You are probably like me when it comes to fantasy football. I use logic to set my lineups during the week and act totally rational. Then Sunday comes and I’m thrown in to a tailspin of delusional schizophrenia (no offense to our schizophrenic readers) and I pre-emptively hate all my starters because I think they’re all going to tank out on me.

Next are the phone calls to a trusted advisor. You agree with everything s/he says as they logically tell you who to start. You annoy them by playing Devil’s Advocate and undermining all their suggestions. Tired of your antics they hang up the phone and you are left to quadruple and quintuple guess yourself. Then right before game time you become completely delusional and make last second replacements before your lineup locks.

We all go through this same ritual. And as the playoffs begin and finality sets in the pressure only increases and makes the process of choosing starters more torturous. One suggestion I make is that you check out the website on Sunday because we update the latest injury info and team rumors. We are also on the site answering start/sit questions until game time (and throughout for the later games). Maybe we can make your Sunday just a little more sane, logical, and successful!

Thursday 8:20 PM

Indianapolis (14th) @ Jacksonville (4th)

So far so good on the recently clinched Colts.  I really wish they’d unclinch so they’d just play all out with even their near-death players, but sadly we have to worry about who will play.  Donald Brown didn’t practice on Tuesday and I doubt they’ll push him so Addai will be the main guy again.  Mike Hart got 10 carries last week and could be in line for even more this week and even more the next.  The Jags have a tough run defense, but Addai seems to be able to get into the endzone.

Colts: Addai 0, Hart -3

The Colts did shut down Moreno last week and looked very good while doing so.  Of course that doesn’t mean you sit MJD.  He has had a little trouble going off Chris Johnson style lately, but he’s still getting into the endzone which isn’t a bad thing.

Jaguars: Jones-Drew +1

Saturday 8:20

Dallas (8th) @ New Orleans (22nd)

If you drafted Marion Barber in fantasy this season, odds are you’re not in the playoffs right now. I have a theory that there’s an NFC East conspiracy against fantasy football. Think about it for a second- Barber, Jacobs, Westbrook, Portis; all studs, all have been enormous busts this year. Anyway, back to this matchup. You are compelled to play Barber because if the Cowboys get near the goal line he’s getting the rock. They are one of the more pass happy teams near the end zone but Barber will get any available opportunities.

Cowboys: Barber 0, Jones 0, Choice 0

Speaking of highly touted running backs in the preseason that have been extremely inconsistent… Pierre Thomas is just like Barber- you can’t get away from having to start him. In PPR leagues Reggie Bush is a stud. He gets his every week in the passing game. I wouldn’t play Mike Bell if I owned him.

Saints: Thomas -2, Bush 0, Bell -2

Sunday 1 PM

Cleveland (18th) @ Kansas City (32nd)

Next stop on the running back carousel, Cleveland! So Jamal Lewis goes down and it looks like Jennings might be the guy but Harrison gets first dibs. He rips it up so Mangini decides to get Jennings involved more (someone needs to explain this logic to me) and we think he could be taking over. Then he makes a statement saying Josh Cribbs might become featured in a traditional running back role. Unless the situation in Cleveland becomes more transparent all three of these become must sits.

Browns: Harrison +1, Jennings +1, Cribbs +2

It’s great seeing Jamaal Charles in charge. We thought he’d be a great guy to own but he’s such a stud. Don’t outsmart yourself and justify sitting him in some irrational train of thought.

Chiefs: Charles +3

Houston (20th) @ St. Louis (31st)

Time for the Gary Kubiak running back shuffling experience. Foster has been named as the starter. If you were smart/lucky enough to grab him it’s going to be tough to pass on this matchup.

Texans: Foster +5, Moats +3, Brown -1

Ho hum. You can probably scratch Jackson in for 100 total yards and a touchdown. Well, maybe not a touchdown but you should be able to count on the yardage.

Rams: Jackson +1, Darby 0

Atlanta (17th) @ NY Jets (9th)

Turner should be able to play on Sunday but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. You have a player coming off injury going up against a stout defense. Yeah… I’ll pass. A lot of people will get seduced by the name and play him out of spite. He could be somewhat productive but I just don’t think it’s worth the risk. Snelling and Norwood are both fairly worthless if Turner plays.

Falcons: Turner -1, Snelling -3, Norwood -3

Thomas Jones should be his usual self. Shonn Greene was supposed to be the clear cut second fiddle but Danny Woodhead is cutting in to his touches. This situation is completely random and Shonn Greene nwo belongs on the “don’t start no matter how good the matchup is” list.

Jets: Jones +2, Greene, Woodhead 0

Miami (21st) @ Tennessee (5th)

Apparently the Dolphins would rather put the ball in Chad Henne’s hands rather than give Lex Hilliard significant touches. He is now officially dead to me. Man crushes dissolve into total anonymity in the NFL. Ricky Williams is a clear must start.

Dolphins: Williams -1

The Titans are easy to cover every week: Chris Johnson is the best player in Fantasy football and LenDale White doesn’t deserve the energy it just took me to type his name.

Titans: Johnson +1

San Francisco (12th) @ Philadelphia (10th)

As an Eagles fan I would love to pretend that their defense isn’t suspect but it is, particularly against the run. Their MO is to shut teams down or give up yards and points in bunches. Frank Gore continues to be productive and he has the potential to carry your Fantasy team in this all important playoff game.

49’ers: Gore 0

LeSean McCoy has managed to do less with more opportunity than anyone in recent memory. He is this year’s Chris Perry (those who owned this Bengals bust in 2008 know what I’m talking about). OK maybe he hasn’t been that bad but when Leonard Weaver steps in and delivers on a regular basis it’s not a compliment to your ability. Westbrook is supposed to return for this game but even if he does playing him is way too risky. Leonard Weaver isn’t really startable unless Westbrook’s out and you’re in a real deep league but he deserves to be mentioned.

Eagles: McCoy -1, Westbrook -2, Weaver 0

New England (15th) @ Buffalo (30th)

It’s astounding the number of trickster coaches there are in the NFL but Belichick deserves credit for making it vogue to be vague and mysterious. Two weeks ago he started taking touches from Maroney and giving them to Sammy Morris coming off the injury. So this past Sunday many of us avoided Maroney in case the trend continued. That didn’t happen and instead Maroney became the feature back. What’s nice this week is you’ve got a cupcake of a matchup so even if he gets less touches than you anticipate it’s a great start. I own him in multiple leagues where I have a playoff game and I’m starting him; so if you play him you won’t be the only one drinking the Kool-Aid. I can see playing Morris in deeper leagues but without getting the goal line work I’d look toward an option with higher upside.

Patriots: Maroney +4, Morris +2

Jackson received 23 carries against the Chiefs while Lynch had 14 and the majority of the short distance/goal line work. Jackson is a solid RB #2 or Flex #1 play this week. I would be more cautious with Lynch but can envision him playing in 12 team with two flex spots.

Bills: Jackson 0, Lynch -1

Arizona (23rd) @ Detroit (25th)

The Cardinals really made a mess in the 49’ers game on Monday Night Football. Hightower fumbled early (his bugaboo is ball security) and Whisenhunt started giving Wells even more touches than usual. But, as seemingly the entire Cardinals team did, Wells fumbled later on in the game. I don’t anticipate their roles changing for this week or in the future. Both of them are great starts against the Detroit this weekend. As an aside I traded Tim Hightower for T.J. Houshmandzadeh earlier in the year and thought I was so clever. Now I realize what an idiot I was.

Cardinals: Wells +4, Hightower +1

By now everyone knows that Kevin Smith’s having season ending knee surgery. If you have Maurice Morris in PPR I would start him if there’s room. I like him for double digits plus upside on Sunday.

Lions: Morris +2

Chicago (27th) @ Baltimore (16th)

I have been ripping on Lovie for some time about refusing to split up Forte’s touches and give Bell a chance to prove his mettle. What are the chances he smartens up? Not very good. Unfortunately you sort of have to start Forte but I wouldn’t feel great about relying on him to help you bring home the trophy.

Bears: Forte 0, Bell -1

Ray Rice should be an absolute monster this week against the lowly Bears. In fact I’m optimistic on both him and McGahee (I would start him in deeper leagues, non PPR especially). I have nothing too insightful on this situation, it is what it is.

Ravens: Rice +3, McGahee +2

Sunday 4 PM

Oakland (26th) @ Denver (24th)

JaMarcus Russell is taking over so the Raiders should once again be relegated to the basement of the NFL in production. Darren McFadden would be a really nice player to snag as a potential keeper for next season but I wouldn’t put him in your lineup this week under any circumstance. Justin Fargas isn’t that useful either.

Raiders: Fargas +1, McFadden 0

Correll Buckhalter is injured once again and it’s not clear whether or not he’ll play this week. Knowshon Moreno would be an even better start in that case but I love him in this contest regardless. 20 points from him wouldn’t surprise me.

Broncos: Moreno +4, Buckhalter -2 (pay attention to injury reports)

Cincinnati (6th) @ San Diego (11th)

I told all ya’ll to start Benson last week and I walked the walk myself, keeping him in my lineup last week. I’m glad I did. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year is to play your studs. The Bengals are perhaps the best run blocking team in the NFL. Put Benson in your lineup this week. Leave Larry Johnson out.

Bengals: Benson 0, Johnson -1

Don’t even think about playing Sproles this week. LaDanian Tomlinson presents a much tougher dilemma. The matchup is horrible but he’s too productive (as is his offense) to consider sitting him. You have to be pleased with what you’ve gotten out of LT considering what the outlook was earlier in the season.

Chargers: Tomlinson -2, Sproles -5

Tampa Bay (29th) @ Seattle (13th)

There was a grand total of 43 rushing yards for Williams and Ward to split between them on Sunday against the Jets. Now I realize that the Seahawks defense is nowhere near as good as New York’s but I wouldn’t even think about playing either of these players. If you’re absolutely stuck play Cadillac Williams but if your team’s that weak odds are you aren’t in the playoffs to begin with.

Buccaneers: Williams -2, Ward -3

Julius Jones was inept again this weekend. Mora split touches almost equally between him and Forsett. This is a great matchup but I’d be hesitant to start either player. If there’s an announcement at some point that Forsett will become the feature back I’d enthusiastically play him. In deep PPR leagues he could sneak in as a flex play without a change in the team depth chart.

Seahawks: Jones 0, Forsett +2

Green Bay (1st) @ Pittsburgh (7th)

It’s hard not to play Ryan Grant in this game. The Steelers have been fairly solid against the run despite their defensive decline but you have to play your studs.

Packers: Grant -2

The Steelers are basically out of the playoffs but they will finish strong and give it a shot. Rashard Mendenhall hasn’t been part of the problem. In fact the Steeler’s struggles originate from an over reliance on throwing the football and getting away from their traditional “smash mouth” mentality. If they decide to step up the rushing attack Mendenhall could be big the next two weeks.

Steelers: Mendenhall -3

Sunday 8:20 PM

Minnesota (2nd) @ Carolina (28th)

This game has huge potential for Adrian Peterson. Chester Taylor might always gets in the mix but hopefully you’re not pinning your flex start hopes on him at this point.

Vikings: Peterson +4, Taylor +3

DeAngelo Williams is going to have a tough time finding room to run against the Vikings. In addition Delhomme will be out again (although some would argue that helps the passing game) and the Vikings will probably stack up against the run. Stewart has been battling injuries and might be out for this game. Sit him regardless. You have to play Williams, he’s just too much of a stud.

Panthers: Williams -3, Stewart -5

Monday 8:30 PM

NY Giants (3rd) @ Washington (19th)

Ahmad Bradshaw had 18 targets to Jacobs 17.  Jacobs is still getting more carries and Bradshaw got more passing looks because of the shootout-y nature of the Eagles game.  Jacobs is still the guy you need to start, but as usual you aren’t going to feel great about it. Bradshaw is a flex play at best.

Giants: Jacobs 0, Bradshaw -2

Quinton Ganther awarded those who picked him up last week and the Redskins have looked better than earlier in the season.  Maybe it was a good idea to deZornify the offense! Ganther gets a much harder matchup this week, but he will still get goal line carries.

Redskins: Ganther 0

  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    “LenDale White doesn’t deserve the energy it just took me to type his name.”

    hahaha true that!

  2. tenken says:

    I have a couple of moves that I would appreciate your advice on.
    Moreno vs. LT in PPR league (was siding on reliable LT until I read this article. The Bengels’ D is no joke.)
    Foster vs. Forsett vs. McCoy (Siding on Foster but he is such a big question mark!)

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Tenken: if Buckhalter isn’t playing (he probably won’t) then you have to go with Moreno. The second situation is tricky and you’re going to have to watch the injury updates. Forsett’s not as good as the other two unless Mora says he’ll become the feature back so to me it’s really between Foster and McCoy. If Westbrook plays I would go with Foster because he’s more likely to get the bulk of the work and score a touchdown. If Westbrook doesn’t play I think McCoy’s a somewhat safer pick but Foster’s got the edge on him with upside. Check in with us on Sunday morning again and we’ll see where we’re at then.

  4. Scott says:

    So I assume you’d recommend Foster over Forsett this week?


  5. Josh says:

    so who’s most likely to go buckwild this week between Arian Foster, Chris Jennings, Josh Cribbs, Felix Jones and Maurice Morris? I’m guessing from your write-ups you think Foster?

    I’m already starting MJD, SJax and Beanie, but I want to go ahead and grab the most dangerous guy off waivers (dropping Mike Bell) in order to screw over my playoff opponent.

  6. Ian says:

    Need a RB2: Mendenhall, Fred Jackson or Barber. Could also go to the waiver wire and get Reggie Bush, Foster, Jennings, Forsett. What do you think?

  7. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Do you see Vick being a starter somewhere next year? If so, will he productive enough as a top 15 QB (fantasy wise, not real life wise obviously)? The reason I’m asking is because in my keeper league, after championship week (assuming I make it out of the semi’s), I’m thinking of dropping Garrard for Vick. Garrards salary will be over $8,000,000 and Vick’s will be just over $2,000,000. The problem is, being a 2QB league (already have Rodgers), I would be stuck with Vick going into next seasons auction (we can only draft QBs from 2 different teams). Is it worth the risk? I hope this wasn’t confusing… if it is, I’ll clarify any issues you may have, thank you.

  8. Harley says:

    Semi-finals of 24 team playoff league. I was the 15 seed, and have made the final 4, and am playing against my best friend and trusted advisor so I can’t ask for his help. .5 ppr for RB, 1 ppr for WR. Pick 5:
    -Ryan Grant vs. Pitt
    -Jamaal Charles vs. Cle
    -Justin Forsett vs. Tb
    -Chris Jennings vs. Kc
    -Beanie Wells vs. Det
    -Dwayne Bowe vs. Cle
    -Michael Crabtree vs. Phi
    -Derrick Mason vs. Chi
    -Randy Moss vs. Buf
    -Roddy White vs. NYJ

    You can use pretty much any combination (but must start at least 1 RB, and at least 2 WR).

    I am leaning towards:
    Charles, Wells, Forsett, Moss, Mason

    I don’t agree that Grant is a stud, so I don’t think I’m benching my stud. Jennings seems too risky with Harrison and Cribbs in the mix. Not sure I can start Bowe without knowing how much they will use him. Crabtree is up against a solid secondary (I’m an Eagles fans so I’m biased). And Roddy is a MUST-SIT against Revis.

    Please help

  9. Donruss says:

    I need a RB to choose from these 4 guys please. Any advice is welcome.

    SEA-Forsett vs TB
    GB-Grant vs PIT
    NO-Thomas vs DAL
    CHI-Forte vs BAL

    This is a flex play, I’m starting 4 WR and I’m loaded at that position.

  10. Donruss says:

    Forgot to mention that this is a PPR league.

  11. stumanji says:

    I have an abundance of very startable RBs (mostly thanks to Razzball advice!!!) in my PPR league. Right now I am starting Ray Rice (what a stud, I have such a man crush), LT (bad matchup!), and Maroney (sheer number of RB in NE makes me nervous, although great matchup), but I also have Foster (handed the keys to the starting spot), Ganther (sneaky good play), and Snelling (if Turner plays: useless. If Turner doesn’t play: still probably useless). I also have Cribbs, and Jennings is a FA, but I don’t think any Brown is worth flexing.

    Would you make any changes to those starting 3?

    Drop Snell-dog for Jennings anyway?

    As always, thanks for the advice. I finished 1st, 2nd, and 2nd in the regular season in my 3 leagues.

  12. Jo says:

    For the sake of my line-up, please tell me that Finely and Antonio Bryant are must starts! I have Cribbs, Britt, and Maclin incase Bryant shouldn’t be there and I can pick up Boss, Carlson, Heap, or Keller @ TE. Am I good w/ Bryant @Sea and Finely @Pit?

  13. Jim Parkey says:

    If my hunch is you’d start Moreno over Wells, would I be correct?

    Would your opinion change if Buckhalter was playing?

    Thanks man.

  14. Swass says:

    Huge dilemma. Currently have MJD, S-Jax, Beanie in a 2 RB and WR/RB flex league. I’m going to try to pick up Arian. Do I start him over Steven Jackson?

  15. Jake In Columbus says:

    Through the draft, pickups and a couple trades I think I have assembled a pretty solid team in this12-team redraft league.
    Ended up in 1st with a Bye in Week 14 with only Weeks 15 and 16 left in our playoffs.
    We award 6 FP/pass TD and 1 FP/10 return yds. for W/R so some oddball players are owned and obvious names and/or backups may not be.
    I think I know who I ought to start in Week 15 but I could use a reality check.
    Also, who should I look to grab Friday once I free up a spot?
    Thank you.

    Current Starters
    QB Matt Schaub
    WR Vincent Jackson
    WR Marques Colston
    RB Maurice Jones-Drew
    TE Brent Celek
    W/T Miles Austin
    W/R Cedric Benson
    K Garrett Hartley
    DEF Arizona

    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Chad Ochocinco
    RB Arian Foster
    RB Chris Jennings
    RB Reggie Bush
    BN DEF Seattle (a “blocking” move, dropping Friday)

    Watched Players
    RB Bernard Scott (I dropped him after the turf toe kept him off returns and LJ came on)
    RB Marion Barber (recently dropped several times)
    RB Maurice Morris (Aaron Brown now off returns too)
    RB Chester Taylor
    RB Leonard Weaver
    RB Donald Brown
    WR Greg Camarillo/Davone Bess
    WR Devin Aromashodu
    DEF Houston?
    Various lesser return guys since the prime ones got sucked up (though this role is volatile and fairly matchup dependent)

  16. Josh says:

    @Swass: ha, I have the exact same four guys as you. me, I’m starting SJax. I know he had a bad game last week, but look at Tenn’s rank vs. the run (5th) vs. his opponent this week, Houston (20th). that’s a big difference, plus you know Jackson’s getting essentially all of the carries, whereas you really can’t say for sure what Kubiak’s going to do with Moats and Brown.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Scott: I think so. It seems like Foster will get the bulk of the work.

    @Josh: Foster will be the safest claim. Cribbs has the homerun ability, but you just don’t know how much work he’ll get.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ian: For me it’s between Mendy and Barber. I like how many looks Mendy gets, but I like Barber’s matchup. Wade gave Barber the thumbs up on goal line carries after getting stuffed last week. I’m going with Mendy though.

    @Cheese: It makes sense and Vick will be competing for a starting job somewhere next year, but will he win it? I think a team needs to see a whole preseason to see if they think he’ll be able to be the guy. Of course if they give him that big money he’ll probably start anyway, but you never know. I don’t know if Garrard is worth that much, but if you have to rely on Vick as a starter I’d be wary.

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Harley: Charles and Wells are the must starts. I’m hoping Moss has something to prove, but keep an eye on the weather this time of the year. The Bills good pass D and bad weather equal a sit. I like Forsett and Mason as well. If things don’t look good for Moss I’d go with Grant.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Donruss: Forsett is my homerun pick, but the others are a little safer.

    @stumanji: Nice finishes! Congrats. I like Maroney against Buffalo and LT at home over the others. LT depends on getting into the endzone of course, but Cincy didn’t look great traveling to Oakland.

    @Jo: I love Bryant this week and Finley is good enough to start over most waiver wire schmos.

    @Jim Parkey: Moreno will be huge. If Bucky was playing it would be much closer.

    @Swass: Unless you hear that SJax has had a setback I think you have to go with him over Foster.

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jake In Columbus: I’m on board with your moves. You do need to keep an eye on Celek. They just brought a TE from the practice squad so they are hedging their bets a little as well.

  22. Jake In Columbus says:

    Thanks for the heads up Doc. Shockey and Keller are out there should I need a TE. Aromashodu could be worth tracking too if he doesn’t play like Aroma-shoe-doo this week.

  23. Matt B says:

    Some tough playoffs decisions. Please help!

    In a PPR
    1) Hines Ward vs GB, or Antonio Bryant @ SEA
    2) DST: Ravens vs CHI, Seahawks vs TB, Texans @ STL

  24. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Matt B: Bryant, Seahawks

  25. Damon says:

    Flex decision

    Robert Meachem or Derrick Mason?


  26. Jo says:

    in PPR, should I start Cribbs over Ryan grant in my flex position? I’m a little worried about grant @Pit and Cribbs looks better @KC.

  27. Harley says:

    Seattle def. vs. TB or NYG def. vs. Wash?

    Scoring counts yards allowed, points allowed, turnovers, sacks and defensive TDs.

    I am leaning towards NYG b/c I don’t think Campbell can keep this up and I think the Giants will come out firing after last week’s loss.

    I’m not confident the Seattle defense is even playable.

  28. hideousmutants says:

    How would you rank this group of RBs this week (below is the order I’ve got them in now).

    Arian Foster

  29. stumanji says:

    Some D questions:

    1) D/ST: Minny (@ Car) or ‘Zona (@ Det)? Both tasty matchups.
    2) Just D, no special teams: Chargers vs Cincy, Browns @ KC, Bills vs. NE, Falcons @ NYJ, Titans vs. Mia, Chiefs vs. Cle, Skins vs. NYG? Yikes!!!

  30. Johnny says:

    No idea how to play them this week. Got Gore set in one slot. For the two other spots, how would you rank Beanie Wells, Ryan Grant, Matt Forte, and Jerome Harrison? Thanks.

  31. The Stud says:

    2 QB League- Pick between, Roethlisberger, V. Young, the younger Manning, D. Garrard and the guy who plays catch with B. Marshall. Thanks for the advice!!

  32. Dominator says:

    Need some help with my WR’s this week… Pick 1, Pierre Garcon, Roddy White (nervous with him against Revis), and Crabtree. Alternately, I could start Shiancoe. What do you think?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damon: I like Meachem

    @Jo: Cribbs is really a boom or bust pick this week. I think Mangini will ride the hot hand and that could be Jennings or Harrison.

    @Harley: Not a fan of NYG because they can’t stop anyone in the passing game. Not a huge fan of Seattle either, but Freeman is throwing a ton of picks.

    @hideousmutants: I agree with your ranking there. I think Forsett has a higher ceiling than Mendenhall, but he’s a safer play.

    @stumanji: If Culpepper is in I like Zona. Not a great array to choose from, kind of like the Chiefs at home against the Browns, but I feel dirty saying that.

  34. charlie batch says:

    this week: jamaal charles, or addai?

  35. charlie batch says:

    also, donald driver, or mike sims-walker?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Johnny: Wells for sure, and Grant for not as sure.

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @charlie batch: Sorry about your injury. I’d go with Charles and Driver (still a little worried about MSW).

    @The Stud: Big Ben and VY if he looks like he’ll go.

    @Dominator: It’s between Garcon and Crabtree. Garcon has shown a little more stability.

  38. Fleer says:

    I could use a trusted advisor.

    Need Two in a PPR: Maroney, Wells, RBush, Garcon.

    Match ups all look shiny.

  39. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Fleer: Garcon’s definitely the odd man out. The other three are neck and neck. I would go with Maroney and Bush because they’re a lot more likely to score touchdowns.

  40. Kristina says:

    I could use a little advice here. Two out of my three RBs have extremely tough matchups. Thanks to you guys, my best waiver wire yet, Jamaal Charles is a lock but who would you you start out of Thomas and Grant. Grant has a tough matchup, but I think GB will utilize the run if McCarthy keeps his word. With Thomas, you never know what you’re going to get out of him.

    Also, do you like Vernon Davis or Jermichael Finley this week? Thanks!

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kristina: I like Davis for sure. If Bell is out I’d go with PT. Tough call, but the Steeler rush D at home will be tough to score on.

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