Mike Sims-Walker has been downgraded to doubtful.  I don’t doubt that he is real or anything, but I doubt that he’ll play in a nice matchup at home.  You have to downgrade Garrard even though MSW was nearly non-existent last week, in reality he was there, completely tangible.  Just his presence helped Garrard find other receivers. But do upgrade Mike Thomas against a poor Miami secondary.

Mike Bell: He didn’t practice on Friday and it looked like he wasn’t going to play but now some Saints beat writer is saying he’ll go even without practicing.  I’m guessing the beat writer was drunk and bloated on crayfish and alligator meat, but I’ve still got to take away some of my love for Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush if Bell plays.

Tim Hightower: He has had a thumb injury for a couple weeks so he will still play on Monday night, but he only had 6 carries and 1 reception to Beanie Wells’ 13 carries against Minnesota.  The 49ers have a tough run defense so I would be careful about using either, but I do believe Beanie will finish the season very strong while Hightower becomes the third down back.

Donald Brown: He is out again and speculation is he has broken ribs.  If you need to make a move that might help you in the playoffs and you’re not in a keeper league I’d go ahead and drop Brown.  I doubt they’ll risk hurting him anymore when they are already so far ahead.

Vince Young: He didn’t practice on Friday, but says, “Heck yeah, you know me better than that. I’ll be out there.” Um, I’m not so sure we do know you better than that VY, but look for him to go and hand the ball to Chris Johnson a lot.

Michael Turner: He’s listed as questionable which is kind of like calling Al Davis’ draft picks questionable.  Turner will not play.  But who will start and who will get the fantasy points against a poor Saints rush defense? Why are you asking me?! Oh, right, well, Norwood should get the start again, but his hip doesn’t seem 100% and he won’t get goal line carries.  I’m not too keen on either, but I’d go with Snelling if my hand was forced.

Matt Ryan: He’s also listed as questionable when he actually has a hot intern’s chance of not getting hit on by Mike Tirico of playing.  Chris Redman will get the start again and shouldn’t hurt Roddy White which is all we really care about.

Matt Schaub: There’s been no indication that he’ll be limited against Seattle so you have to start him.  Of course he could get slammed on that recently separated shoulder, but thankfully the Seahawks don’t get to the quarterback that often.

Tom Brady: He didn’t practice much this week and is listed as questionable with injuries to his ribs, shoulder and finger.  It’s hard not to believe he’ll go, and it’s hard to sit him unless you have a very good backup and even then it’ll be tough.

Steven Jackson: He practiced a little bit on Friday which is better than the last 2 weeks.  And by “little bit,” I mean he jogged from the hot tub to the burrito cart and back.  Just like always, you have to start him if he does.

Justin Forsett: He isn’t on the injury report so we should get a chance to see how he will be used the rest of the season. I expect a fairly even split between him and Jones and neither is a great start, but Forsett would be the only one I would take a risk on.

DeSean Jackson: He practiced all week and is a good start after taking a week off with a concussion. The Giants’ pass defense has been ugly as of late.

Albert Haynesworth: His off again, on again season is off again and add to that DeAngelo Hall is out and you have a perfect shizz storm for the Redskins to get beat in the black hole and that would have to hurt. Does this mean you go and start Michael Bush and Heyward Bey even though he is out? No, but I do think if you were looking to spot start the Skins defense I would have second thoughts.

Jeremy Maclin: He practiced on Friday and is listed as questionable. He’ll probably play, but he’s in the late game so you may want to be wary.

Carnell Williams: He is listed as questionable and will be a game time decision.  I’d stay away from the situation.

Percy Harvin: He has yet to practice due to migraines.  This has happened before, but never for such a long time and Coach Major Dad said Harvin couldn’t go over the game plan for the week.  There is a chance he won’t go so pay attention to Razzball for the news on Sunday morning.

Devin Hester: He has yet to practice and doesn’t look like he’ll play which will leave Charles Woodson free to cover Greg Olsen.  Don’t start Olsen.  He won’t do well.

Matthew Stafford: He is out and Daunte Culpepper will get the start.  Calvin Johnson isn’t the greatest start, but Culpepper shouldn’t hurt him too much.

  1. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I can’t watch ESPN anymore. When did they turn into TMZ?? Yeah, Tiger’s affair was shocking for a day, but thats about when I stopped caring. For WEEKS now they have been covering that story nonstop. I just watched sportscenter, and literally half the show was about what Tiger should or shouldn’t do. What happened to when sportscenter would be 50 minutes of sports highlights, and 10 minutes to the headlines of the day?! Now it those numbers seem to be flipped. Just the fact that espn neglects the NHL just because of low ratings is rediculous. It is sad to a true sports fan as myself that disney has monopolized sports coverage.

  2. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Not to mention that it is solely because of their greedy sponsors that there are no playoffs in college football

  3. charlie says:

    thanks for the updates, who’s tiger woods?

    picking between these guys for a flex spot (non ppr):
    Braylon, Moreno, McCoy, or Norwood (in order of who im leaning towards)

    and in a diff league deciding between these guys for a 3rd WR spot (non ppr):
    Britt, Garcon, and Breaston

    and finally:
    Vince Young or Joe Flacco

  4. sal says:

    plethora of options here. TD league w/ high yardage bonuses

    Pick 4 – well 2 really because Im going to go with Davis and Charles in charge out of this bunch…

    J.Char, Davis, Anquan, Roddy White, V.Jax, Meachem.

    I was thinking of going with the first four but I am tempted to sub Roddy with Meachem. Thoughts?

    Lightning round – pick a D – Bengals @ vikes or Giants @ Eagles..

  5. nick m. says:

    with matt ryan and turner out, would you rather play the saints def or the titans against the rams? i have been rolling with the saints for the majority of the season, but they seem to have a very tenuous hold on the top spot (almost cost me a playoff spot last week) so i dropped them for the titans. but i’m now reconsidering the move with the injuries to the falcons. thoughts?

  6. sal says:

    I cant end on an even note…

    Who do you like better? Fit Finley or 7th floor crew Olsen?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @charlie: I like Moreno, Garcon and Flacco

    @sal: I like Boldin and White, tough call, Giants, Finley

    @nick m.: The Saints look good here, but I like the Titans just a bit more.

  8. G says:

    Who do you like out of Orton and Alex Smith?

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G: I like Smith. Denver will run a lot.

  10. tourinct says:

    Standard scoring.
    Need 2 RB, 2WR & Flex
    Maroney, Ganther, Forte, Kevin Smith, Wells
    Austin, Marshall, Megatron, Carolina Smith, Meachem

    Tough choices. Help.

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