Patrick Mahomes made his triumphant return to the Chiefs’ lineup on Sunday and he did not disappoint. On his first throw he didn’t look like he was moving around very well and threw what looked like an interception, but it ended up getting overturned to a completion. After that, he looked like the same ol’ Patty. Andy Reid was not at all shy about his usage either. Mahomes attempted 50 passes and completed 36 of them for 446 yards and 3 touchdowns. 

It really helps to have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to throw to. Tyreek Hill saw a remarkable 19 targets and caught 11 of them for 157 yards and a touchdown. Travis Kelce caught all 7 of his targets for 75 yards. Mecole Hardman absolutely turned on the burners for his 63 yard touchdown catch. Having two of the fastest wide receivers in the league is paying off for the Chief’s offense. Unfortunately, we have the Chief’s defense, and we also have the turnover prone running backs on this roster. While Damien Williams did reach over 100 total yards, he had a costly fumble that might have put him in the doghouse with Andy Reid. I’m not quite sure what his other options are though. 

On the winning side, Derrick Henry was an absolute wrecking ball. Henry carried the ball 23 times for 188 yards and two touchdowns. While Ryan Tannehill had a nice game manager day, he did manage to throw two touchdown passes and added 37 yards on the ground. There was a lot left to be desired once again in the receiving corps. Something called an Anthony Firkser caught 3 passes for 36 yards and a touchdown. Here is the rest of what I saw during the early slate of games. 

Performance Checks

  • Kyler Murray was spectacular in a losing effort. Kyler Murray led the team in rushing in this one which is alarming considering he only gained 38 yards on the ground. Kyler completed 27 of his 44 passes for 324 yards in this one. 
  • Christian Kirk was Kyler’s special connection on Sunday catching 6 of his 10 targets for 138 yards and 3 touchdowns. Christian Kirk hasn’t been the most dependable draft pick so far this season, but he was an easy start in a great matchup. 
  • Andy Isabella had his 2nd straight game with a long catch. This time he took a 55 yard catch into Buc’s territory. He finished the game with 3 catches for 78 yards. 
  • Larry Fitzgerald also caught all 8 of his targets for 71 yards. He made a spectacular catch on the sideline. Enjoy these while you can. 
  • Jameis Winston had another high volume day. High volume days usually lead to mistakes from Winston and today was no different. He threw 2 interceptions, to one touchdown. But, Winston did throw for 348 yards. 
  • Ronald Jones ran one in, but his biggest asset of the day was his pass catching. Ronald Jones caught all 8 of his targets for 77 yards. Ronald Jones may be the “starter”, but Peyton Barber was the goal line back on the last drive when it mattered most. 
  • Neither Mike Evans or Godwin were able to find the endzone, but they combined for 18 targets and over 150 yards. 
  • O.J. Howard is back from the dead! He actually caught some passes. His final stat line was 4 catches for 47 yards and 1 touchdown on 7 targets. 
  • Jeff Driskel filled in for the injured Matthew Stafford and led the team in rushing with 37 yards. This Lions backfield is really a disaster. 
  • Marvin Jones was fine catching 5 balls for 77 yards, but he was unable to score a touchdown. 
  • Kenny Golladay saved his day in the 4th quarter with a 47 yard touchdown catch. He had 2 catches for 10 yards otherwise. 
  • The David Montgomery train slowed down quite a bit this week. 17 carries for 60 yards is all that he could muster. 
  • Trubisky is tired of you bad mouthing him, damnit! While he only threw for 173 yards, he did fire 3 touchdown passes. 
  • We finally saw what this Browns offense would look like with both Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb in the offense. The results were not all that surprising. Nick Chubb handled 20 out of 24 running back carries while Hunt was much more involved in the passing game catching 7 balls for 44 yards. While Chubb wasn’t able to find the endzone on his 48,000 red zone carries, he did manage 116 yards on the day. 
  • Jarvis Landry is a thing. He caught 9 of his 10 targets for 97 yards and a touchdown. 
  • Beckham finally got his looks, but only mustered up 5 catches for 57 yards. 
  • Devin Singletary didn’t do much with a decrease in work from last week. He touched the ball 11 times for a little over 50 total yards. 
  • Although the Bills lost, his two touchdown carries led to a pretty nice fantasy day when you throw in his 266 yards through the air. 
  • Lamar Jackson did Lamar Jackson things against the Bengals as expected with 4 total touchdowns and 65 rushing yards. 
  • Mark Andrews is reborn and found the endzone twice! He caught 6 passes for 53 yards. 
  • Marquise Brown is healthy and stunting again. He caught 4 passes for 80 yards and a first quarter touchdown. 
  • Joe Mixon piled up over 150 yards, but because he plays for the Bengals, he was unable to score a touchdown. 
  • It was a losing effort, but Daniel Jones was on fire on Sunday throwing for 308 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  • Darius Slayton caught 10 of his 14 targets for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. He should be rostered and in starting consideration as long as Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram are sidelined. 
  • Golden Tate also had a big 2 touchdown day catching 4 balls for 95 yards. 
  • Saquon Barkley was banged up all day and could not find any room. 13 carries for 1 yard. You read that correctly. He did catch 5 balls for 30 yards.
  • Sam Darnold scored twice. Once through the air and once on the ground. It was a nice redemption day for him in a Jet’s victory. 
  • Le’Veon Bell only had 68 total yards, but he did score a touchdown. 
  • Jamison Crowder had his second big game in a row. He caught 5 passes for 81 yards and a first half touchdown. He should be in your starting lineups by now if you are an owner. 
  • Brian Hill led the backfield for the Falcons on Sunday doubling Devonta Freeman in carries. Did Freeman get hurt? What’s up with that Falcons? Anyways, Brian Hill also caught a 10 yard touchdown pass. 
  • Slow day for Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. They combined for 14 targets but barely over 100 yards. 
  • Drew Brees couldn’t score for his fantasy owners on Sunday. The Falcons were in his grill the entire afternoon. 
  • Michael Thomas never has a problem scoring for his fantasy owners and he doesn’t need any touchdowns to do so. He caught 13 of his 14 targets for 152 yards.
  • Alvin Kamara was back, but it didn’t amount to much outside of his 8 catches for 50 yards. 

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2 years ago

I haven’t seen any highlights from the weekend… (Too much yard work getting ready for winter.) What happened with the Saints? I see you said Brees was under pressure a good bit, but that can’t be the full story, can it? An O-line injury or three?

It’s good to own the Mahomes/Tyreek duo! If only an RB would step up there… I’ve owned all of them at some point through the season too!

I think we’re seeing some special players plugged into offenses designed with their skill set in mind (Mahomes, Murray, Tyreek, Marquise Brown) or designed around what makes them special (Lamar). Where does a Josh Allen fall in this? I get the impression that he could be a good one and is carrying his team further than they should be otherwise…

Snacks Zillion
Snacks Zillion
2 years ago

OBJ, does he ever get it going? I did see Baker was looking his way more often and he had a few long opportunities. I keep wanting to believe in his talent then looking at the stats, I am like wtf. Same with JuJu. Would you consider either of them a wr2 moving forward? Thank you as always.

Snacks Zillion
Snacks Zillion
2 years ago
Reply to  Snacks Zillion

could I also add Marlon Mack to the list? He just can’t break out. Time to drop him?

2 years ago

10 team.5ppr keeper league

Lamar Jackson owner should I give up A Rodgers for Zach Ertz or want something more?

Team below:
RB-Elliott, David Mont, Drake, Hunt, Conner
WR-Sutton, Landry, Tate, Ridley

Thoughts? Or if not Ertz who do you think I should target

2 years ago
Reply to  MB

thanks man!

water boy
water boy
2 years ago

Morning MB! Tough week 10 loss , it’s not over but I’m a realist loll .5 ppr down 167 to my 84.5, sure I still have Russell Wilson , Tevin Coleman & KJ Wright (IDP) . Doesn’t help I got 0 from Dallas D, 0.5 from David Johnson & cowboys kicker maher only 5 points.

I didn’t start Marvin Jones because I was worried of Driskel, looks like I over thunk it , not bad jones got 9.5 & Watkins who I started instead got 6.5. Just my luck I faced a buzz saw but it was my brother who needed a W he had Lamar Jackson, ravens D are some of his heavy hitters.

Here’s my roster:

QB Wilson

RBs are DJ, cook, Tevin Coleman, Mattison , ballage , Guice, Tarik Cohen

My WRs are Tyreek hill, Marvin Jones, aj green, Josh Gordon, pascal, davante Parker , dionte Johnson, thielen,

TE waller

D cowboys who I’m dumping

Kicker Maher I plan on dumping

If you are me would you look to acquire a RB to help my depth? My week 12 I’ll be without DJ & cook, Mattison

1.) deal davante Parker Or Guice for Jamaal Williams?

2.) deal davante Parker for duke Johnson?

3.) deal davante Parker to get Royce Freeman?

4.) deal Watkins to get Courtland Sutton ?

5.) deal David Johnson to get Marlon Mack?

6.) deal DJ to get mixon ?

7.) deal DJ to get mark Ingram ?

8.) deal DJ to get Sony Michel ? Can’t believe I mentioned DJ & Sony together but that’s how bad it is

9.) deal DJ to get James white?

It’s a keeper league so that’s why I can sell the idea of DJ so that owner can keep him for 2020 , we keep max 2 players , rounds 1 & 2 are dedicated for keepers, round 3 starts snake. Call me crazy but I kinda like Connor for my DJ , Samuels/ Edmonds didn’t impress, sure they weren’t scrubs but not scoring , maybe Connor can slide right in

** next my Wilson has a. Bye week 11 is Carr the add to make he gets cincy. Also available: Kyle Allen who gets falcons, mayfield vs Steelers , Foles @

Thanks man!

Water boy
Water boy
2 years ago
Reply to  MB

If I can get Connor or Mack for my DJ would any of those be good picks? I’m so done with DJ lol

Just realized week 12 I will need Parker with hill, Watkins, thielen on bye. My Hell week, reason I say Connor is because he’s coming off injury and owner already has solid RBs & Connor could be back this week too, Mack I
Mentioned because he didn’t do too much week 10 maybe he’d easier to obtain . With drake in the fold it’ll be a mess plus Edmonds could return week 11 or 13 they have a week 12 bye

2 years ago

Herndon now out with a broken rib. I added this guy during the jets bye week and have held him. What a mistake and waste of a roster spot.

2 years ago

MB, need some help.
Have a strong dynasty league team. Have JuJu and OBJ and I’m sick of them.. Looking to package them for a single better WR. Would replace one of them with Tevin Coleman off my bench or someone else. Would you trade OBJ and Schuster for Cooper Kupp. Would you try for better? Who would you shoot for if trying to package Schuster and Coleman? Marquis Brown caliber?
Appreciate your response.