Well hello my lovelies!  I am so sorry I missed you all last week, but hopefully Matt Bowe took good care of you in my absence.  I know that no one can love you as much as I do, but sometimes a little variety is needed.  I know I left you in capable hands.  With that being said, how did you all fare this past week?  Me?  Well, not so well.  It seems that it took all of three weeks into the season before my Black Widow Curse decided to decimate half of one of my rosters.  It’s okay, I can adapt.  It would be nice to have a man who can actually finish for once though (in more ways than one) to the actual end without having to tap out prematurely.  But, c’est la vie.  I know you are all eager to see what I come back with this week because I know you are all hungry for what I have to offer you, and it is understandable.  I am quite addictive, I know.  It’s a curse in and of itself sometimes, but alas, what’s a girl to do?  Are you ready?  Are your hammies all stretched out and those little blue pills have been downed?  If so, let’s get this party started, shall we?  Ladies and gentlemen, convicts and parolees, I give you, Week 4’s edition of Hit It or Quit It!


Wendell Smallwood, RB, Philadelphia

Okay, look, I don’t feel good about this one either and when someone talks to me about Philadelphia, well let’s just say an unholy chill runs up my spine.  Anyway, even in the darkest recesses of the bowels of Pennsylvania there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Enter Wendell Smallwood.  Hopefully, all of you fellow Darren Sproles owners have taken your heads out of the oven or nooses long enough to read this article, and if you are loyal Eagles Homers, then I have a possible solution for you.  Now, I am not one to enjoy or promote Smallwood (of any kind) but this one will do in a pinch.  In Week 3, Smallwood played 43-of-76 snaps, which happened to be 21 more than LeGarrette Blount.  Smallwood also managed to have the ball in his hands for just as many carries as Blount, despite not finding the end zone as many times.  Going forward, it looks like Smallwood may be the better fantasy option.  So don’t be afraid of things that come in small packages…even wood.  Go on, Hit it.

Alex Collins, RB, Baltimore

Are you sensing a theme here?  I know, I was told that I needed to show more love to some of the dirtier towns by some of my readers and I am always one to please.  Owned in just 2% of most leagues, Alex Collins isn’t the prettiest of choices right now and may be looking at a little too much value on the wire this week, but you could do worse.  Rushing nine times for 82 yards in Baltimore’s Week 3 loss to Jacksonville.  He is currently involved in a three way with Terrance West and Buck Allen right now, but is showing promise to emerge and be given more opportunities.  His involvement in that little love triangle with West and Allen also garners him some upside but there is a limit to what he will be able to have left for you.  In the meantime, you need a Running Back…he is a Running Back.  As a filler, he should be picked up in most leagues.  Go ahead and do this one dirty.  Hit it.

Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants

I am putting this one on here for one reader in particular who happens to be a Giants fan.  I know, I feel sorry for him too, but it is what it is.  In Week 3 Shepard caught 7-of-10 targets for 133 yards and a touchdown primarily due to a new Giants offensive strategy of trying to get the ball out of Manning’s hands quickly.  Which is no easy feat because we all know how much Eli loves to handle balls…(bad um tss).  Anyhoo, Shepard  led Giants receivers in playing time and he is looking to have the eye of Manning as his first read on quick throws.  The G-Men have Tampa Bay next weekend and their defense is pretty banged up right now.  If the Giants continue this offensive strategy, expect Shepard to continue to offer up some serious fantasy meat.  I can see all of your pants starting to tighten in the crotch area as you read this.  Go on you saucy little monkey, Hit it.

Darren Sproles, RB, Philadelphia

A broken arm AND a torn ACL?  Yep, my Black Widow Curse came out in full force on this one.  As a Sproles owner, it was inevitable.  When she wants to feast, she sometimes gorges herself and this time was no exception.  I can’t even go on with this one anymore.  Time to stick my head back in the oven right after I Quit it.  

Hunter Henry, TE, Los Angeles Chargers

Three weeks into the season and Hunter Henry is looking at double goose eggs on 2/3 of those weeks.  What most people don’t understand is how is was not targeted at all in Week 1, had a pretty busy week in Week 2, then was ignored again in Week 3.  It kind of reminds me of what I did to that one guy who I’d call periodically when I wanted a little…ah, never mind, you get the idea; moving on.  In 2016 Henry was tied for league-leads among Tight Ends with eight touchdowns, but hasn’t been able to get in the end zone at all this season so far.  It is unclear what the issue is, but this one week on and one week off bulls**t is for the birds.  There is a lot of other solid Tight End action out there and you all deserve better than a booty call every other week.  Feel free to Quit it.

Kerwynn Williams, RB, Arizona

What it is like to be considered a fantasy dud?  Ask Kerwynn Williams.  See what I did there?  I knew you would.  All that build up about what a fantasy stud Williams was going to be was all but squashed in Week 3.  Perhaps it was the hype and he got performance anxiety and couldn’t, ah, perform, but Williams was so ineffective that the Cards ended up feeding the backfield to Chris Johnson.  Williams also didn’t see a single target in the passing game which makes Kerwynn Williams the biggest Quit it of the week.



Well, there you have it my lovelies, this week’s edition of Hit it or Quit it.  As always, love me, hate me, whatever, I’m the one with the article.  Be sure to follow my fine ass on Twitter @Soxfan012 and as always sacrifices to the Black Widow Curse are appreciated and never forgotten.  Until next week…

  1. JP Morgan says:

    Would you drop Quiz for Smallwood with Martin coming back I am thinking that makes sense do you agree ? Thanks

    • Jennifer

      Jennifer Warner says:

      @JP Morgan:
      It makes perfect sense. Rodgers is going to probably see one more start before Martin comes back and Quizz has fallen very short of all fantasy expectations.

    • CMUTimmah says:

      @JP Morgan: Quiz loses all 80% of value with Martin back. I expect you drafted him knowing this day would come…

    • Jennifer

      Jennifer Warner says:

      @JP Morgan:
      Grab a sock and wipe that Jacquizz off your roster, my love. ;)

  2. G-man says:

    Who would you rather have ROS Fitzgerald or D-jax?

    • A.A. Ron Rodgers says:

      @G-man: I think Fitz is going to be more valuable and reliable week-to-week than D-Jax, esp. if you’re in a PPR league. Fitz has 13, 6, and 15 targets so far this season and I think that 6 is the outlier. IMO Fitz is gonna be peppered with targets all year with no consistent second WR and DJ out until week 10, and targets are the most important part of any WRs value.

      tl/dr; Fitz
      Just my $0.02

      • Jennifer

        Jennifer Warner says:

        @A.A. Ron Rodgers:
        Fitzy has a history of having weeks where he is pretty and weeks where he is busy. I agree that when he is peppered with targets he is definitely the play but his tendency to not have consistent targets concerns me.

      • CMUTimmah says:

        @A.A. Ron Rodgers: Fitz. It’s not really close actually. Especially in PPR where DJax has always been much less valuable than leagues that give bonus points to long touchdowns but no PPR.

        There’s just a lot of targets for Jameis, and Evans is one of the most targeted WRs in the league the past two years. I don’t expect that to all of a sudden change with a non-possession receiver complimenting him. Brate is a target also. Finally, even if Evans is hurt, I expect someone like Humphries to be the guy that benefits, so I think it’s Fitz easily.

  3. Jennifer

    Jennifer Warner says:

    Toughie. I like D-Jax there. He has a pretty choice match up against the Giants in Week 4.

  4. Rusty trombonist says:

    Howdy Jennifer!!!

    I just lost & fell to 1-2 on the season the sky is falling

    Here’s my team stand pat or look to pull off a trade or two to fine tune my squad?

    QB Winston, Watson is a FA worth an add?

    RBs: Gordon, hunt , mcaffery, Abdullah, Carson , chris Johnson, chark west

    WRs we start 3 could be 4. W/ flex: Keenan Allen, Alshon, D Parker, martavis Bryant, hogan, Golladay, snead, Jaron brown

    TE I’ve been streaming I streamed Vernon Davis this past week

    D: Ravens , thanks for the negative 1 point

    Raiders kicker

    Based on my team would you do these deals if you were me?

    1.) trade martavis Bryant to acquire Baldwin? Are you worried about Baldwin’s groin injury? If I do this then woukd you recommend adding Lockett or Paul Richardson?

    2.) trade my Parker to acquire Diggs ? However Parker gets the saints this week & will get the jets again

    3.) thoughts on brandin cooks, woukd you trade for him? I was thinking mcaffery straight up for Cooks or will that hurt my RB depth? What about Abdullah + hogan for Cooks?

    4.) now on to tyreek hill: trade my Abdullah + hogan ? Or Carson straight up?

    5.) who should I target if I package Alshon + Parker or alshon + m Bryant? If in get Baldwin take Bryant out of the equation. Would you try alshon -+ Parker for Cooper , what about Michael Thomas? Heck I’d even package Alshon + Parker + mcaffery if I can get Green or Jordy (& if he wants to throw in gore or d-jax)

    6.) would you deal Abdullah to acquire doug Martin? He has zero RB & 0-3, his RBs are Bell, forte, Perkins, woodhead, Lacy, Bernard. He has Fitzgerald as his WR3. would you try Parker + Abdullah for Martin + Fitzgerald? Or maybe just Abdullah straight up for Martin?
    Although he is 0-3, has zero RBs besides bell would you try mcaffery for nuk Hopkins, or demaryius ?

  5. Nick says:

    what do you think of trading DJ for Maclin/Kamara? Its a 10-team standard & unfortunately went from champion last season with DJ to last place 0-3 start this season…

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