Worth a Waiver Claim

Jerome Harrison – So I guess he’s the guy, not Chris Jennings going forward. Unless you have one of the top few spots you probably won’t be able to acquire him but either way it’s worth a shot. In PPR he could be a poor man’s Ray Rice going forward. I would take a whole team full of poor man’s Ray Rice’s.

Robert Meachem – There’s been too many good games in a row to doubt him any more. Unfortunately he could’ve been had as a free agent almost all season and now you’ve got to use a claim on him. His matchups down the stretch and the targets he’s currently receiving warrant it.

Antonio Bryant – Remarkably he’s STILL on waivers in a lot of leagues. Had a big year last year and despite the slow start has begun to really turn it on. Good matchups upcoming also. Throw down a claim on him.

Steve Breaston – Another player that I doubt is on waivers but if he is you have to love his potential down the stretch.

Sammy Morris – Bill Belichick is back to his old tricks again. Maroney has been extremely effective since becoming the primary ball carrier (other than the occasional fumble) but he was almost non-existent in the second half of the game this Sunday. Morris got a lot of touches and it looks like he might be on his way to becoming the primary back in New England once again.

Justin ForsettA ton of people dropped him because Julius Jones was returning from injury. Not surprisingly Jones was totally ineffective on Sunday but given the majority of the touches. Forsett scored a touchdown and made the best of what he was given a chance to do. He deserves to be the starter there and I will be surprised if Mora doesn’t realize that. In Keeper Leagues in particular he’s a great acquisition.

Worth Grabbing in Free Agency (after Waivers clears)

Willie Parker – Rashard Mendenhall had a “slight” injury but the team claims he’ll be good to go for Thursday’s game. Even so we’re looking at a short week here so there’s less time for him to heal up. If for some reason he can’t play, or if he does an aggravates his injury Willie Parker will be ready to step in as the feature back.

Lex Hilliard – Still hasn’t had the type of production I’d anticipated being the second fiddle in a run happy scheme but that wouldn’t discourage me from stashing him. Ricky Williams does have a lot of miles on him so the odds of injury are high.

Maurice Morris – Still one of my favorite stashes in case Kevin Smith goes down. This offense is legit with Stafford and Johnson in the lineup.

Chris Jennings – He didn’t get nearly the number of opportunities I’d anticipated and Jerome Harrison’s cemented his role as the primary back in Cleveland. Jennings is still a great stash on your bench in case the situation changes.

Darren McFaddenJustin Fargas is still getting most of the touches in Oakland but McFadden’s talent could shine through in the final few weeks. Brad Gradkowski’s got the offense looking respectable again so it might be safe to own Raider’s now.

Quinton Ganther – I had this no name on here last week as a deep stash but the surprising number of touches he got on Sunday warrants him moving in to this category. Rock Cartwright just hasn’t done as much with his opportunity as I assumed. Who knows, Ganther might sneak his way in as the top dog by season’s end.

Deep Sleepers/Stashes (Drop your Snuggies to pick them up)

Kenneth Darby – Steven Jackson suffered from back spasms again last week but played and was productive. Any time a running back is battling injuries the value of his backup instantly goes up. You never know…

Kahlil Bell – It’s obvious that carrying the entire workload at running back is taking a toll on Forte and his production. I doubt Lovie Smith will smarten up and start giving Bell a decent number of touches. He is an explosive player though and certainly worth hanging on to in case something changes.

Tyrell Sutton – DeAngelo Williams was a surprise inactive on Sunday. One would assume that he’ll be back in action shortly but you never know. Sutton’s a great guy to own if that happens.

Rashad JenningsThe Jaguars don’t really split the touches so should something happen to MJD expect Jennings to be the work horse. Given his lack of touches this season he should be able to handle it.

Ryan Moats – Slaton should be back this week but in deeper leagues you could do worse than stash Moats. Coach Kubiak benched Slaton earlier in the season because he was fumbling so there’s a chance he could lose his job.

Brandon Jackson – If Ryan Grant gets injured Jackson will be the man in Green Bay, particularly in passing situations. So in PPR he’s obviously more valuable.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Should I pick up Harrison or Moreno for this week in a PPR? And if Forsett gets named the starter would you go with him over those two?

  2. Jimbo says:

    Also, Rivers or Big Ben this week?

  3. Harley says:

    .5 ppr league, this week only (pick 2): Maclin, Cotchery, Crabtree, Avant, Antonio Bryant (vs. Revis)?

    Is Pittsburgh Def. still a must-start with how they have been playing, @ Cle?

    .5 ppr (for rb) 1 ppr (for wr), this week only (pick 2): Forsett, Beanie, Derrick Mason, Crabtree, Bowe (not sure if he is back)?


  4. dandle lion says:

    Barely into the playoffs. Flex spot and and three WRs to fill.

    THE UNDER ACHIEVER CREW: (3 WRs and 1 flex)
    S.Smith (Car)
    G. Jennings
    T. Owens
    S. Moss (v. Oak so I say no)

    And…wait for it…Jerome Harrison!!! Against Pitt!!!

    On the waiver: Plaxico Burress and similarly valuable players. Actually Meachem is still there and so is Sammy Morris.

    Anyone with some good ideas? I think Smith and Jennings are a “lock” (not that there are good or anything). Beyond that…I’m lost.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  5. ThePoonTycoon says:

    stick with DEN D @ IND or pick up WASH D @ OAK?

    also, ryan grant (@ CHI) over frank gore (v. ARI) this week?

  6. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @dandle lion: pick up meachem for chambers asap and then start meachem

  7. ThePoonTycoon says:

    also, for all my fellow witten sufferers, SD has one of the worst Ds v. the TE, so i am hoping last weeks catches and this week’s opponents leads to a big game.

  8. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    So, I earned a bye next week, and I’m thinking ahead for my Week 14 and 15 playoff matchups….and I noticed Arizona’s defense get Detroit and then St. Louis in Weeks 14 and 15. That’s got to be just about the best 2 matchups for any single defense in the playoffs, right?

    Think I’m going to pass on Denver (was going to be my pickup) and drop Dallas for ‘Zona.

  9. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Jimbo: Harrison, but if Forsett starts I’d definitely go with him (especially in a PPR league). Rivers over Roethlisberger.

    @Harley: Depends on injury news (ie, if DeSean Jackson comes back), but I’d lean Maclin and Cotchery.

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’d lean Denver over Washington but it’s hard to say. Suddenly Oakland’s offense is frisky, that’d worry me. Yeah, I might go Grant over Gore (Arizona defense looked tough), but check again with Drew’s RB post on Friday.

  10. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @mgeoffriau: Eh, was looking at something wrong…Arizona gets SF and then St. Louis. Hmm…

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @mgeoffriau: Geez, now I’ve got myself all mixed up. Arizona gets: Week 14 SF (my bye), Week 15 Detroit, Week 16 St. Louis.

  12. Smashin Pumpkins says:

    I agree with the ‘Zona Def. I picked them up last week hoping I make the playoffs. They get St Louis and Detroit for Week 15 and 16.
    Please help me with this difficult decision for a MUST WIN. Devone Bess, Devin Thomas, or Kevin Walter as WR 3 in PPR? Any input would be appreciated.

  13. stumanji says:

    I own Maroney so I want to pick up Sammy Morris. Who should I drop between Snelling, Norwood, and C. Jennings in a .5 PPR league?

    I have a Bye next week.

  14. dandle lion says:

    Thanks Poon!

    Harrison at Pitt is just too intimidating…

  15. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Smashin Pumpkins: Walter

    @stumanji: is it a Keeper league? I’d say Jennings

  16. Josh says:

    thinking weeks 15 and 16 here in particular – drop Bradshaw or Mike Bell for Harrison?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Josh: I’d drop Bell for him

  18. Drew says:

    Pick 2, .5/reception

    LT, Benson, Pierre, Maroney, Taylor, (Harrison – pending #3 Waiver Claim)

    Also, Roy Williams or Kenny Britt as my WR3?

  19. Jimbo says:

    So, got a bit of conundrum at Wideout. Need to pick 3 in a PPR. I have Roddy, Marshall, Driver, Simms-Walker and Sid Rice. What’s a man to do. Semi-final game here. A win and it’s payday.

  20. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Drew: LT, Pierre

    @Jimbo: Marshall, Driver

  21. Drew

    Drew says:

    Forward all further questions to newest post!

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