Good morning Razzballia!  First off, I’d like to give ya’ll my thanks for reading and supporting the site and talking fantasy football with me as if I’m not the biggest dork this side of Clay Aiken.  It is nice getting three games on this, the holiest of turkey days.  I am already stuffed from the continuous pre-grazing on a cornucopia of gastronomic delights.  This post will probably be short since purging is in my near future.

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With this short week before today’s three games it’s been hard to gauge injuries.  It kind of sucks needing to choose between players going Thursday and Sunday.  But that is the burden we bear!

Jahvid Best: He is listed as probable, but if you haven’t dropped him all the way off your team, you should drop him to your bench at least.  I need to hear much more promising reports before I think about starting him.

Tony Scheffler: He is almost certainly out which is great news for Pettigrew and Lord Voldemort (who is that? Shaun Hill?)

Reggie Bush: Payton and company are being hush hush regarding Bush’s playing status.  Hes practiced, but Payton says he won’t play him unless he is 100%  The only good thing about that is we should be able to throw him out there if he plays.

Jeremy Shockey: He should be a game time decision like Bush, so playing Jimmy Graham just got a little riskier.

Felix Jones: He was limited in practice on Wednesday and will be a game time decision.  I would rather not risk it unless you have no other options.  If he doesn’t go, Marion Barber will get the start with Tashard Choice getting more work.  It isn’t the greatest fantasy situation in the world.

Tom Brady: He is listed as questionable which means little to nothing. He’ll play.

Pierre Thomas: He practiced on Monday, but then hasn’t practiced since.  The Saints beat reporters are assuming there was a setback.  We’ll just have to proceed in wait and see mode for now.

Owen Daniels: It isn’t looking great for OD which is good for JD.  Dreesen will have a nice matchup if Daniels doesn’t go.

Jonathan Stewart: Mike Goodson has earned some playing time, but Every Other-Daily Show should get the start which will hurt both their values.

Brandon Marshall: His injury looks like it will keep him out this week and possibly next week.  He’s been a disappointment to say the least.  This would make Davone Bess and Brian Hartline the starters and probably give Hartline a good chance at being fantasy worthy.

Mike Williams (SEA): It’s not looking good for him to play this week.  We don’t really have much of a timetable though.

Patrick Crayton: The return of Vincent Jackson was already hurting him, but wrist surgery hurts him more.  He hasn’t been put on IR yet, but you should put him on TC.  (The Curb)

Joseph Addai: He plays Sunday night and looks like he will be a game time decision.  I would play it safe and bench him, but this also makes Donald Brown a little riskier.

Zach Miller: He is practicing, but probably needs to be off his foot instead.  I’m not really sure what to do with him.  He’ll probably go again this week, but he will probably be less than 100%.  I may start looking for better options.

C.J. Spiller: I hesitate to even mention him here since that indicates he may be startable at some point.  He has an outside shot at playing this weekend, but of course you wouldn’t even consider playing him against Pittsburgh.  He should be on your waiver wire.

Malcom Floyd: He had a hammy setback (he didn’t want the kids getting into it and he is a pork fiend at the Thanksgiving table).  Keep an eye on this, if he doesn’t go, that is Crayton and him both out which will make for some interesting discussions around the fake football fire.

Ryan Mathews: He’s still not practicing.  Talk about a wasted pick.  Hopefully you have Mike Tolbert to pick up the slack.

Chad Henne: There is a chance he will play this weekend.  That’s a long ways from the catastrophic knee injury we were hearing tales of.

Andre Johnson: Finally some good news; AJ practiced in full and looks 100ish%  Hopefully he can have a run at the end of this season like he did last year.

Ben Watson: He didn’t practice and could miss this week.  For those in 2TE leagues, Evan Moore would make a decent pickup.

Ahmad Bradshaw: Due to his fumbling he has been demoted behind Brandon Jacobs.  How much of this “demotion” is for show and how much is fo reals yo, is hard to tell.  The Giants will need to run with half of their receivers playing extras on The Walking Dead, so don’t bench him automatically, but do temper expectations.

Tony Romo: Dallas is now saying Week 16 for a possible return.  Who frickin knows?  I had a waiver claim in on him and dropped it.  Good thing too, he wasn’t claimed.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How stupid would I have to be to start Keiland, Goodson and Blount over Bradshaw? Also, Kitna or Ryan? Why is everyone so up in arms against Ryan when Kitna is facing the Saints, the second best passing defense in the league, especially with Ryan at home, where he never loses?

  2. Wilsonian says:

    1) start Dreesen over Cooley?

    2) 0.5 ppr – pick one: Austin, Ward, Blount, Mo Morris?

    3) Freeman or Fitz for the rest of the year? I have Cutler and Fitz right now.

  3. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league who do ya like? boss, h. miller, dreesen or j graham?

    happy thanksgiving!

  4. timSTi says:

    Doc, .5 ppr. Need one for a flex:

    Blair White, Beanie Wells, Mike Goodson, Lee Evans, or Donald Brown

    Thanks! Happy Turkey day.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: oops, add Blair White into the pool with Austin, Ward, Blount and Mo Morris.

  6. TheTinDoor

    JTin says:

    Have 3 guys for 2 spots…bradshaw, Tomlinson, colston. Thoughts?

  7. djbooyah20 says:

    Need a flex player out of these guys: Felix Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Amendola, Eddie Royal, DMason, BMarsh, and Burleson ( But I have Pettigrew – Can they both do work??)

    Starting VJax, DJax, Vick, Jones-Drew, McFadden, and Pettigrew for sure. Kicker = Kundiff and Defense = NYGiants

    Thanks !

  8. TDCC says:

    In a PPR League with Bradshaw “benched” now would you start Vincent Jackson in the Flex over him?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anonymous: Green Bay has given up a total of 9 TDs and had 15 INTs against QBs this season. Ryan could win and still throw for one TD. Kitna could easily be in a shootout and NO. Ryan is safer not to throw up a crapper, but Kitna has more upside.

    I wouldn’t play Goodson over Bradshaw with JStew coming back.

    @Wilsonian: Cooley, Blount, Fitz

    @herschel: Dreessen or Boss. Depends on OD. Happy Turkey Day!

    @timSTi: White — Gobbledy Gobble

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @JTin: Colston/LT

    @TDCC: I’m gonna say yes, but I’m afeared

  11. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    I own Hernandez. Pick up Dressen or Jimmy Graham instead? Dressen is ranked the highest of the three but I’m facing Brees this week.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Commish Cauda: I’m feeling a little better about AHer. He is still risky with Gronk around of course. But not knowing what OD/Shockey are going to do I could see going AHer

  13. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks as always for the help! Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe if we go around the table tomorrow to say what we’re thankful for, I should make sure to say “I’m thankful for Doc and his fake football advice!”

  14. emceeperiod says:


    OK, I’ve got Bradshaw in PPR. Got Torain and Felix on the bench. Got PT sitting on waivers right now. Do I drop Torain for PT’s upside once he comes back? Normally I’d just keep my team but this Bradshaw news is scaring me just enough to want to make a move. Since Portis is done, I am still thinking Torain would be nice to hold on to just to see what happens but was wondering your opinion? I could also drop Romo for PT but I’ve been playing musical QB’s ever since Kolb got the boot and would just LOVE it if Romo could make it back for the playoffs. I’ve also got a waiver claim out on Shaun Hill, sucks that he plays tomorrow and waivers go through on Wednesday (because someone dropped him so I have to wait 3 more days…).


  15. emceeperiod says:

    …or do I do the same thing with the Daily Show, who is also sitting on waivers?

  16. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Whats your thoughts on the risk of starting Vernon Davis with his injured ankle….Im in a league that heavily weighs points scored as a component in the standings…would you start him with him confidence (and he plays MNF too) or would you look elsewhere like boss, heap or dreesens for a safer option. Last week he screwed me with 0.90 pts…… (.5ppr)

    Also, whod you start as WR3 and flex? (.5ppr):Holmes, Woodhead, Crabtree, Mike Thomas and (BJGE)? Ideally id like to take advantage of both woodhead and BJGE vs DET, but thats only possible if id start woodhead over holmes for WR3 and that could be getting too cute since holmes is on a tear

    Again I need to score as many points as possible too in a .5ppr league

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

  17. Max says:

    Santonio Holmes or Sidney Rice at FLEX?

    Tom Brady or Shaun Hill at QB?

  18. luckysevens says:

    Happy Turkey Day Doc! I’ve got Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs on my PPR league squad and to make a long story short one of my RB slots has to go to one of these guys this week. I know, what a cluster. Based on the news that Jacobs is now ‘starting’, which of these two guys would you play?

  19. Chris says:

    Trade help on turkey day. In first place with McNabb and S Hill as my QB. This is a keeper league and sub 500 team is offering my Schaub, Cadalic Williams and J. James rb from the colts for S Hill, Keiland Williams and Ryan Torian. I do have Mendenhall, Blount and Shone Greene as my other RB’s. I know Hill has been a fantasy beast over the past few weeks but Schaub is a legit number 1. Should i pull the trigger on this trade.

  20. 24hourjack says:

    doc(and/or anyone else)….non PPR league,I was offered Reggie Bush for Dez Bryant….

    I need RB help,and w/out Bryant I would still be left with….

    Reggie Wayne
    Mike Williams(TB)
    Percy Harvin
    Johnny Knox
    Nate Burleson

    tommorow is the trade deadline,and I dont want to make a panic move,but….I’m definitely starting to PANIC!!

  21. 24hourjack says:

    one more question….

    in a PPR league,who’s the best start at flex?….

    Jacobs-the new “number one” RB for the Giants




  22. elwood blues says:

    I’m having a tough time deciding on my 3WR..

    the off-and-on Crabtree vs. a crappy ARI D..
    or Gibson vs. a Den secondary that has been torched lately.

  23. D.A. says:

    Meachem, Haggans or SS (.5 ppr)

    Felix, D. Brown or Beanie (.5 ppr)

    Z. Miller, Boss or Dreesen (.5 ppr)

  24. Chris says:

    Need a flex play, non-ppr:
    Crabtree, Ocho-Cinco, James Jones, M. Morris or Lynch.
    Also would you play Morris or Lynch ahead of Ronnie Brown?

  25. D.A. says:

    Also, Big Ben or Shaun Hill (.5/completion, 1/20 yds, 4/Td, -2/INT, +5/ >350 yds)

  26. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Looks like Fred Taylor will be active; does that negatively effect BJGE and/or woodhead?

  27. agarthered says:

    Chris Ivory or Donald Brown for my flex?

    Im leaning towards Ivory..

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @D.A.: Ben

    @Chris: I’d stick with Brown. Crabtree.

    @D.A.: Hagan, Felix if he goes, Dreesen if no OD

    @elwood blues: I like Crabs

    @24hourjack: I like Woodhead in PPR

    @24hourjack: In Non PPR I wouldn’t want Reggie

    @luckysevens: I’d still lean Bradshaw. Happy T-Day!

    @Max: Holmes/Brady

    @timmy riggins: I’d plug VD in for now. Holmes/BJGE

    @emceeperiod: Not sure I trust PT to come back soon. I’d hold off on him for now.

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @agarthered: Go with your gut.

  30. Damion says:

    SF D or Oak D?

  31. FlyinHawiianPizza says:

    WR3: Crabtree, Hagan, Blair White or Mason?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I like both. Probably go with SF

  33. Joel says:

    DOc: Happy Thanksgiving! Bradshaw is killing me. Q: for ros, would yourather have Ryan Torain or Maurice Morris based on his performance so far today? My RBs are Foster, Gore, Bradshaw,Blount and Torain. I’m asuming Gore’ll get hurt at some point, ansd I’m assuming Torain will come back at some point soon. should I cut him for Morris though?

  34. Emily says:

    Please help me with my problem today: Flacco or Orton?

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I think Morris is a little safer than Torain and his injury proneness. Happy T-Day!

  36. Tony D says:

    Should I start Jamaal Charles or Keiland Williams in my flex position and why?

  37. D Magic says:

    Pick two WR to start for this week: Hines Ward (@ Buf), Steve Breaston (vs SF), Sidney Rice (@Was), Derek Hagan (vs Jax)

  38. D Magic says:

    Should I start Jamaal Charles @ SEA or Keiland Williams vs MIN for my flex position?

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