What’s up all you IDP junkies? It’s J to the F-O-H here to cover Kevin while he is off in Argentina working on Kevin Jr.. I imagine him munching on a steak with some chimi-churri and sipping on some Quilmes. I will not be doing the rankings, that’s his thing (which will still be updated and found below), but I will be covering the RazzDP’s in lieu of his usual player highlights and buys. I have a confession, I am not as deeply knowledgeable as Kevin in this format, but I have been playing IDP leagues for about six years now. Now don’t get me wrong, I have strong IDP knowledge, just not as vast and kick-ass as Kevin. Strangely the RazzDP’s are only my second venture into standard scoring, for I always customize my leagues for more dynamic numbers and higher rewards. I prefer more love for quality defensive performances. But that’s another article where I lay out my preferred scoring for IDP players. Damn stupid tangent… or is that agenda? Please feel free to share any opinions about what kind of scoring you like. Or any other opinion about anything… as long as it’s clean.


RazzDP Part Deuce

This is the league I am hosting while we are in beta mode for the IDP branch of the RCL leagues. Currently I sit on top of the standings at 9-2 and have clinched a playoff spot. Winning 7 in a row will do that to you. Now what kind of guy would I be if I was to sit here and talk only about myself? I was led by Paul Posluszny, but after he was lost for the season, I was lucky to get Denver’s Brandon Marshall back on my squad. I have gotten great returns from Rob NinkovichEric Weddle, and Reshad Jones, who by the way has averaged 8.3 points over the 6 weeks he’s played.

After my awesomeness is a very tight battle among 4 teams, who at 7-4, should be locked into the playoffs. They consist of My Fine Team, Hannibal Montana, Ralph’s Folly, and IDPwithBOOBIES. Now Ralph is Ralph, the Handcuff writer here, and the guy that brings you Razz Soccer. If none of you have never seen Razzball Soccer, don’t worry, it’s football season. Impressively, My Fine Team has scored the most points this season and is stacked with studs like Rashad Johnson, Luke Kuechly, and Everson Griffen. Well played oh fine one. Hannibal, who by the way, has a great name, grabbed his top defensive player, Keenan Robinson, out of the free agent pool. He’s paired with Baltimore’s Daryl Smith for a nice one two punch out of the linebacker spots. Adding Donte Whitner and Tashaun Gipson to his mix makes him a feared opponent each and every week. No offense to the boob man, but you my friend are hanging by a thread. Scoring the 8th fewest points in here and holding 5th place is a remarkable task. Looking at your team though leads me to call you a sleeper in all this. Owning the #2 DB Harrison Smith and a solid core of LB’s in Nigel Bradham and currently on fire Jamie Collins is a huge advantage for the boobs. Keep it up and I hope to see you in the playoffs. The last of the second placers is Ralph, the DFS baseball/ Soccer/ handcuff running back guy… he’s our Jack of all trades around here. What started out as a day laborer has turned into a handyman with a furniture business on the side. Does that analogy work? He scored it big when someone dropped Curtis Lofton for the bye week. I’m actually a little pissed at myself on this one because I texted him to go pick him up. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! *smacks self in face* Damn, I’m so vain I have to make it all about me. He also has DeAndre Levy who has been a top five LB this year for a very stout Detroit D.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention Doc’s Dazzling TeamDitka in your Butkus and Dinner with Andre. They currently sit in 6th, 7th and 8th respectively. Doc’s has had a real nice go of it with DB studs Charles Woodson and Michael Griffin along with solid LB C.J. Mosley. He should be able to lock up a playoff spot and can easily slide up to the 2nd place grouping as he’s only 6-5. Now Ditka and Dinner are both chillin’ at 5-6 but you never know how it’s going to play out. Ditka does not have an overly strong defensive group but has the best offense in the league. But I’m not here to talk about offense. He does carry names like Lawrence Timmons, Morgan Burnett and a returning Bobby Wagner on his squad. With the settings the way they are he is pretty scary match-up if he can get into the playoffs. Lastly is Andre, or as I know him, frequent commenter de nachos. Not much to say about his defense outside of Brent Grimes. Yup, Nacho, that’s all I got. Don’t hang your head Bret Favre look alike, this silly game of luck and match-ups is always willing to throw you a bone.


Here are Kevin’s IDP Rankings for Week 12:

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