It’s the inaugural episode of The Razzball Football Podcast formerly known as The Ditka, Sausage, and Fantasy Football Podcast also known as Two Dudes Talking about Football who may or may not be recording the conversation. It’s still a sausage fest as Rudy Gamble joins B_Don and Donkey Teeth to celebrate the podcast re-branding/re-launch with an intimate conversation about football projection methodics.

The guys also discuss the now world renowned RazzBowl, breaking down their draft strategies and looking at few of their draft picks including Kenyan Drake, Dion Lewis, Davante Adams, Nick Chubb, Jerrick McKinnon, and Andy Isabella. Then, Rudy elaborates on his views regarding the polarizing 2019 Arizona Cardinals offense with his unique expertise on the air raid system. The valuations of Kyler Murray and David Johnson are emphasized during this tangent.
The show is rounded out with a look at why Rudy’s robot hates Amari Cooper for 2019. Sign up for Rudy’s in season tools available at an incredible bargain here!

  1. The Harrow says:

    trying to listen to you guys’ QB rookies podcast just now, it’s a baseball one from that time period. where does one go to find the actual football QB rookies one?

      • The Harrow says:

        thanks, will get into it today. finishing up the RB rookies posts, then the WR and stuff after. guessing a rookie dynasty overall type ranking occurs in the post after the 2nd WR one?

        • B_Don

          B_Don says:

          The dynasty rankings we go over with Ryan McDowell. Here are mine and DT’s below though.

          B_Don Overall Rookie Ranks
          1. Josh Jacobs
          2. N’Keal Harry
          3. David Montgomery
          4. Miles Sanders
          5. AJ Brown
          6. Deebo Samuel
          7. Marquise Brown
          8. Devin Singletary
          9. Kyler Murray
          10. TJ Hockenson
          11. Noah Fant
          12. DK Metcalf
          13. Parris Campbell
          14. Darrell Henderson
          15. Alexander Mattison
          16. Diontae Johnson
          17. Justice Hill
          18. Bryce Love
          19. Benny Snell
          20. Irv Smith
          21. Hakeem Butler
          22. Travis Fulgham
          23. Hunter Renfrow
          24. Gary Jennings Jr.
          25. Kahale Warring

          Donkey Teeth Dynasty Rookie Rankings
          1. Josh Jacobs
          2. Darrell Henderson
          3. David Montgomery
          4. N’Keal Harry
          5. Miles Sanders
          6. Hakeem Butler
          7. Deebo Samuel
          8. TJ Hockenson
          9. AJ Brown
          10. Miles Boykin
          11. DK Metcalf
          12. Parris Campbell
          13. Marquise Brown

          14. Damien Harris
          15. Noah Fant
          16. Justice Hill
          17. Kyler Murray

          18. JJ Arcega-Whiteside
          19. Irv Smith Jr.
          20. Alexander Mattison
          21. Darwin Thompson
          22. Dwayne Haskins
          23. Andy Isabella
          24. Bruce Anderson
          25. Rodney Anderson

          • The Harrow says:

            nice, all in one spot typed out. excellent (burns voice)

            • The Harrow says:

              holy crap is henderson polarizing here. 2nd vs 14th, that’s a crazy range, probably never seen 2 rankers have a 2nd be a 14th for the other guy. m.brown too, guessing that’s from BAL having horrible QB currently.
              i get dk metcalf is hurt and all, but his draft grades are highest WR this year, very low for both here.

              • B_Don says:

                All of our general thoughts are on the various podcasts, can’t speak for DT, but just not sure Henderson translates into a workhose at any given point and of course Gurley is there for the foreseeable future. I like some of the tools at Henderson’s disposal, but he’s still raw as a runner.

                Surprisingly, I’m the one that doesn’t particularly care for LJax’s throwing, but Marquise Brown has ridiculous speed and I like the upside, so, wanted to find a way to get him in my top 10. I’d be fine w/ Singletary above him if you are looking at a RB.

                Metcalf is a physical specimen for sure and is a first rounder for both of us based on upside. However, his route running isn’t sharp, questionable hands, and not the most alert or intelligent player out there on the field. On the pod with Ryan McDowell, I say that I’d be fine with him being at 9 if you don’t need/want a QB or TE, but felt those 3 should be included.

                • The Harrow says:

                  yeah i finished the RB, QB and WR’s pods and metcalf appears to be the super twit (mentally) physical freak. sometimes those guys just never pan out at all, since their heads. i’m about to get haskins at 1.10 in a 2 QB dynasty 12 teamer dynasty (lot of the RB and WR are left, BUT i only have rosen/rodgers/mahomes and i’d always want at least 3 starting QB’s there plus my RB/WR depth is already awesome). i could go fitzmagic here too and for sure have 3 starters (regardless of what MIA is doing) but rosen should start at some point anyway (even if it’s next year), haskins/NYG guy/lock likely start at some stage (again, maybe next year, in 2 QB dynasties sometimes you gotta jump a year early (we have deep benches). i went mahomes a year before he played with my 1st rounder (obv a late pick 1st rounder), meanwhile people that needed QB depth were in there grabbing RB/WR and i also got kamara with my 3.12 pick that year since he wasn’t all that highly ranked. obviously mahomes vs haskins/lock/NYG guy isn’t a 1 to 1 comp, but if we think somebody is going to start at some point and for a while after that (haskins, NYG guy) it pays in these leagues to have these guys. somebody even just ahead of me drafted eli manning (a good team clearly didn’t keep him) since that guy needed a QB right now. i have ertz too so i don’t need fant/hock here so much.

                  – it’s also a snake so i’ll probably get one of deebo, parris, aj brown, metcalf or a RB on the way back in round 2. j.howard wasn’t kept for some reason, just drafted, eli, ballage all went in round 1 (and rookie RB’s mostly).

  2. The Harrow says:

    this league here, about to be my 2.3 pick.
    1. 12 team 2 QB half PPR dynasty. we have a 3 round slow draft about finishing up it’s 1st round. i just got haskins at 1.10 (could’ve went fitz, which would’ve guaranteed me this year 3 starters with rosen already owned, but long term this seems better). i never want to have less than 4 possibly starting QB’s here (we have deep enough benches to do this)
    QB: mahomes (him i own only since i used my 1st rounder 2 years ago, knowing full well he’d not likely start till last year), rodgers, rosen, haskins
    RB (2): kamara, ingram, michael, gus the bus, burkhead, ekeler
    WR (3): thielen, k.allen, boyd, edelman, crowder, watkins, m.lee
    TE (1): ertz, doyle
    2 R/W/T flexes
    kicker: DAL kicker
    DEF: none now (ended year with TEN from a good matchup)
    IDP (4 flexes): b.martinez, j.adams, d.jones (ATL)
    IR (2): t.smith (JAX)

    i’m now rostered up and will have to drop somebody in 1 picks (snake draft). later i’ll have to drop somebody for my 4th IDP flex and a DEF.

    1. what’s my drop order (2 of which’ll be dropped during draft as i go): thinking some mix of doyle, burkhead, gus the bus (but those are double handcuffs for michel/m.lee/crowder. if i drop a RB i’ll replace with somebody as i do it.

    2. best guy to target coming up now (some of these might be gone shortly):
    RB: j.hill (possibly a better handcuff to ingram), mattison, singletary, d.harris (possibly a better handcuff to michel)
    WR: j.gordon, j.brown, MVS, gallup, enunwa, deebo, aj brown, m.brown (BAL), metcalf, parris,
    TE: fant, m.andrews, d.walker

    i averaged those 2 lists above, these are gone: jacobs, sanders, mont, harry, hoch, d.thompson, henderson, obviously murray 1st overall here. deebo, both browns, metcalf highest of those left, but how to value j.gordon (unless he goes with this pick now at 2.2) vs them. he’s not that old yet.

    • The Harrow says:

      and even if gordon is gone, how to value MVS, j.brown, gallup vs the rookies. whoever i get here i’ll likely go RB later and drop one of burkhead, gus the bus. the 2 shiny newer possible handcuffs to my michel/ingram (hill/harris). if they are gone by that stage probably mattison might be left. singletary probably gone. hoch going just now took the “hoch (dropping doyle) or best WR” question out of having to worry about. fant seems good too, but hoch’s draft grade (best since njoku/oj howard) and blocking skills seem to me the only guy worth that possible convo (since i already have ertz/doyle).

      • B_Don says:

        Ok, not sure what the questions in this really end up being, but in general, I’d follow the rankings that I posted. I will say that Justice Hill is likely moving up in my updated rankings as it appears he’s earning his way into a role. I was talked into Harris’s opportunity by a couple people early on, but not exactly glowing reports and didn’t like his tape much anyway.

        In general, I’m not overly excited about this group of rookies. I’d still value MVS, Brown, and Gallup over most of them.

        • The Harrow says:

          that answers it. and j.gordon uber alles if he’s there in one pick i’d assume. j.hill is the highest remaining rookie RB left after averaging the 2 of your lists above (15th overall rookie), mattison a close 2nd (16th). singletary/harris right after, but i’m almost certain since at BUF it’s 2 dinosaurs then singletary somebody is going to jump on him somewhere in picks 2.4-3.10.

          -mattison and dk metcalf (obviously the latter has issues) have seemingly clearer paths this this year value than a lot of guys though: deebo (SF has tons of WR’s), parris (IND, similar), aj brown (TEN awful throwing amount and marriota, plus crowded), m.brown/boykin (BAL also few throws and l-jax’s garbage throwing), the ARI guys all super crowded and that’s BEFORE crabtree got there, the lowest ranked guy (both by you 2 and draft grades) k. johnson supposedly having the best camp (h.butler seems like a very good stash guy if stashing is what is wanted). d.johnson PIT (crowded receiving group).

  3. Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot, who wins says:

    20 team dynasty where we need in season at least 10 players of our team name (i’m WAS, and even with that did win this league 3 years in a row, not last year though). drafted more players this year (7) than i’d ever done excepting year 1. 2 max QB’s (you can have more but only if from same real life team, cannot have 3 active QB’s from 3 differing teams) had the 16th in all rounds. how’s this one look:

    QB (1): goff, haskins (1, i was right, if i didn’t use this pick here on him i’d have not gotten him and i need long term WAS players obviously)
    RB (2) DJ (ARI, traded lat murray + cousins for DJ + bortles last year to a MIN fan), guice, c.thompson, ekeler, perine (entirely believable if a bunch of injuries happen he could be a thing, AP old as shit, guice injury risk really bad, plus he helped get to 10)
    WR (2): m-will (LAC), t-will (OAK, great for me he left LAC on both of these guys maybe), doctson, aj brown (followed yr rankings, 3rd), still pretty WR thin
    TE (1) reed, VD, irv smith (4th)
    1 flex
    K (1) WAS kicker
    LB (3): l.david, kwon A, a.walker (IND), r.evans (TEN, stole woodyard’s job, 2nd year guy, ranked well at smart IDP ranking site, 7th), (SF, right now only has LB in yahoo but he’s a DE ranked pretty highly now 2nd)
    DT (2): AAron, cam heyward (it sucks that he is now a DT not DE), j.allen (WAS)
    DE (2): c.campbell (JAX), j.houston (6th, now undervalued according to that IDP site)
    S (2): a.phillips (LAC, great shape with d.james on IR), swearinger (ARI), baker (ARI), one huge negative these 3 all have same bye
    CB (2): dunbar (WAS), fuller (KC, 5th)

    • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot, who wins says:

      side note (in case you aren’t familar with IDP stuff). DT’s are worst scorers outside of the very top level guys (AAron i got when he was a rookie in our opening season’s draft, and probably is no small part of me winning a bunch, his value over replacement is completely insane and outscored the DT #2 in this league last year by like 60 points). cam heyward is still a 21st or so ranked DL guy, BUT only a DT now, not a DE. j.allen was a very highly drafted in real life guy who had almost identical to cam last season and is ranked about the same spot (DL 26). CB’s are weird, the best real life ones (haden years ago, sherman years ago, ramsey, norman a few years ago etc) aren’t that good for fantasy (i.e. the QB’s simply don’t throw near them, so they don’t accrue much points); due to this stuff they are the easiest to find in FA type guys (often look for rookies with playing time, usually due to injuries, as QB’s DO target those guys)

      i got the PIT norman owner who wants cam heyward, but i told him i’d not do that 1 for 1. what about this though:
      my cam heyward + swearinger (32nd ranked DB at that highly ranked IDP guy’s site) + dunbar (if the guy even wants him back, or i just drop dunbar for a WR and later a bye week fill in guy for DB’s or DT’s probably)
      norman (not highly ranked BUT he’s better ranked than the dunbar i have, and i’d break even on WAS players) + simmons (DEN, 23rd ranked DB)

      • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot, who wins says:

        also, forgot, j.allen is actually a DE that is yahoo listed as a DT, and that’s really good, it’s not as good as a real life LB counting as DE, but pretty close.

        • B_Don

          B_Don says:

          Given the team/player rules, I think you did a good job of getting the right guys in the WSH offense. I don’t play much IDP as I typically find there are not enough IDPs to make the difference they should, but it looks like a solid group. Getting those players that qualify at the less productive positions in IDP is a terrific way to boost your scoring from a less than optimal position.

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