Did you see “The Wizard” with Fred Savage? It’s this cheesy early 90’s movie with a climactic Nintendo showdown. Mario Brothers III was unveiled at the end. It was like, the future or something. I remember being so pumped about that game. In fact if you weren’t pumped about Mario Brothers III then I hate your face.

As I discussed last week “Sleeper Math” is changing with the season and will now focus on the best players to roster (mostly RB’s). It’s not easy to unearth diamonds in the rough this time of year but I’m up for the challenge. Waive goodbye to your backup Tight Ends, Quarterbacks, and marginal Team Defenses and say hello to no name running backs who might just win you a title (and be a ridiculously good keeper for next season).

Worth a Waiver Claim

Fred Jackson – Probably not available but get him if you can. Marshawn Lynch left Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury. Not sure what that means going forward other than Jackson’s value just shot up.

Rock Cartwright – No, I’m not talking about return yard leagues here people. Portis and Betts are ruled out for next week. There’s an outside chance that Cartwright could wind up starting for the rest of the season. In the meantime he’s going to get all the touches out of the backfield because he’s all there is.

Bernard Scott – He shouldn’t be on waivers but a lot of you out there have boneheads in your league. Clearly if he’s still available you should claim him. It’s unclear whether Benson will play this week against Cleveland.

Worth Grabbing in Free Agency (after Waivers clear)

Danny Ware – Jacobs got injured on Sunday. It’s tough to say what the extent of it will be. Regardless Ware is an excellent stash right now. He could  be a big surprise to close out the season.

Brandon Gibson – Jones will be taking an extensive look at him in his Targets article tomorrow. He is getting the ball thrown A TON to him.

Maurice Morris – Kevin Smith had a good game but Morris is still worth stashing because he’s talented and Smith’s been injured this season.

Chris Jennings – He had just under 10 points in PPR this week. It’s miraculous that Jamal Lewis is still out there. If he gets hurt Jennings could find his way in to your starting lineup.

Lex Hilliard – I thought he’d get more touches in his first outing but I’m sure he’ll get more involved in the offense. Miami’s offense can easily support two productive running backs (as they’ve shown all season).

Mohamed Massoquoi – He’s probably not available in your league. If he is on Waivers I wouldn’t put a claim on him, personally. I do think he could be useful toward the end of the season but you shouldn’t need to slide him in there as a starter.

Darren MacFadden – I’m not that excited about him but if he’s a free agent I’d throw him on your bench and wait to see if he does anything.

Deep Sleepers/Stashes (Drop your Snuggies to pick them up)

Tyrell Sutton – He is drawing a lot of praise in Carolina. Unfortunately that backfield is really packed right now. If either Williams or Stewart goes down he could put up useful digits though- keep your eyes open.

Rashad JenningsNot going to be a factor unless Maurice Jones-Drew gets hurt. If that happens, however, you’ll be glad you own Rashad Jennings.

Ryan Moats – It’s evident now that Slaton’s won his starting job back. Moats has once again become a stash. The good part is he showed that he can be productive when given an opportunity.

Jerious Norwood – I guess we’re just going to wait forever for him to get healthy. With Turner still out (more than likely) you could do worse than stashing Norwood just in case.

Brandon Jackson – Just when you think he’s irrelevant again… Jackson had 6 catches for 65 yards on Sunday (he’s a running back, not a receiver). If Ryan Grant goes down to injury he could be valuable. For obvious reasons he’s a better stash in PPR leagues.

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  1. matthole says:

    Sure, Brandon Gibson’s been getting tons of targets the past 2 weeks, 17 this past week…..but I believe that Bulger is out 3-6 weeks and that could change things….

    Also, I didnt see Ryan Moats much at all yday…..saw Chris Brown getting the majority of carries……

    And if Rock Cartwrights to be named starting RB…..do you see him being effective? do you see him more as an RB2 or barely even a flex play?

  2. Guy says:

    Brian Westbrook was dropped and is now an available FA. Is he a better stash than many of these guys? Current RB’s are Mendenhall, Charles, Forsett, Buckhalter, Greene, C Jennings.

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @matthole: the Bulger injury could be a game changer but you can’t ignore the targets completely. He’s worthy of stashing in super deep leagues. Moats wasn’t really involved at all but again the category is deep sleepers. Cartwright is going to be a solid flex play. It’s all about opportunities- there’s rarely a drop in production when teams switch RB’s.

    @Guy: I would definitely pick him up. You are pretty set at RB so the guy I’d probably drop is Buckhalter (I’d rather have Greene & Jennings b/c the upside is higher).

  4. Donruss says:

    What do you think about Justin Forsett this week against the Rams? The only concern I have is Julius Jones is slated to practice this week and that has me a bit worried. If no Jones, this is a no-brainer. My other backs are Forte, Ryan Grant, Rock Cartwright (if he clears to me through waivers), and Pierre Thomas.

  5. Jo says:

    don’t you think Matt Leinart is worth a waiver claim… esp. for those of us in 2 QB leagues who have been sport starting? I like the outside chance that he learned something sitting behind Warner and he has the best playoff matchups of anyone…

  6. Jo says:

    does anyone know where I can get split stats on how players do in different temperatures? My hypothesis is that, since Mark Sanchez is from S.D. then played for USC he is a warm weather player. It also seems that he’s gone down hill as these storms have begun moving in.

  7. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Donruss: it looks like Forsett’s going to be the starter. I absolutely love him in this game (in Yahoo he’s one of the top projected backs for this week).

    @Jo: I do think Matt Leinart’s worth a waiver claim in 2 QB leagues. Without a better idea of whether Warner’s out or not it’s tough for me to endorse grabbing him in standard leagues. If Warner’s going to miss a week or so we’ll definitely be encouraging people to pick him up.

    @Jo: Can’t help you with the weather thing

  8. Dingo says:

    So who makes a better playoff QB snuggy stash (in a 2-QB league): Quinn or Young? Or Leinart?

  9. Jo says:

    i’m in the unfortunate situation of not being able to trade one of my stud running backs so I need to decide who to start this week out of All Day, C.J, and Ricky Puff Puff Pass Williams. I can only start 2

  10. Josh says:

    ah, The Wizard. also famous for featuring Jenny Lewis, in the days before she was a smoking hot indie-rock chick.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dingo: Young is least likely to give you zilch with his ability to run. Leinart has the most upside with Cardinals offense.

    @Jo: Gotta stick with the 2 best RB’s in the game. CJ/AP

    @Josh: Saw her last year here in Chicago. She is quite fetching! And good!

  12. unstopabull says:

    Who for WR3 this week?

    Austin, Nicks, Meachum. I have Colston BTW.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @unstopabull: I like Austin

  14. Dad says:

    @Drew: @Doc: In a non-PPR would you trade away Kevin Smith & Steve Smith (NYG) for Gore?

    If not Steve Smith, i have R Moss, Sims-Walker, Harvin, TO to sub in trade. Thanks guys.

  15. hideousmutants says:

    I’ve started Schaub all year but Palmer is tempting this week against the Browns with Schaub home against Indy. thoughts?

  16. Bofum says:

    San Diego or San Fran

  17. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Dad: No I wouldn’t

    @hideousmutants: I’d go with Palmer

    @Bofum: San Diego

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