There have been some great inventions by humankind over the course of our existence: architecture, electricity, the Instant Pot, the air fryer, and the internet to name a few. And with the invention of the internet, came the RCL. Perhaps the greatest reader vs. reader vs. contributor fantasy football tournament on the web. 

“What is so great about RCLs?” Rabbitfoot69 might be asking. Well Rabbitfoot69, the best part is that anyone and everyone can join a Razzball Commenter League. You can invite your grandparents and their entire nursing home INCLUDING the staff. You can invite your co-worker Jeff (after he runs it by the ol’ lady), your cousin Steve, your 13 year-old nephew, your bank teller Janice. ANYONE. You can even invite Tehol if he has time in between yoga sessions in his castle up in the Washington. Come back Tehol!

The format this year? Ohhhh, the format this year! We have gotten rid of the kicker and defense/special teams and added two flex spots. That makes 3 flex spots. What?! “What’s the 3rd flex spot?” I was getting to that, Rabbitfoot69. The 3rd flex spot is a SUPERFLEX. If you don’t know what a superflex is, it is a flex spot that you can slot any position in including a quarterback! That will throw a wrench in some draft strategies. How many quarterbacks are people going to draft? Two? Three? Ten? Zero? No quarterback in a superflex league.. Interesting..

The prizes this year could be our most exciting yet. Have you heard of the RazzBowl? The exclusive tournament that took fantasy football twitter by storm? We are giving away TEN spots to the 2020 RazzBowl to the top 10 finishers in the RCLs. You can win a spot by winning your league and scoring a lot of points as a tie-breaker. The overall winner will get their choice of a Razzball tee shirt from our Rotowear collection AND a RazzBowl spot. With that said, let’s fill these up! Sign ups are below. 

RCL Leagues: