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Reid here currently soaking in the glory of the Outer Banks for the week but still grinding some hot takes for you (sitting in the car for 15 hours to drive here will get your juices flowing). This week, we’re going to dive into the NFC South with some moderately spicy fantasy takes…

Carolina PanthersChristian McCaffrey ends the season as RB5 overall and dominates your league for where you’ll end up picking him.

The hotness in this is how high I have him projected. I absolutely love the white boy wonder this year. Especially in PPR, he’s going to see a lot of work and he should be the “hot read” for Cam Newton this year in most passing plays. I can just envision right now him running a wheel route and smoking the linebacker who is matched up against him. I’m picking 10th in a 12-man league and I am locking him in with my 2nd round pick knowing I’m drafting an elite RB this season.

Atlanta FalconsJulio Jones returns to fantasy dominance with 10+ TD’s this year.

For me, this is all a numbers game. I don’t think Mohammad Sanu and Calvin Ridley are going to steal too many red zone targets away from Julio this year. I also know that TD performance is the most volatile for predicting. Just have this hunch that he finds the end zone again… a lot.

New Orleans SaintsCam Meredith ends the season as an exceptional WR2 for your team.

I think the absence of Mark Ingram will be noticeable in the first 4 games this year. While Alvin Kamara should still get his carries, I expect Drew Brees to take over and just air this puppy out for extended time. There will be a lot of focus on Michael Thomas on the outside, and rightfully so. This will leave a talented Meredith wide open for prime opportunities this year. Go and get him in the later rounds for great value.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chris Godwin ends the season with more points than Mike Evans.

Just my extreme hot take here. The Bucs are obviously in love with what Godwin brings to the table from a speed and high-point catching perspective. Evans is still a good WR. But he just got paid this past offseason. We all know the golden rule regarding players playing in contract years vs players who already signed their big deals. Look for Godwin to put up sneaky monster numbers this year.


That’s it for me this week gang. If you have any comments, don’t be shy about posting below. I’ll be better able to answer questions next week as wifi is limited here.



  1. Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

    16 team dynasty PPR with smallish IDP slots (6 total starters there). in fantrax so we can IR slot anybody who can’t play for any reason (short term injury, IR, PUP, suspended, inactive, byes, any other thing) but due to this we cannot midseason add players hurt worse than short term (no IR/PUP/suspended/inactive players legal to be added after draft, unless they become active, and after a bye you have to activate/drop/trade away all guys stashed during bye). in this league all teams are named after a real life team and need at least 7 players from that team (could in stash slots)

    i’m ARI, and lost quite a few ARI guys in offseason (palmer, j.brown, mathieu, last year c.campbell, m.floyd etc). we’re doing a slow draft and i have the 11th in all rounds.

    QB (1, max 3, basically you can have 2 or more from any ONE real life team active, and UP to one from a different team, this way we fulfill both letting enough be available and you can lock up a team’s QB’s)-
    bradford (traded keenum for him just now to add ARI players, they seem close enough), trubisky

    RB: (2, max 6): d.johnson, drake, hyde, kelley
    WR: (3, max 7): evans, doctson, garcon, m.williams,mart bryant, j.brown (BAL now)
    TE (1, max 3): ertz, RST (ARI)
    1 R/W/T flex
    IR: perine, j.williams (GB), breida, hightower, t.williams (LAC), lad green (TE)
    K (1, max 3): lambo
    team D (1, max 3) ARI, LAC
    DL (2, max 3): c.campbell, c.heyward
    LB (2, max 3): barron, ogletree
    DB (2, max 3): bucannon, mathieu
    IR: trevathan, burfict, levy, mcdougald, freeman

    so i’m clearly trying to draft at least one of rosen/kirk, could also drop lambo for the ARI kicker (that probably wouldn’t cost me that many points till i find more useful ARI players). am in talks with the fitz owner. i’m trying to trade from my RB/WR for b.baker DB ARI as well.

    1. guessing drake is far too young and highly ranked to trade him + another one of my RB/WR for fitz here as i’d guess he has at most 2 years left? i have too many RB/WR if they all get healthy but they are at least somewhat better than most FA options for teams with shitty depth. guy won’t move fitz for multiple non-drake included RB/WR guys.

    2. same guy wants j.will (GB) is offering his 3rd rounder (3.1, overall pick 33) + lower pick but i don’t see the space for drafting a bunch of other players when i’m going to have to drop people anyway, sound about right?

    3. who’s my drops if/when i need to do those, guessing at least one of the WAS RB’s, j.brown or mart bryant or m.williams maybe.

    4. mahomes for some reason was dropped in offseason, drop trubisky for him? could own both ARI guys + one other non ARI QB. or just rosen + one other non ARI QB.

    in baseball it’s actually MORE true that people get roughly at least 15% or so worse very often just after signing the big contract than to say that people play better to GET a big contract.

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