Sunday 1 PM games

Tampa Bay (32nd) @ Atlanta (24th)

Coach Morris said that Ernest Graham’s role will increase in the offense. This is terrible news for Cadillac and Ward owners. The uncertainty of the touch splitting renders all three of them irrelevant. Even though this is a decent matchup I’d only start Williams and Ward if you absolutely have to (Graham should be on your bench or not owned at all).

Buccaneers: Williams -1, Ward -1, Graham +1

Turner might actually end up playing this week (he’s a game time decision). If he does play he’ll probably get the start and you have to put him in your lineup because of the matchup. Snelling is a little trickier. If Turner’s ruled out Snelling becomes an enthusiastic start. If Turner plays Snelling’s still tempting to start but I wouldn’t do so enthusiastically. Norwood’s supposed to play but he’s nothing more than a stash right now.

Falcons: Turner 0, Snelling +2, Norwood 0

Washington (25th) @ Philadelphia (10th)

Rock Cartwright’s actually done a nice job when he’s been in there. The Eagles have a good defense but I’d still start him and feel good about it. There are a few guys behind him right now but they aren’t important enough to talk about until after this game when we have a better idea of how they’re divvying things up.

Redskins: Cartwright 0

McCoy hasn’t had the huge games I expected of him since he’s become the main man in Philadelphia. This is an ideal matchup for him to put up those types of numbers. Westbrook is supposed to be back in a couple weeks but right now all you can do is stash him on your bench and hope for the best.

Eagles: McCoy +3

Carolina (26th) @ New York Jets (16th)

DeAngelo Williams’ injury concerns seem to have passed. Consider him stud material regardless of opponent from here on out. Jonathon Stewart is the guy who will really suffer if the Panthers run game gets bogged down. I still really love Tyrell Sutton as a stash in deeper leagues. For this week I give Williams a neutral matchup rating and Stewart just below average.

Panthers: Williams +1, Stewart -1

You have to love this matchup for Thomas Jones. In deeper leagues Shonn Greene could warrant a flex start if you don’t have better options. There have been a lot of rumors that Jones is going to get re-signed for next year. This would ruin Greene’s value as a Keeper which is what we’ve all been looking forward to.

Jets: Jones +4, Greene +2

Seattle (15th) @ St. Louis (28th)

It sounds like Julius Jones might actually play this weekend which is disheartening to Justin Forsett stashers such as myself; it sort of ruins the allure of the matchup with the Rams this weekend. If I owned Julius Jones I’m not sure how enthusiastic I’d be about starting him (do it if you need to). Forsett’s a little more alluring start in PPR because you have to envision him getting the passing down looks regardless.

Seahawks: Jones 0, Forsett 0

Ummm…. Does it really matter who they’re facing? If I had something clever or informative to say I would.

Rams: Jackson 0

Miami (12th) @ Buffalo (31st)

Ricky Williams is poised for another huge game but there’s nothing surprising about that. This could be the breakout game for Lex Hilliard. If you were cagey enough to pick him up I think you’ll reap the rewards relatively soon. I’d start him over a lot of other spellbacks so don’t be too timid about putting him in your lineup in deeper formats.

Dolphins: Williams +4, Hilliard+3

Marshawn Lynch may not play this Sunday- it’s still up in the air. If that’s the case Fred Jackson instantly becomes starter material. Lynch hasn’t been nearly as productive as expected lately so if he is declared active be cautious about starting him.

Bills: Lynch -2, Jackson 0

Cleveland (29th) @ Cincinnati (2nd)

Jamal Lewis may or may not play against Cincinnati. I wouldn’t start him either way. Chris Jennings is a spectacular stash for the last few weeks of the season but leave him on the bench for now.

Browns:  Lewis -3, Jennings -4

Cedric Benson is creating a conundrum for both himself and Bernard Scott. Earlier in the week there were a lot of reports that Benson was going to play after all. As I write this the news has become a lot more pessimistic. Keep an eye on the injury reports. If he’s active you have to play him with this matchup. If he’s inactive and you own Scott then start him. If Benson’s active I wouldn’t play Scott.

Bengals: Benson -1, Scott +1

Indianapolis (13th) @ Houston (22nd)

Donald Brown’s shoulder bothered him during the Patriots game. He only carried the ball four times for ten yards. I would leave him on the bench this week in case his workload is limited again. This has to boost Joseph Addai’s projected production- could be a monster week for him. The favorable matchup with Houston helps also.

Colts: Addai +4, Brown -2

Make up your mind Gary Kubiak!!! So let me get this straight- Slaton is fumbling so you put Moats in. Moats dominates and plays well. Then you give him no touches and instead Chris Brown gets all the opportunities ahead of both Slaton and Moats? I don’t feel good about any of these guys this week. Slaton is a flex option but I wouldn’t touch the other two with a ten foot pole.

Texans: Slaton -2, Brown -2, Moats -4

Sunday 4 PM games

Jacksonville (17th) @ San Francisco (6th)

Pocket Hercules sat out practice on Wednesday and there was some concern that he might be dinged up. Turns out they were just resting him coming off a heavy 29 carry workload. I still absolutely love Rashad Jennings as a stash in case the collective workload takes a toll on MJD and he gets hurt. This is a tough matchup for the Jaguars on the ground so look for them to throw it more. MJD should still get plenty of receptions but this isn’t as much of a feast for him as other matchups have been lately.

Jaguars: Jones-Drew -2, Jennings -3

Hopefully Frank Gore will stay healthy the rest of the season because if he does your Fantasy team will be tough to beat. This is slightly better than a middle of the road matchup for him. Anyone who posts start/sit questions involving Frank Gore should be kicked in the junk.

49’ers: Gore +1

Kansas City (27th) @ San Diego (21st)

It’s time for the Jamaal Charles show again. This is a great matchup for him and I see no reason why he shouldn’t be dropping 15 for you on Sunday. Yahoo has him projected for 10.81 in PPR but I think it should be way higher. Kolby Smith tweaked his ankle against the Steelers but supposedly he looked good this week in practice. He needs to stay on your bench as a stash regardless.

Chiefs: Charles +2, Smith 0

It looked like Sproles’ role would increase as the season progressed. Since LT’s come back, however, he’s had much fewer touches than anticipated. If you’re going to play him this is an ideal game to do it; but he should be no better than a flex player for you and I wouldn’t start him ahead of better options. LT is what he is- awesome to own until/unless he gets injured.

Chargers: Tomlinson +3, Sproles +2

Arizona (8th) @ Tennessee (9th)

You have to love Ken Whisenhunt because he doesn’t throw you any curveballs. You know what Wells and Hightower are going to get in terms of opportunities. The only thing that could change is Wells might see an increase in goal line opportunities. He punched one in last week but I still think they’ll feed Hightower the rock in short distance situations. Tennessee’s rush defense is only ranked this high because they are so much fun to pass against (a phenomenon I’ve discussed before). Don’t be scurred to start both Wells and Hightower.

Cardinals: Wells 0, Hightower 0

Chis Johnson does what he does. LenDale White’s not touching the ball enough for me. I’m starting to not even like him that much as a stash even if Johnson gets hurt.

Titans: Johnson -1, White -2

Chicago (23rd) @ Minnesota (3rd)

Rushing against stout defenses is not Matt’s *pinkie to mouth* forte (tribute to Grey). Unless he gets in the end zone don’t expect too much from him in this game. It could get ugly quick.

Bears: Forte -4

Adrian Peterson was limited in practice but it doesn’t seem to be anything that’s going to linger- he’s had the same “issue” in previous weeks. Chester Taylor could become a viable option for you if you need a flex player.

Vikings: Peterson +2, Taylor +2

Sunday 8 PM game

Pittsburgh (1st) @ Baltimore (5th)

Mendenhall’s a must start week in and week out since he’s basically become a feature back in Pittsburgh. This is a tough matchup for him but the yardage loss should be offset by a touchdown at some point. If you own Willie Parker you should’ve dropped him a long time ago. Time to swallow your pride and start stashing better dudes on your bench.

Steelers: Mendenhall -2

This might finally be the week where Ray Rice looks somewhat human. With Polamalu out the Steelers defense should return to the form they were in earlier in the season (good, but not great). You can’t start Willis McGahee in this game unless you’re super stuck for someone to play in a deep league.

Ravens: Rice -3, McGahee -5

Monday 8:30 PM game

New England (14th) @ New Orleans (19th)

This game should be a shootout. Sammy Morris is supposed to play and it’ll be interesting to see how many and what type of touches he takes away from Maroney. Kevin Faulk can still be your fill-in Snuggie in PPR leagues if you need him. Maroney’s clearly a must-start until he stops scoring touchdowns.

Patriots: Maroney +1, Morris 0, Faulk +1

Reggie Bush’s health seemed in question earlier in the week but reports are he’s all set to go for Monday Night. As I mentioned earlier this should be a shootout but the Saints are always projected to score big. Therefore I’m not going to upgrade any of the trio of running backs in New Orleans.

Saints: Thomas 0, Bush 0, Bell 0

  1. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Great stuff, Drew. I’m really stuck at flex this week….Snelling, Forsett, Lynch, or Maclin. It may end up being Maclin just to make sure I play someone who will start.

  2. Drew

    Drew says:

    @mgeoffriau: I’d wait and see what the injury report says. If both Turner and Julius Jones are going to play then I’d go with Maclin.

  3. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Drew: Yeah, at least they all play at 12 so I won’t have to guess before getting the inactives list. I just hope I’m around on Sunday morning in time to change my lineup. Probably going to stick Maclin in there, and then switch to either Snelling (first choice) or Forsett (second choice) depending on the injury updates.

  4. homez says:

    what do you think? PT or Scott? Im thinking PT if Benson plays and Scott if he doesnt.

  5. Drew

    Drew says:

    @mgeoffriau: good idea.

    @homez: I agree with your logic.

  6. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @Drew: So I thought I was set at flex with Forsett this week. But now Julius “why do I even deserve to start?” Jones is back, and with Mora giving him the nod, I am worried.

    Are any of these options better than taking a risk on Forsett?
    Hester, Maclin (if the waiver claim goes through tonight), JStew?

  7. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: I feel your pain; I own Forsett in all my leagues. I’m assuming it’s PPR? If so I’d feel the best about Maclin.

  8. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’m really screwed if S-Jax doesn’t play. Then I’ll be forced to put either Snelling or Forsett into my RB2 position (behind Ray Rice facing Pitt), then either Snelling, Forsett, or Maclin in at flex.

    Not a good week for me, after I benched Witten for Jermichael Finley (whoops!). At least playing Brandon Marshall over Calvin Johnson was the right decision, I just wish he’d least have snagged a TD or cracked 100 yards.

    My opponent, on the other hand, has enjoyed the performances of Miles Austin and Matt Prater already.

  9. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Pettigrew is done for the year.

  10. Drew

    Drew says:

    @mgeoffriau: that sucks but I imagine you’re doing well in the standings regardless

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Drew: 7-4, second place (same record as 1st place but 6 fewer points on the year). Kind of a weird year….started with 2 losses, then won 6 straight, then 2 more losses, then won last week. This week is in question.

  12. Jo says:

    In a non ppt which 2 should I start: Fred Jackson, maroney rock, cartright, pierre Thomas?

  13. matthew says:

    alright gentlemen i have a fun one for you
    pick 3:

    fred jax
    rock cartwright
    reggie bush
    shonn greene


  14. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @Drew: Thanks. And it’s not PPR, but I was leaning towards Maclin (if I get him) anyways. Some dude in my league dropped him for Avant. I was a bit shocked, but looking at Avant’s recent stats he has been startable. But I still think Maclin has more value. So I am trying to swoop on his shizz.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jo: I like Maroney

    @matthew: Rock, Forsett, Fred

  16. BigFan says:

    Slaton or Rock in a PPR? Thanks!

  17. Jo says:

    @doc: thanks, when r u guys gonna come out with an iPhone app????

  18. Steve says:

    What if you have Jones AND Forsett? Who then?

  19. Steve says:

    Or do you like Hilliard better than both?

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BigFan: Slaton

    @Jo: That would be cool. Any ideas?

    @Steve: T Jones

    @Steve: nah

  21. J to the IZZ says:

    Need a 2nd back and flex play, non PPR… Starting C.Johnson and
    have Forte, Stewart, Bell, Chester T, and McGahee…

    On another note, I benched Denver waiting to see if they’d resurrect (yeah, they came off like Christ this wk, “Thanks” for nothing), have NE and picked up Seattle as a last ditch facing St.Lose. Thoughts on that one?

    Lastly, Bryant or Berrian, starting Cotch? Appreciamacated…

  22. Drew

    Drew says:

    J to the IZZ: Forte. Gotta roll with Seattle. Cotchery.

  23. Jo says:

    @Doc: Yeah, an updated page that can browse articles (football & baseball) and allow me to participate in this comment board

  24. Jo says:

    @Doc: or even an advice column where people can ask fant. sports questions like they do here. I don’t know of any other apps that do that so you’d be the only one. Because of that I think that you’d be able to charge for it and make some good money for the site… the key is getting apple on board and putting it in their featured apps or on the top of their sports apps list

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jo: Interesting. We’ve thought about it, but we aren’t exactly app savvy. We’ll keep looking into it. Thanks.

  26. J to the IZZ says:

    Hey Fellas, re: 21,

    I also need a flex (non PPR) between Stewart, Bell, Chester T, and McGahee
    Obviously Taylor if AP is out, otherwise, thinkin’ Stewart?


    already starting Cotchery, lookin’ for advice between Berrian & Bryant? Probs Bernard huh


  27. Jo says:

    @doc: I’ve looked into creating apps in the past and I’ve found that there’s websites that allow you to post what your looking for and it hold a competition for people make the app. Of course, the more money you give the better app, the better projects you will attract

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