The week is finally upon us my brethren and sistren. I look forward to guiding you all on this journey of the 2018 NFL Fantasy Football Season. The weekly handcuff report is what I’ll provide you with every Friday. I will be wrong and I will be right–oh yes, we will be right–and we will win, we will win together! “Because tonight we dine in hell”, okay okay- for some reason I felt that was meant to go there. Yes, I am pumped for week 1. Now to the important stuff.

My focus will be RB handcuffs but for bonus I will throw in WR and TE handcuffs that I believe are worth highlighting on a weekly basis. My pre-season handcuff pieces were long and dirty but I know you all are here just for the names and more names. That is what I shall give you. Give me your feedback throughout the season and let me know if there is anything you would like me to comment on. I stay active on twitter, give me a follow @NicRomero

My girlfriend was asking me to explain what a handcuff had to do with the NFL and Fantasy Football. Man, that was a loaded question and there are so many ways I could have answered it. But it got me thinking that there are folks out there new to fantasy football that are curious, as well. A Handcuff is typically a backup player that does not offer much stand alone fantasy value unless the starter on his team gets injured, suspended, is ineffective and on the verge of losing their job.  OR in some rare occasions are in a contract hold out….hmmm. Exhibit A: Le’Veon Bell and James Conner. If you haven’t already, please pick up James Conner on every team you can. Some handcuffs can provide more value than just a backup– peek my article from last week. A lot of your handcuffs are still sitting on the waiver. If you invested your #1 pick on a running back I would highly recommend using a bench spot on your respective handcuff. We’ve already seen the need for handcuffs this season with Jerrick Mckinnon (Alfred Morris and Matt Breida) and Le’Veon Bell. Read my first article for a list of top RB Handcuffs. The goal is to be a week ahead of your competition when it comes to picking up handcuffs. This is my goal for you this season.

My kick off piece is complete and good luck this weekend. I’ll see you all next Friday.

  1. KeeblerMN says:

    Speaking of Bell, I was just offered a trade of Bell and DJ Moore for Mixon and Diggs.
    Standard scoring, currently my roster is
    Lynch (rb/wr flex)
    Engram (te mandatory)
    Bench: Goodwin, L. Murray, Hurns, Golladay, John Brown, Jerremy Hill, Dak Prescott

    • Nic Romero

      Nic Romero says:

      @KeeblerMN: I’m high on Diggs this season and he has shown great rapport with Cousins. Getting rid of him leaves a huge whole in your roster. Bells situation is still very up in the air. Too risky IMO. Mixon has a lot of upside this season. Always high on RBs that come in to the season down a couple of pounds! Keep Diggs and Mixon.

  2. Pops says:

    Where the is the fantasy recap from last night’s game? A quick article about the implications from TNF would be helpful. Please and thank you.

    • Nic Romero

      Nic Romero says:

      @Pops: I’ll check to see if any of the other contributors are going to recap the game. If not, i’ll put something together for you. This piece was submitted before yesterdays game as just a kick off for my weekly articles starting after week 1. Thanks!

      • MB

        MB says:

        It’s up now!

  3. AP says:

    Please help..with flex and rb
    10 team ppr

    Rivers QB
    WR-D hop/Keenen
    Flex TY/Amari
    RB- J Williams/Burkhead/D Lewis/P Barber
    TE Reed

    I don’t start T Colemen, how bad is freemen s injury and my team

    • Nic Romero

      Nic Romero says:

      @AP: From everything I can find, Devontas knee is fine. I’m imagine they’ll be careful with him these next couple of weeks so we will see how this plays out.

      I’m in on Rivers this week and for the season. Game has potential to be shoot out and KC D is on the decline. Bengals D is slightly underrated, I’m wait and see on Luck. I would go Amari Cooper, should see a bounce back from last season and Crabtree is gone. I’m going J Williams and then leaning D Lewis over Barber since its PPR and Bucs/Saints could turn in to a shootout, hurting Barbers value. Don’t trust Patriots backfield.

      Good luck!

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