Hello Razzballers! We are going to just have to pretend that there will be a full season of football this year and use our ability to block out those things that we rather not think about.  School loans? Huh, what’s that? Global warming? Never heard of it!

So let’s look ahead! I thought I’d take a look at the wisdom of crowds.  Loosely defined it says that if enough people predict the stats of a player, the mean will be closer than any individual’s projections. This is often the case when a large group of people make guesses about things like the number of jelly beans in a jar or the weight of Ted Washington. But of course projections are a different animal since we believe we know what we the hell we are talking about and outside influences will also have a huge impact, but it’s still fun to see what happens!

I thought I’d choose players that have some questions, have changed roles, etc… The first is Jonathan Stewart who should be the main back for the Panthers with Mike Goodson as the third down back.  DeAngelo Williams is most likely gone, so for this exercise let’s say he is out the door.  So let’s see if this shizz works.  Give it your best shot!

So throw your projections in the comments — rushing attempts/rushing yards/rushing TDs — receptions/receiving yards/receiving TDs

  1. Ryan says:

    290 attempts, 1240 Yards, 4.28 Yards per Carry, 8 Rushing TD’s, 32 Catches, 259 Receiving Yards, 8.1 Yards per Catch and, 1 Receiving TD.

  2. Bumblin' n' Stumblin' says:

    280/1148/8 rushing and 20/100/1 recieving

    J-Stew’s a beast, but I feel he will be slightly underwhelming as the starter. He will probably have 10 solid games, and six clunkers because he has shown to be inconsistent at times. I also feel that Goodson will steal some carries and most of the receptions. So in the end I think he finishes with a good, not great, season.

  3. tourinct says:

    250 att
    1150 yds
    4 td
    12 rec
    72 yds
    0 td

  4. 310 carries
    1550 yards rushing
    12 rushing TD’s
    34 receptions
    180 yards receiving
    2 receiving TD’s

  5. tourinct says:

    @Rizzla: He’s got 34 receptions in his 3 year career.

  6. Ryan says:

    He might but being the lead back should get him a few more touches on screen plays and what not. Add in the fact that the QB situation is a mess which should lead to more check downs then he should be getting. I think his rushing numbers are way off though.

  7. Really hard to project with so much uncertainty surrounding potential free agency moves, but my preliminary projection for Stewart is:
    256 rushing attempts
    1,082 rush yards
    8 rush TD’s
    21 receptions
    158 receiving yards
    1 receiving TD

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