Hola Razzballers.

Reid here to drop some extra spicy hot takes for this upcoming fantasy football season. This edition will focus on the AFC and NFC West. Hope you all enjoy.

Kansas City: None of the Chiefs players will be better the ADP of their respective positions.

You heard it. I won’t back down on this one. I, an army of one, am holding off on the Patrick Mahomes hype this year. Because I think Mahomes will have pretty aggressive growing pains this year, that means that Tyreek Hill will not finish the season as a top-13 WR in fantasy. Same goes for Sammy Watkins who is currently going WR27 this year. I’m VERY down on Watkins this season. The only player who will be remotely close to their ADP is Travis Kelce, and even he will be TE7 on my board when all is said and done. Now you must be wondering “how in the hell does he have Kareem Hunt below RB9 this year?” Well it’s simple. Spencer Ware is back and healthy. Ware should eat up enough carries to make Hunt fall to roughly RB18. Come at me haters!

Denver: Rookie WRs DaeSean Hamilton and Courtland Sutton will combine for more fantasy points this year than Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Holy hell it is hot in here. I won’t shy away from this spiciness either. I love the rookies this year for Denver and both Sanders and Thomas are not in the long-term plans for the Broncos. I actually think Hamilton will be must-own with Sutton being an elite streamer in 12-man leagues by the time the fantasy playoffs come around.

OaklandJordy Nelson is the only player on the Raider offense you’ll want to own.

So here’s the thing. I absolutely hate the Jon Gruden hire. So it might have some influence on this take. But here it goes. Jordy is finally 100% healthy and he shined whenever he was on MNF, so Gruden will force feed him targets. I still believe Amari Cooper has issues with catching a football (could be problematic for a WR in the National Football League). This offense is going to be bad this year, so I’m down on Derek Carr and any of the AARP RB’s that Oakland will put out there.

San Diego … err… I mean… LA ChargersKeenan Allen ends the season as WR1 overall in every single god damn format.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KEENAN ALLEN THIS YEAR. Inject this shit into my veins. He’s going to get so many targets with Hunter Henry out for the season already. I think Rivers throws the ball all over this division and absolutely dominates (13-3 style domination). The fact that in my keeper league I get to keep Allen for a 4th round pick is honestly a crime. Homie is gonna DOMINATE.

Seattle: The D/ST will be the worst in the NFL

*Kool Aid guy voice* OOOOHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH. This defense is going to be HORRID this season. Especially in the secondary. When I say they’re going to be bad, I’m not talking just bad for this season. I’m thinking more like “Hey, I’m going to start everyone on my team who plays against the Seahawks this week because I know I’m guaranteed to get value” bad. I’m talking “New Orleans 2011-2016” bad. I’m talking stuff that you pick up after your dog when you take it for a walk bad.

LA RamsRobert Woods ends the season as a top-20 WR and is far more productive than Brandin Cooks this year.

You heard me. Jared Goff and Sean McVay absolutely love throwing to Woods and for good reason. Woods was hilariously underutilized in Buffalo and he finally got some recognition in LA. His speed is poorly underrated and he catches everything his way. Play action passes to Woods will happen A LOT this season and you should benefit from those by drafting him a little bit higher than his current ADP (WR38 / End of 8th round ADP)

ArizonaDavid Johnson takes back the throne of RB1

Not really that spicy. I’m building up the heat for the final one. But I absolutely love David Johnson this year. Legs will be fresh and *gulp* Sam Bradford will provide serious threat in the passing game, which opens up running lanes for DJ. He’s also playing for a new contract, so get ready #DJ2k (You better believe I typed that. I’m calling 2000 yards for him this year. Enjoy that haters).

San Francisco: ********** DOUBLE HOT TAKE ALERT **********

Hot take 1: Dante Pettis becomes a bona fide WR2 for PPR leagues this year

EN FUEGO!!!! I absolutely loved Pettis coming out of college and think his route running is generational. It helps that Jimmy GQ, who is ridiculously good-looking, will be throwing him the ball this year. You can bet your ass that Kyle Shannahan is going to draw up a ton of plays for his rookie (2nd round pick) to have instant success.

Hot Take 2: Jerrick McKinnon ends the season as RB7, smashing his current ADP

ALL OF THE HEAT! My personal favorite free agent signing this offseason. They are going to move McKinnon all around and take advantage of his shiftiness. They’re also paying him $8M+ this season, so you better believe they will use him early and often.

Thanks for reading my super spicy hot takes this week. I’ll be back next week with the AFC and NFC North and holy hell am I already fired up about those divisions.

  1. Regan Sayer says:

    Interesting….definitely spicy. You a Seahawks hater or something? They lost some talent but last? Come on man that’s just crack pipe smokin bat shit crazy . You taking bets on these props?

    • Reid says:

      @Regan Sayer:

      Hey Regan. Thanks for reading!

      I had a glass of milk ready after writing this post.

      As for the Seattle defense. Let’s just look at the games where they held opponents under 20 points: Week 1 vs GB
      Week 2 and 12 vs SF (No Jimmy GQ yet)
      Week 4 vs IND (Indy was dreadful to start. Also no Luck)
      Week 5 vs LA Rams
      Week 7 vs NYG (no OBJ, McAdoo’s hairpiece blocked their playbook)
      Week 9 vs Washington (Cousins threw all over the place on them this game)
      Week 10 vs Arizona (Palmer and David Johnson both out already)
      Week 13 vs Philly (ok. This was impressive)
      Week 16 vs DAL (You should know how I feel about the Cowboys)

      So when I’m projecting their upcoming season, I look at the fact that they caught SO MANY BREAKS playing against either injury-riddled teams or complete dumpster fires. I expect every offense in the NFC West to be good, so that’s more scoring against the Seahawks. I think we should also acknowledge that the secondary is going to be very depleted compared to last year. No Kam Chancellor. No Earl Thomas (probably). No past-prime Richard Sherman. No MIchael Bennet to rush the passer. The way I see this defense is that they didn’t add enough playmakers in the back 7 for me to think they’ll be remotely as good as they were last season, and even then it was a lot of luck for them to be as mediocre as they were. I’m expecting teams to air it out all over Seattle and for Russell Wilson to have to open up a wild wild west style game in order to keep the Seahawks in game.

      And crack is whack. That’s what the D.A.R.E. program taught me in school :)

      If you’re interested in prop bets, keep a lookout for my posts as we get into the season. I’ll put together some of my most intriguing props for each week.

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