the winner.

My hope is to reveal a new format to you and spark an interest in creative leagues. We all have a home league. Many of us have added more new leagues on top of that. Let’s keep this one fresh with something extra to play for. Send me a DM on Twitter @Roto_Wan or email me at [email protected] if you are interested in joining.


  1. Earl Dietrich says:

    Got any room in the vampire league?

    If so email me at [email protected]

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