Hey Razzballers,

Reid here to drop some Week 1 hot takes for everyone. I’m going to be running roughly 5 hot takes a week on this segment so I don’t go out of control. Some weeks there may be fewer, depending on how spicy it is in Buffalo. But for now, let’s get going with this week.

Nick Foles actually performs well in the first three weeks, but is NOT worth a roster spot after Week 3.

The reasoning is quite simple on this one. Nobody in the NFL has an easier schedule for Weeks 1-3 regarding passing defense than the Eagles (The most difficult schedule in that stretch is the Bills). On the flip side, the Eagles have the 2nd toughest passing defense schedule from Week 4 to the remainder of the season.

Patrick Mahomes throws for less than 200 yards and will have three turnovers this week.

In all honesty, is there a QB with a tougher Week 1 matchup in the NFL? The Chargers have a monster defensive line and linebacker group to go along with a ball-hawking secondary that is just asking to take the ball away on any given throw. I think Mahomes is going to struggle in this game and highly disappoint fantasy owners. I will also make a prediction that this game will be Mahomes’ worst of the season statistically.

In standard scoring leagues, Cam Newton will amass over 42 Fantasy Points this week, easily ending it as QB1.

Not a surprise here, really. The Panthers host a Cowboys team that I think is going to stink up the joint on the road. Cam is going to dominate a defense that is Demarcus Lawrence and a bunch of random guys filling out the 11-man unit. I expect the screen pass to Christian McCaffrey to be electric as well and crossing routes to D.J. Moore.

Royce Freeman finishes the week as the top rookie RB and compiles a stat line of 150 rushing yards/ 2TD’s / 5 Rec / 50 receiving yards.

This goes a little bit into my hot take from a while ago that Seattle was going to be god awful on defense this year. Enter Case Keenum and a competent passing attack that is eager to get their quality rookie RB some touches early on. Freeman is at the top of the depth chart and I expect the Broncos to get out to an early lead, resulting in Freeman getting a bunch of carries.

AJ Green is the top WR this week and it’s not even close.

That’s right. I’m going for gold here in thinking the OVER for Cincy/Indy is a lock. I think this game has a ton of scoring involved and Andy Dalton is going to summon the fires of all redheads worldwide to get Green over 200 yards receiving and 2 TD’s. I look at the Indy secondary and wince in pain. It’s that bad. I don’t think Malik Hooker is going to do enough to slow down Green one bit. Bet heavy on AJ Green to dominate this week.


That’s it this week everyone. I’ll be back on Thursday with a weekly segment for those of you who like to feel alive watching sporting matches you have no fandom in.

  1. Kevin Bickerstaff says:

    Like the take on Dalton. Would you start him over Goff, who faces the Mack-less Raiders Monday night?

    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @Kevin Bickerstaff: I personally like Dalton, but I don’t think you could go wrong either way. Raiders defense is going to be traaaaaash.

  2. Royceisagod says:

    Just drafted, so naturally I feel the need to trade: I feel like I need to acquire a better RB. Here’s what I got

    Wr: Antonio brown/ s diggs/ d Baldwin/ a Jeffrey
    Rb: t Coleman/ r burkhead/ l Blount/ m Mack

    Thinking of sending Baldwin and Jeffrey for mccafrey?

    Btw nice take on Royce. I wouldn’t be surprised to seem him as a top 10 back or even top 5 end of year health permitting. He’s legit


    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @Royceisagod: Depends on how many you start at each position.

      You clearly need RB’s (although I think Mack ends up being an OK RB2 by the end of the season for you).

      I would try the trade that you suggested. I’m guessing there are a lot of sneaky quality WR’s on the waiver wire for you to add to your roster to fill that void.

  3. AP says:

    Dalton on my waiver
    should i drop a morris?
    currently starting p rivers

    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @AP: Do NOT drop Morris.

      Rivers is my QB1 this year (my love for the Chargers this year is well-documented). Morris will be the starter there sooner than later and starting RB’s are much harder to come by than QB’s.

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