And to think…nobody thought…this would last…*awkward kiss*.  It’s with a sad heart and partially destroyed liver I come to you today with this post to end all posts.  Unfortunately I need to step down from being the head watchman over Razzball Football because as the kids say, ‘reality hits you hard, bro’.  Not to get into crazy specifics but my wife and I are trying to sell a home, which means projects, which means time, which means my time which means here I am telling you I just can’t fathom the next few months dedicating myself to doing a good job here and on the home front.  It was a difficult decision but in the end it really came down to one thing: y’all don’t put out but my wife does!  Well, sometimes…when she doesn’t have a headache…or is drunk and thinks I’m Brad Pitt.  I’ve had an amazing run as the lead football guy here at Razzball but the Fantasy Gods divined it so that I need to hand over the reigns to the only other man I know that has beaten Grey over on the baseball side in a baby oil wrestling match besides myself.  I’m talking of none other than @Jaywrong himself, of course.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a more knowledgeable, sexier Korishman in my lifetime, truth be told.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever met another Korishman period and I haven’t ever REALLY met Jaywrong either but his snapchats with me seem legit.  Why could I be attracted to Ariel as a kid but now I have to feel like a perv?  Damn cartoons, ya never age!  But of course, I’m getting myself off course.  I’m here to give my emotional send off speech so here it is.  I will still be around the Razzball world but in a limited capacity.  In fact, I’ve already produced a couple of Deep League Thoughts posts for you over on the Fantasy Baseball side if you’re into that sort of thing and I will still have some kind of writing going on here as well but you may not see me until the Fall.  But by then, you’ll probably already have forgotten.  I will remember you, but will you still remember me?  Here’s where I’d tell you not to let your life pass you by but you play fantasy sports like I do so…too late!  In truth, it was a fantastic voyage into the fantasy football world and I appreciate any and all of you who were there with me for the ride and I’m sorry for those who lost your appendages.  The sign clearly said keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times, people!  If you didn’t already know, or can’t already tell, I’m bad at goodbyes so lets just hug this out and be done with it…there…ok, that’s good…yup, we’re done here…seriously, I’m getting uncomfortable…someone dial 911…



Sky Sperling is a contributor for Razzball Football and Razzball Baseball. He’s also a lover of fine beer, fine women and fine-toothed combs. You can follow him on twitter @Sky_Razzball and in your most sweetest of dreams.