Let’s remind ourselves of the formula:

Sleeper Rating = Amount of Talent (Individual + Team Support) + Opportunity

I have to give a quick shout out to the Valedictorian of Sleeper Math, Ahmad Bradshaw. It’s sad to see him move on after being listed in here every single week. But he proved his mettle and it’s obvious at this point that he’s de-Sleepered himself.

Here are this weeks Sleepers from all three tiers. There are a lot of really good trade targets out there, particularly in Tier I. If you aren’t out there making trades, or at least attempting to, there’s something wrong with you. No ones team is that stacked.

Tier I

Steve Slaton 18 (9+9) – Slaton had another lackluster week. He still scored a respectable number of points but didn’t break out. I’m targeting him in trades in all my leagues. I just think he has several 25+ point performances in him this season.

Greg Jennings 18 (9+9) – Stepping out on this limb makes me nervous. The problem with Jennings is that Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting enough time to throw the football which makes Jennings, a deep threat, less potent. Even so Jennings has consistently been a top producing Fantasy receiver and his slow start is worth buying low on.

Matt Forte 18 (9+9) – Cutler isn’t going to throw him the ball as much as Orton did. Even so Forte should benefit from the Offense being more potent and get plenty of chances to get in the End Zone. He also just had a Bye week which negatively dilutes his Overall Ranking.

DeSean Jackson 17 (9+8) – 1 catch for 1 yard? A lot of people are worried that Philly is spreading the ball around too much and Jackson won’t put up big numbers. I think you can get a sizeable discount on him right now and I’d be very interested.

Brandon Jacobs 17 (8+9) – Ahmad Bradshaw’s ridiculous Sunday destroyed Jacobs’ value. I was down on him coming in to the year because I felt like he was being drafted way too high. But he’s still a back capable of scoring three touchdowns on any given Sunday.

Brian Westbrook 17 (9+8) – Another target for you risk-takers out there. The Philadelphia backfield is going to be more by committee than it’s ever been but Westbrook’s still the man as long as he can stay healthy. I hate his downside but he’s one of the few players in Fantasy that can single-handedly win you a week when he has a big game.

Anquan Boldin 17 (9+8) – Last week I talked about how everyone was way too down on Fitz. This week I think everyone is way too down on Anquan Boldin. This is the cheapest he’ll be all season so if you’re in the market for a receiver this is the guy I’d go after.

Tier II

Eddie Royal 16 (8+8) – Finally Eddie had a game. I saw him get dropped in a lot of leagues which I thought was pretty harsh. Even after this solid 10 catch performance I think many owners will be looking to trade and get something out of him in case this was just a flash in the pan.

Jerome Harrison 15 (8+7) – Some franchises deserve to be horrible. What were the Browns thinking handing the ball off to Jamal Lewis, aged and coming off a multiple-week injury, 31 times? On top of that they completely ignored Harrison who’s been very effective the past few games. He will be the guy in Cleveland. There’s no way Lewis stays healthy. This is your chance to get Harrison at a discount.

Sammy Morris 15 (7+8) – He runs like Keith Byars. For those of you not intimately familiar with Tecmo Super Bowl that’s not a compliment. But he got the lions share of the carries for New England and I can see him putting up double-digit points more often than not if that continues.

Julius Jones 15 (7+8) – His team hung 35 points and he got almost no digits. I’m really not that in love with Julius but the bottom line is he’s a starting Running Back in the NFL and that has to count for something.

Mike Sims-Walker 15 (8+7) – Whatever he did to get benched in this weekends game it must have been bad. This has temporarily depressed his value and made him an achievable trade target. He has been so good thus far that I’m willing to overlook his potential character issues.

Darren Sproles 16 (9+7) – After two electric weeks to start the season Sproles really slowed down in 3 and 4 then the Chargers had a Bye week. I think he got overworked and will come back and be very productive. Even if Tomlinson doesn’t get hurt again I like Sproles’ production as a Flex option.

Tier III

Andre Caldwell 14 (8+6) – If you own Laverneus Coles you need a Fantasy intervention. Caldwell is the #2 there. Deal with it. That passing game is getting sharper and sharper and with Defenses beginning to key in on Ochocinco, Caldwell is a great player to own.

DeShawn Wynn 13 (8+5) – I am convinced that Ryan Grant is a horrible NFL Running Back. That’s probably too strong a term but I really just don’t feel like he’s explosive, his pad level is too elevated,etc. I can see him getting hurt/replaced by DeShawn at some point.

Shonn Greene 13 (8+5) – For some reason I’m really convinced that he’s poised for a big second half of the season. Thomas Jones isn’t injury plagued but I feel like this is the year it happens. Look Shonn Greene’s acquisition cost is very low so I think he’s worth taking a speculative shot at.

Jerious Norwood 13 (8+5) – He has just started to get completely healthy. If the Falcons start to utilize him in the passing game to keep Turners workload from getting too heavy (which they should do unless they want him getting hurt) Norwood could be a Flex option in deep leagues. If Turner goes down his value is obviously a lot more.

Jamaal Charles 13 (8+5) – Basically the same story as Norwood here.

Beanie Wells 13 (7+6) – He’s now been relegated to Tier 3. If you drafted him in the 6th round, as a lot of people did, I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have done it. If Hightower falters, which he hasn’t even come close to doing, Beanie might get a shot. There aren’t enough carries to make him a viable Flex start right now especially with Hightower getting all the short distance work.

Correll Buckhalter – 13 (7+6) Knowshon is ripping it up in Denver. Buckhalter is no stranger to adversity and I expect him to come back ready to play but that could be a few weeks away. I still think he’s a great stash though because if he gets healthy he’s going to touch the football.

Rashad Jennings – 13 (7+6) The Jaguars are another team in disarray. They obviously didn’t get the memo that you should split your touches because if you don’t your Running Back will get hurt. Maurice Jones-Drew (aka “Pocket Hercules”) looks fully healthy but still the workload could catch up to him later in the season.

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  1. danimal35 says:

    ray rice/david garrard for steve slaton/carson palmer

    which side is better?

    would you do it if you needed a qb for week 6?

  2. danimal35 says:

    ^^^i meant week 7^^^^

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @danimal35: I like the Palmer/Slaton side better. Is that who you’d be getting?

  4. danimal35 says:

    Yes, I’m trying to work that deal..what if I replaced Garrard with Flacco (I’m going to lead with Garrard though)

  5. Drew

    Drew says:

    @danimal35: Not a bad idea. You might actually get this deal done, Ray Rice has been huge the past couple weeks.

  6. danimal35 says:

    Not holding out hope…he is a texans fan…but is bitter about Slaton’s slow start and he keeps wanting to trade for Rice, but he keeps offering junk

  7. Christopher says:

    Thoughts on Chris Johnson? TEN looks horrible this year and he’s still looking good in the rankings. Thinking of moving him for a Slaton+WR (either Jennings or Sims-Walker).
    Other possible combos:

    Any other RBs I should be targeting for him?

  8. anon says:

    Tecmo Super Bowl… Great game or greatest game?

  9. Matt B says:

    10 Team PPR with the following Free Agents:
    J Maclin, J Knox, D Henderson, A Collie, M Austin, A Caldwell, RB M Bush, RB S Morris

    Dropping: D Keller
    Drop?: J Harrison, F Jackson, M Massaquoi

    How would you rank the top 3 or 4 for the rest of the year? I’m definitely picking 1 up for Keller but could also drop the other 3 especially if Harrison and Jackson won’t be starting for the next few weeks.

  10. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Christopher: I’m not sure you’re going to upgrade from Chris Johnson much…I know TEN looks bad, but he’s still capable of 200 yard weeks with 2-3 TD’s.

    @Matt B: Austin, Henderson, Knox, Bush, Caldwell, Morris, Maclin. I wouldn’t drop anyone but Keller for now.

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Apparently this is the week people get frustrated with their teams and start sending bizarrely unbalanced trade offers. This morning I got offered:

    Jerricho Cotchery, Joseph Addai, and Pittsburgh Def for my Steven Jackson and Brandon Marshall

    Gosh, it’s so tempting, but I just had to refuse it.

  12. Joe Cooper says:

    The Packers just resigned Mark Tauscher to “compete” for the starting offensive tackle spot with Barbre. Do you think this further helps the value of Greg Jennings?

  13. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @danimal35: i wouldn’t do it for flacco. ravens are opening it up more than ever. also, i think rice and slaton are a complete toss up as to which ends up with better numbers.

  14. Dingo says:

    I’ve got Schaub and McNabb in a 1-QB league, and I’d like to trade one of them to shore up my sad RB corps of Ronnie Brown, LdT, Larry Johnson, and whatever random waiver wire flotsam I pick up (Chester Taylor, LenDale White, Beanie Wells, etc.).

    There’s one guy in my league out shopping for a QB, and he’s put Knowshown Moreno on the trading block. He also has Mendenhall, McGahee, McCoy, and Purple Jesus. Is there a deal to be made here? If so, who do I trade? McNabb is already past his bye week, but I like Schaub’s schedule better.


  15. chisox says:

    I got offered Houshmanzadeh and Hightower for Colston in a non PPR league. Is that a good deal? Should I try for Bradshaw or Moreno instead of Hightower?

    Love this weekly article by the way.

  16. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Dingo: It’s risky….they are both fragile QB’s. The risk may be worth it, but be prepared for the QB you keep to be injured the week after you trade the other one. I’d keep Schaub right now, at least he hasn’t been injured so far.

    @chisox: Need a little more info. Who are your other RB’s and WR’s? Colston to Houshman is definitely a drop off in my opinion, and I’m not sure Hightower makes it worth it.

  17. stumanji says:

    My PPR league’s waiver order does not re-set week-to-week, and I currently have the #1 priority. I was planning on holding onto it and using it when somebody panics and drops a player that shouldn’t be dropped (currently in first place, 4-1 and most points scored).

    However, week 7 I have Housh and Megatron on bye and don’t have another WR to fill in. I want to pick up Royal but he’s on bye in week 7, too. Is Miles Austin worth my #1 waiver or should I hold off and wait for a FA?

    Available WRs (wk 7 opponent): Collie (@StL), Anthony Gonzo (could play in wk 7 @ StL), Ginn (NO), Caldwell (Chi), Sid Rice (@Pit)

  18. chisox says:

    @mgeoffriau: thanks for looking into it for me.

    12 team league with flex (RB-WR)

    RBs: Tomlinson, Portis, Larry Johnson, Julius Jones, Betts, Charles

    WRs: Randy Moss, Colston, Sims Walker

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Christopher: I’m holding with CJ, but if you are hurting at WR and need a 2-1 I’d look at Slaton/Jennings.

    @Matt B: I like Maclin then Collie. I would hold the others right now.

    @Dingo: If you could get Moreno for McNabb I’d do it.

    @chisox: Hightower is great in ppr, but it’s tough to know for how long he’ll hold off Wells. I like Moreno a lot. Buckhalter will continue to play, but Moreno will get the goalline looks.

    @stumanji: I think you can fill in without wasting your #1 on Austin. I like Austin, but there is a lot of competition in Dallas.

  20. ultCB says:

    Hey Doc,

    Who will perform the best out of these TE this week in PPR?

    M. Lewis, J. Finley, D. Rosario, B. Pettigrew

  21. Don says:

    I have a chance on the waiver wire to pick up WR-Burleson-SEA and drop WR-Massoquoi-CLE and also RB-Bradshaw-NYG and drop RB-Grant-GB. Opinions?

  22. Howie says:


    Doc, if I read you correctly, Maclin>Austin in a non-PPR? Where would Royal fit into this mix? I’m going to nab one on the wire tonight.

  23. hideousmutants says:

    Great writeup!
    I’ve got some ridiculous depth at RB and WR thanks to some great advice from you guys. Which two would you start…

    at RB:
    MJD (STL), Mendenhall (CLE), Turner (CHI), Slaton(CIN). I’m tempted to stick with MJD and Mendenhall just based on matchups but it’s hard to ignore Turner after last week.

    at WR (non-ppr):
    Colston (NYG), Roddy(CHI), Ocho(HOU), Manningham(NO). On overall talent, Roddy and Colston are my picks but, their matchups aren’t ideal. Esp. Colston.

  24. Da Birds says:

    Hey guys,
    Please rank these TEs- Finley, Heap, Keller

  25. Christopher says:

    @Doc: Thank Doc. In this same PPR league (10-team), the following are on the WW:

    Here’s my WR corps:
    Steve Smith (NYG)
    Knox (CHI)

    Would you swap out any of those for Maclin and/or Royal?

  26. Da Birds says:

    @Da Birds: Z Miller too

  27. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Christopher: hester and/or knox for royal for sure. maybe for maclin, but the eagles have so many guys, i don’t know that maclin will be consistent.

  28. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so playing the WW for D each week has been pretty good to me thus far, but now it looks like i might be rolling with JAX v. STl this week. any of these other WW Ds a better choice?


    slim pickings, hence i’m betting on STL’s offensive ineptitude more than JAX’s defensive play.

  29. stumanji says:

    Was offered his Thomas Jones for my Mendenhall. I like what Mendy has done so far but who knows what happens when FWP comes back. On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of Jones, especially now with Greene stealing some carries and Washington splitting time.


  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ultCB: Finley

    @Don: I’d dump Mass for Burls, but I wouldn’t drop Grant for Bradshaw. Jacobs will get too much work, whereas grant gets all the work. They are very close. Do you have anybody else you could drop?

    @Howie: Yeah. I’d take Royal over both.

    @hideousmutants: That is tough! MJD for sure. I don’t think parker will play, but keep an eye on it. ATL at home is tough to pass on Turner. His TD producing ability can’t be overlooked.

    Think you have to stick with your studs. Roddy and Colston.

    @Da Birds: For the year? Keller, Finley, Heap, but they are close and I like them all.

    @Christopher: I’d drop Knox for Royal and Austin/Collie for Maclin.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: I’d stay away from Jones. he got pretty lucky to get those 2 TD’s. They were more effective with Washington.

  32. Dingo says:

    @Doc: Thanks! Do you think Moreno is more valuable than Mendenhall, or is it rather that I’m less likely to get Mendenhall for McNabb?

  33. Marvin N. says:

    Hey guys, need a little help here..





    Given my roster, should I trade L.Washington for S.Smith (CAR)?

  34. Matt B says:

    @Marvin N.: Not sure how many you start at RB/WR/Flex? but I like the move for you in obtaining Steve Smith.

  35. Marvin N. says:

    Matt B, thanks for the response. We start 2 backs, 3 receivers and a flex, which i usually fill with another back. I’ve been holding on to Washington for depth during bye weeks which I have a rash of coming up but, I really need to get my hands on a reliable WR3. Do you think CAR will turn it around enough for Smith to give me what I need?

  36. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    For Week 6, I’m looking for replace Marcedes Lewis:

    Jermichael Finley, Zach Miller, Jeremy Shockey, Tony Scheffler, Brandon Pettigrew

    I was leaning Shockey but I hate that NYG matchup….so Finley? Or someone else? Or hold steady with Lewis?

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dingo: I just don’t know how things will play out with Parker. I think they are committed to Moreno more, but I think they are almost identical in value right now.

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Marvin N.: I like Washington, but Smith will really shore up your WR’s.

    @mgeoffriau: Yeah. I’d probably stay away from that matchup.I’d throw Finley out there.

  39. Nick says:

    Who would you let go for Harrison? I’m trying Crayton, I know its a stretch…I could give my extra TE, Shockey/H Miller but I think thats giving up too much…

    I also have Roy Williams, what to do with him??? Anyone to target, maybe another WR under the radar…

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Would be tough to get him for Crayton. It wouldn’t be horrible to give up Crayton and one of those TE’s for him.

    I’d see if Roy can put up a game first.

  41. Howie says:

    Has Coffee’s time as a rosterable RB passed? I’m thinking of reacquiring Stewart as my Deangelo handcuff. Then again, perhaps I should look to move DA- how about for a Slaton or Forte? Thoughts?

  42. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Also, drop Hester for Donnie Avery or Sammy Morris? I’ve been itching to drop Hester but I feel like he’s going to bust out the week after I let him go.

  43. Nick says:

    @Doc: I agree but I if I were to trade Shockey, H Miller will be on bye soon and I’ll need a sub…

    More Importantly, I want to dump T Jones on someone uneducated that analyzes numbers mostly…do you try for like a Grant, J Jones, Portis, Smith…or anyone else, in order…

  44. Bofum says:

    percy harvin and reggie bush for Boldin and Tomlinson? what do you think? not a ppr league

  45. Duke says:

    Is Randy Moss someone to target right now? Worth selling high on Mendenhall for? Have LT, Moreno, Lynch, Leon W, Choice, Mcfadden and only play two each week.

  46. Bofum says:

    Looking for a defense. would you go chicago or washington? i know washington has the better match-up but is chicago better going forward?

  47. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Nick: portis

  48. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Which side you like better? Reggie Wayne or Ray Rice/Greg Jennings

  49. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Also, I have an open roster spot and I am weak at RB, so which of these back-up running backs has the best 2nd half potential?
    Jamaal Charles, Justin Forsett, or Rashad Jennings

  50. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: I like the Reggie Wayne side. I like Charles.

  51. eldee says:

    Is it safe to finally cut bait on Reggie Bush?

  52. Drew

    Drew says:

    @eldee: You can’t really drop him unless you’re in a super shallow league and even then I’d look to make a trade. Pierre Thomas has had his own injury issues this season so if he goes down there’s still a chance that Reggie could be studly. I wouldn’t want to own him but I feel like dumping him is just flushing away value.

  53. eldee says:

    @Drew: Sigh. I totally hear you. I can’t stand the idea of cutting him, either, but I can’t even get Glen Coffee (on his bye, with Gore allegedly back at practice) for him.

  54. Harley says:

    2 QB league, I have Brady Carson and Hasselback…looking to trade 1 or 2 for WR help. I think I can get Jennings or Desean for Carson. Which would you target? (.5 points per reception)

    Also, considering moving Brady for Mcnabb + Santonio…I am really hurting at WR

    My WRs (start 3):
    Braylon Edwards
    Roy Williams
    Antonio Bryant
    Bernard Berrian
    Devin Hester

  55. Harley says:

    2 QB league, I have Brady, Carson and Hasselback, and need WR help…

    I think I can get either Jennings or Desean for Carson + crappy WR…which would you rather have between the two?

    Also, considering moving Brady for McNabb + Santonio…thoughts?

    My WRs (start 3):
    Braylon Edwards
    Roy Williams
    Antonio Bryant
    Devin Hester
    Bernard Berrian

  56. Harley says:

    Sorry for the double post

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