Here are the ingredients for a big pot of rushing yards for your fantasy team.  Mix them up and put it on the stove on Sunday.  I would add a little Goose Island and a 60 inch plasma flat screen and The Sunday Ticket and you’ll be in heaven.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia

Tampa Bay: 30th against the run

Philadelphia: 8th against the run

For the Eagles, LeSean McCoy should get more touches than Brian Westbrook coming off that ankle injury but against this Bucs defense start either player; It should be feast. This game could get out of hand early and if it does the Eagles will be looking to keep the ball on the ground and burn the clock.

Brian Westbrook +1, LeSean McCoy +1

Tampa Bay is a disaster. I don’t see how they can torch the Eagles on the ground. If they fall behind, which they probably will, they will have to keep the ball in the air.

Cadillac Williams -2, Derrick Ward -2

Oakland @ New York Giants

Oakland: 26th against the run

New York: 20th against the run

There is not a worse franchise in the NFL than the Oakland Raiders. That 7th pick they wasted on Hayward-Bey could have come in handy in patching together some semblance of run-defense, on the upside if you have either Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs they are both startable. Both should have enormous days against the disaster that is the Oakland Raiders.

Brandon Jacobs +2, Ahmad Bradshaw +2

The Giants are a lot better against the run than their statistical ranking suggests. Oakland has lost MacFadden and will have to rely on Bush and Fargas. It will be difficult for them to find any room to navigate because the Giants won’t respect their passing game (why would you?)

Michael Bush: +1, Justin Fargas: 0

Houston @ Arizona

Houston:. 29th against the run

Arizona: 6th against the run

Houston’s defense is so awful, this could finally be Beanie Wells’ breakout game. Both he and Hightower should be solid flex starts this week.

Tim Hightower +1, Beanie Wells +1

Thus far Steve Slaton has not carried the football well. Kubiak actually spoke to the media and publicly commented the job Ryan Moats did last week carrying 15 times for 56 yards. Slaton is still obviously a must-start and Moats just a Sleeper stash but it’s a situation to keep an eye on. The Cardinals had a bye so their run defense looks better than it is. They are middle of the road.

Steve Slaton +1

Washington @ Carolina

Washington: 23rd against the run

Carolina: 32nd against the run (the worst!)

Clinton Portis rattled off a 25 carry 98 yd game week 4 vs. the less than formidable Tampa Bay D. This week Washington hired Sherm Edwards as an offensive consultant but don’t expect wholesale changes. Against the league worst Panthers run-defense Portis will be big again this week.

Clinton Portis +2

The Redskins Defense is nothing special. Since they are not a very good team Carolina should be competitive and Williams might see a lot of work. Jonathan Stewart still hasn’t been that productive and I’d be careful about getting too frisky with starting this glorified goal line back.

DeAngelo Williams +1, Jonathan Stewart 0

Minnesota @ St. Louis

Minnesota: 5th against the run

St. Louis: 25th against the run

The St. Louis rams have given up 135 yards on the ground per game this season. Adrian Peterson could have that by halftime. Chester Taylor might actually also be a decent start because if the Vikings pull away Purple Jesus will probably be watching from the sidelines during junk time.

Adrian Peterson +2, Chester Taylor +2

If you watched the Monday Night game it shouldn’t take much convincing for you to downgrade Steven Jackson. It is tough to sit an elite player like him but if you’re deep at running back you may want to consider it.

Steven Jackson -2

New York Jets @ Miami

NYJ: 15th against the run

Miami: 3rd against the run

Miami’s run defense has been so stellar you might want to re-think starting Thomas Jones. Only the Ravens D is stouter against the run. Leon Washington’s status as a flex starter might also be called in to question.

Thomas Jones: -1, Leon Washington -1

With Miami’s QB situation in question they will be looking to shorten the game running Ronnie Brown wild-cat style all day long. He and Ricky Williams have been one of the best running tandems in the league thus far. We have to downgrade both of them slightly, however, because of how good the Jets defense has been.

Ronnie Brown +1, Ricky Williams -1

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Cinncinatti: 17th against the run

Baltimore: 1st against the run

Baltimore’s run defense has been the best in the league so far. This could be the part of the season where Cedric Benson goes back to being a full-time alcoholic.

Cedric Benson -2

Cincinatti’s defense seems like it should be awful but it isn’t that bad. Even so Rice and McGahee are solid starts for  you this week.

Willis McGahee 1, Ray Rice 1

Atlanta @ San Francisco

ATL: 16th against the run

SF: 4th against the run

San Francisco’s defense is legit, they held Adrian Peterson to 85 yards week 2 in Minnesota.  Think twice about starting Michael Turner if you have really good matchups otherwise.

Michael Turner -2

Atlanta’s run defense is middle of the road, maybe a little lower than that. Glen Coffee’s value shouldn’t change that much. I am really looking forward to this game, by the way.

Glen Coffee +1

New England @ Denver

New England: 12th against the run

Denver: 7th against the run

On top of the mile high city being a tough place to play for east coast teams, Denver’s new scheme has been lights out. Do not expect anything from New England’s running game. If anyone owns Sammy Morris, Laurence Maroney, Fred Taylor, or Kevin Faulk, first of all why would you? Secondly it is a total crap shoot who will get any touches.

Fred Taylor -2

Denver should be able to run on New England, especially with the threat of their passing game. The injury to Buckhalter makes him a must-sit and Moreno a candidate for a breakout game.

Knowshon Moreno +2, Correll Buckhalter -2 (probably won’t play)

Cleveland @ Buffalo

Buffalo: 27th against the run

Cleveland: Second to last against the run

For the Browns Jerome Harrison is a must-start. He has played well while Jamal Lewis has been out and I question whether he’ll even be able to get his job back.

Jerome Harrison +1, Jamal Lewis -2

These are the matchups you love to see. Buffalo’s offensive line is horrible and injured. Cleveland’s run defense is nearly the worst in the league. You have to think that Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch will be successful.

Fred Jackson +2, Marshawn Lynch +2

Dallas @ Kansas City

KC: 24th against the run

Dallas: 19th against the run

I wonder if Mike Vrabel and Joe Montana have been texting each other about how much it sucks to go from a perennial Super Bowl contender to a bad team in a forgotten city? The Cowboys should run the ball successfully. Marion Barber has been practicing fully, but still could share carries with Choice.

Marion Barber +1, Tashard Choice 0

If you own Larry Johnson you have to start him in this game. He should have a chance to get some creases and push the ball.

Larry Johnson +1, Jamal Charles (may not even play, but should)

Pittsburgh @ Detroit

Pittsburgh: 4th against the run

Detroit: 21st against the run

The Steelers have a nice matchup for their backs this week in Detroit. In addition to the weak defense they may blow the Lions out and keep the ball on the ground in the second half. Hey there Mewelde Moore!

Rashard Mendenhall +2, Mewelde Moore +2

If you have alligator blood you’ll roll Kevin Smith out there without blinking. I am not brave and would have some serious issues putting him in my line up if I had other options.

Kevin Smith -2

Jacksonville @ Seattle

Jacksonville: 14th against the run

Seattle: 22nd against the run

“Pocket Hercules” might be primed for another three touchdown game. Seattle’s defense is nothing special. By “nothing special” I mean bad.

Maurice Jones-Drew +2

This is a middle of the road start for the Seahawks ground game. I don’t see Jacksonville doing anything that special to stymie them.

Julius Jones +1

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Indy: 18th against the run

Tennessee: 9th against the run

Are the Colts running backs really even runners? Donald Brown actually looks like one. Depending on the depth of your team I could see both of these players as starts for you.

Joseph Addai +1, Donald Brown +1

Chris Johnson could break off for a big game if the Titans can stay in this one and avoid having to air it out all game. I would feel a lot less confident about reformed fatty LenDale White because he can only help you with touchdowns.

Chris Johnson +1, LenDale White -1

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    whats your thoughts on addai the rest of the year,looks to be running hard and strong(unlike grant,i watched him twice so far and he isnt hitting holes with that burst or finishing runs off hard)

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: He’s impressed me. I think he really wants to hold off Brown. But I still think Brown ends up with more looks. Yeah, Grant isn’t much, but I’d take him over Addai.

  3. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Nice work Drew! I’ve got S-Jax, Ray Rice, Jerome Harrison, and Marshawn Lynch competing for 3 spots this week. I haven’t benched S-Jax yet, but I’m think I might need to get Lynch in there against Cleveland and sit Jackson against that MIN d-line. Agree or disagree?

  4. Drew

    Drew says:

    @mgeoffriau: it seems crazy on the surface but it may not be a bad play. I wish I knew if the Bills are ready to give Lynch a lot of carries; I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

  5. unstopabull says:

    Which one should I start with MJD. Mendenhall, Harrison or Rice.? Also, Palmer or Campbell and why? Appreciate the help.

  6. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Drew: Yeah, that’s the killer….you can pretty much take it to the bank that S-Jax will get you 20 carries. The lack of TD’s is brutal though, and I’m not confident that he cracks 70 yards against MIN.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    Fred Taylor is getting ankle surgery. If you are crazy in need of a RB I’d look at Sammy Morris.

  8. Christopher says:

    I have two leagues, so I need two RBs per league:

    PPR League: Chris Johnson, Coffee or Rice
    — Right now, I have Johsnon and Coffee starting

    Std League: MJD, Ronnie Brown, Hightower, Bradshaw, McCoy
    — Right now, it’s MJD and Brown starting, though McCoy looks tempting!

  9. Atomic says:

    Which one to sit: Ronnie Brown, Chris Johnson, Rice or Slaton? I am thinking Slaton since he is in the doghouse and the only one here with an away game. He earned alot of points last week though.

  10. Fade says:

    Hey guys. I have to start one of Slaton or Coffee at Flex. I’m really torn, as one is going up against a tough rush defense (Slaton), while Caoffe has an easier matchup but did nothing in the pretty easy matchup against the Rams last week. Thoughts?

  11. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Drew: they probably wouldn’t because fred jackson looked good, so he’ll keep getting his share of touches and snaps

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Christopher: I’d stick with your original plan. To me the closest is Rice and Coffee, but Coffee should have a better game than last week.

    @Atomic: I’d sit Rice. Slaton looks like he’s back on track, hopefully!

    @Fade: I’d go with Coffee.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: They split carries evenly and Lynch had 5 receptions last game. I think with another week of practice and a bad Browns D that they will pound Lynch in there and use Jackson as a change of pace back. At worst he’ll split carries evenly and still get work in the passing game as well as getting goalline looks. I think both are a good play, but Lynch moreso.

  14. matthole says:

    Whats a fair offer for calvin johnson is .5PPR…..I also have the tendency to overpay to get the “best” player in deals: Welker and portis for Johnson; jennings and caddy/harrison for him

    Or who would you offer from this group:

    WR – Jennings, Welker, DeSean Jackson, Garcon, Rice, Massaq, nate wash
    RB – turner, Portis, Caddy, Hightower, sproles, Harrison


  15. matthole says:

    @matthole: Jennings and which RB would be fair? he badly needs RB upgrade…

    clearly id be trading jennings on a low, but the o-line look busted up Monday night and he’s getting double teamed, cause for concern? or hold tight?

    0-4 very unlucky

  16. Nick says:

    @Doc: This weekend I have Eli as my backup in for Brees on bye. I don’t really have anybody to drop to pickup a QB for this week if Eli is not playing but if I need to then N Washington (just picked up off waivers) or Crayton? I’m carrying 2 TEs H Miller in and Shockey on bye…QB’s on waivers include Orton, Garrard, Campbell, Delhomme, Collins…

  17. unstopabull says:

    @ Doc: Which one should I start with MJD. Mendenhall, Harrison or Rice.? Also, Palmer or Campbell and why? Appreciate the help

  18. pitstains says:

    2 of Moreno, SJax, Coffee, and Rice? Leaning towards Coffee and Rice, but have the feeling Moreno may get a big game this week. Thoughts? Nice write up, btw.

  19. Spaceman.Spiff says:

    Gotta start 3 of Moreno, Slaton, Mendenhall, Jerome Harrison, Beanie Wells, and Cadillac Williams. Who do I go with? 1 point per every 4 receptions in mind.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @matthole: Are these all your layers or just the ones you would be willing to trade?

    @unstopabull: Mendenhall, you could easily see a repeat of the Sunday night game. Tough one. With their matchups they are fairly even so I would go with the superior talent in Palmer.

    @pitstains: Moreno and Coffee. I usually say to play your studs, but I have a good feeling about both.

    @Spaceman.Spiff: Moreno, Slaton, Mendy

  21. matthole says:

    @Doc: thats my team….it seems solid, but ive been very unlucky (also, not producing TDs) and am 0-4 and am looking to shake things up a bit or trade 2 for 1 star….not really sure what to do with my team at 0-4

  22. Plainview says:

    I have MJD, DeAngelo Williams, Ray Rice, Marshawn Lynch and Ahmad Bradshaw – can start three. Which would you go with – I was leaning toward sitting Lynch and Bradshaw but they both have nice match ups.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @matthole: I think you need to upgrade at RB and get another solid WR. If you could trade Jennings and Portis for maybe someone like Kevin Smith and Ocho/Cotchery type? Depends on finding someone who thinks Portis has something left.

    @Plainview: Lynch, Rice, Williams — Bradshaw is in a boot again.

  24. Nick says:

    @Doc: re-up

    @Doc: This weekend I have Eli as my backup in for Brees on bye. I don’t really have anybody to drop to pickup a QB for this week if Eli is not playing but if I need to then N Washington (just picked up off waivers) or Crayton? I’m carrying 2 TEs H Miller in and Shockey on bye…QB’s on waivers include Orton, Garrard, Campbell, Delhomme, Collins…

  25. Plainview says:

    @Doc: What about MJD?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: i knew I missed one! I like Garrard.

    @Plainview: Whoops, I guess i just automatically stuck him in a starting position! MJD, Williams, Lynch

  27. ABell says:

    which three would you start?
    Deangelo W
    Ray Rice
    Ronnie Brown
    Marshawn lynch

  28. Nick says:

    @Doc: @Doc: Yeah Garrand, but drop who, N Washington, Shockey or Crayton…and would you play McCoy over Crayton, Washington, R Williams…

  29. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: i watched about 40 minutes of that till the cardinals blew it to the dodgers,not bad but it got boring

  30. hideousmutants says:

    I’m planning on starting Mendenhall over Slaton but it’s a close call. Make sense?

  31. Drew

    Drew says:

    @hideousmutants: I like Mendenhall there

  32. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: cool with a lot of luck(seriously)im 4-0 and temporarily in 2nd in the master standings,i have owens,ocho,welker,sims-walker and massaquoi,rank these guys from here till end of year please,would like to trade for a decent rb for the rb/wr position,i could toss in m bush,coffee or lewis to get a medium to top rb i hope,especially with bye weeks

  33. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Drew: drew,would love your opinion on post 33 also,i know you guys are splitting time and post,and hats off to all involved,great job,alsoi know its the 1st year with lots of needs and wants but can we expect to be able to access the other league sites this year as we did in baseball?again as i sipp my woodford reserve and take a drag off of a gurhka black dragon,i tip my cap

  34. Drew

    Drew says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’m not sure about the site question, Doc will have to address that.

    I am ranking them for non-PPR (the RCL format). I feel like Sims-Walker has a ton more TD potential but in PPR I’d put Welker ahead of him.

    Ochocinco, Sims-Walker, Welker, Massaquoi

    It’s too bad that Welker’s been so banged up you won’t be able to get nearly enough for him to make it worth your while (unless there’s a Pats fan in your league).

    I would put Ochocinco and Sims-Walker on the block and see what offers you get. Maybe you could trade Ochocinco for a Mendenhall type (2nd tier RB). Based on your receivers that’s the one that’ll probably end up getting dealt because he has the highest pre-season rank and has performed the best. In non-PPR you definitely want to land a TD scorer not a scatback so although guys like Ray Rice are nice and would be perfect in PPR I’d stay away from them because they won’t help you as much. Does that help at all?

  35. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Drew: yeah,i or we all tend to think our players are better than others do sometimes,so i needed an outside opinion ,thanks a bunch

  36. Drew

    Drew says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I love Sims-Walker and in a vacuum you should be able to get a lot for him. I just don’t think the perception of his value is enough right now. Sometimes it’s harder to trade Sleepers even if they pan out.

  37. Mike says:

    Do I start Marshawn Lynch or Jerome Harrison?

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Crayton and I would play McCoy over all of those guys

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: I like Lynch

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: We have some that are private so it’s impossible to access them all.

    mmmm, woodford reserve!

  41. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Drew: i might need to get out the calculator and figure this up then ill still be making an educated pick,you know if player (A) will get me (x )points aweek and i trade player (A )then would his (Y) points be more than player (A) minus player (B)`s?ah the advancements we`ve` made in fantasy sports these days,i remember playing when we tried to pick guys from the john maddens all star team,thats why i like other opinions,i tend to slip every now and then and try a HUNCH ONLY play, and more times than not, I regrett it,these type of hunches can be similar to a dog hunching your leg.NOT A GOOD HUNCH

  42. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: YEAH,im getting older and drinking less,but i still have a little spunk(better than a hunch)left in me

  43. BTFU says:

    I have 4 RB’s, 14 Team PPR league. Start 2.
    I will be starting Brandon Jacobs

    Then I have:
    Kevin Smith, who smites me every time I bench him, but plays Pitt.
    Steve Slaton, who would drop a baby if handed one, but
    Jerome Harrison, who plays for the Cleveland Browns.

    My guy says Harrison.
    My brain says Slaton.
    My history sees Smith.

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