Several years ago while I was working on a project at work that required the crawling/scraping of blog sites, I came across a site called “the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks”.  And it’s a hoot.  It’s basically people submitting photos of misused quotation marks, typically appearing on signs, to which the blog poster will comment with some “witty” quip.  You can read the site for ten minutes or two hours for the exact same effect because although it’s repetitive, it’s still quite an entertaining waste of time.  Read on for some unnecessary quotation marks of my own (along with some “completely” necessary ones, I promise), plus somewhere in here there will be a link to that blog, in case you want to check it out.  There may even be a questionable quote or two from a “source”.

Dion Lewis (knee, ACL) will miss the remainder of the season.  Last week was the most recent time I discussed the value of a player coming off an ACL injury, and that’s been done plenty by me this year.  To summarize, I’m generally optimistic that these players can come back to be most or all of their previous selves.

For Dion Lewis it’s not so much a matter of what percent of himself he will be in 2016, but rather trying to guess what percent of his 2015 first half was sustainable.  He was performing as a borderline top 10 back in Standard Scoring so far this year (he’s currently RB16 for the season despite missing one game completely, if he hadn’t he’d probably be top 10).  Had he been able to sustain his start I suspect he’d be ranked somewhere around RB15 headed into next season.  Now we have the uncertainty of not knowing whether his first half was him at his best or him at his average.  At this point I’d have to say no worse than RB20 for 2016 sounds about right, in PPR it’s more like RB10 or even higher.  With Lewis out I have very little idea if Kevin White, Brandon Bolden or some mystery man will be the primary beneficiary of running back receiving duty.  Perhaps Jay will have some good info on this by Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Andrew Luck (ouch) has really been banged around this season.  Earlier we heard about “shoulder” and eventually “rib” injuries, now it’s his kidney and abdomen.

Based on this I don’t think it’s realistic to expect him back any earlier than week 14 against the Jaguars.  Should you drop him?  Maybe.  He certainly could be dropped.  It depends on what level you thought he was going to bounce back to as well as who’s available.  I have no problem with anyone dropping him but he does have a good late schedule in his favor (@Jax, Hou, @Mia, Ten to end the season).  Matt Hasselbeck really performed well earlier and Andrew Luck had been pretty bad.  So I don’t think we need to downgrade the members of the Colts offense more than they already had been due to Luck’s surprising amount of suck.

Oh my, Ben Roethlisberger (foot), is injured yet again.  This one appears less serious than his earlier knee injury and he has said that he’s “not ruling himself out” for this week, while an earlier report stated he’d miss 1-2 weeks.  I’m never sure if a given range of “weeks” that are expected to be missed are the same as “games”.  It should be the same, but with Pittsburgh’s bye coming I find it hard to believe that he’ll miss more than one game.  Maybe the “team source” forgot about the “bye” (unnecessary quotes added for irony).

Malcom Floyd (shoulder) is really messed up.  Despite his attempt to play through the injury, I really don’t want a part of him unless I’m desperate.

Latavius Murray (concussion) has what I consider the ultimate “who knows how long he’ll be out” type of injury: a concussion.  Having missed practice completely on Wednesday (Teddy Bridgewater was concussed yet still managed to be listed as limited having already passing phase one of the concussion protocol), I think there’s a very real chance he’ll miss Sunday, but literally no one knows.

DeAngelo Williams (swollen foot) has an injury of totally unknown but probably minor severity and a week 11 bye looming.  That creates an interesting scenario because if he does play against Cleveland this week I’d think if anything flared up during the game they’d be quick to either sit him back down or use him sparingly once they got a decent lead.  However, I see it as quite likely that he’ll play and you’ll need to start him if he does.  Corporate news outlets say that Jordan Todman would get the start should Williams miss time.  (Arguably he should have only been worth a minor blurb below…)

Dinged (players I suspect have only minor injuries)

Here’s a list of some newly injured players for whom we’ll need to keep an eye on the Friday NFL injury reports to know their status:  LeSean McCoy (shoulder, probable for Thursday Night Football).  Emmanuel Sanders (ankle), Allen Hurns (foot), and Amari Cooper (quadriceps) all missed practice on Friday.

On The Mend (players nearing a return)

Matt Forte (knee) was already able to practice in limited fashion.  Who knows what that means.  I think the “limited” designation can at times be used by teams in their attempts to deceive their opponents.  So yeah, whatever.  Maybe he’ll play this week.  Maybe he won’t.  And I’ll issue one last reminder to pick up Tony Romo (clavicle) where he’s available.  Vincent Jackson (knee) missed practice again and he might be out for one more week.  Stop the presses, DeSean Jackson (hamstring) finally returned last week.

So now I leave you with the practice reports for week 10 of the NFL season.  These are the same reports that each team is required to give the league after every day of practice.  Teams that play Thursday have a full injury report with the “Out/Doubtful/Questionable/Probable” designations due by Wednesday.  Teams that play Sunday (or Saturday) only have a practice report due Wednesday and teams that play Monday have nothing at all due by Wednesday, which is when this post is written.

The Practice Report for November 11th, 2015

Arizona Cardinals
John Brown – WR – Limited Participation
Darren Fells – TE – Full Participation
Larry Fitzgerald – WR – Full Participation
Brittan Golden – WR – Limited Participation

Atlanta Falcons
No Practice Information Reported (bye week)

Baltimore Ravens
Crockett Gillmore – TE – Limited Participation
Breshad Perriman – WR – No Participation

Buffalo Bills
LeSean McCoy – RB – Limited Participation
Sammy Watkins – WR – Limited Participation

Carolina Panthers
Ed Dickson – TE – Limited Participation
Jonathan Stewart – RB – Limited Participation

Chicago Bears
Matt Forte – RB – Limited Participation
Eddie Royal – WR – No Participation

Cincinnati Bengals
No Practice Information Reported (Monday Night Football)

Cleveland Browns
Brian Hartline – WR – Full Participation
Andrew Hawkins – WR – Full Participation
Johnny Manziel – QB – Full Participation
Josh McCown – QB – Limited Participation

Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant – WR – No Participation
Brice Butler – WR – No Participation
Matt Cassel – QB – Full Participation
James Hanna – TE – Full Participation
Christine Michael – RB – No Participation
Rod Smith – RB – No Participation

Denver Broncos
C.J. Anderson – RB – Full Participation
Owen Daniels – TE – No Participation
Virgil Green – TE – Full Participation
Ronnie Hillman – RB – Full Participation
Peyton Manning – QB – No Participation
Jordan Norwood – WR – Limited Participation
Emmanuel Sanders – WR – No Participation

Detroit Lions
Calvin Johnson – WR – Limited Participation

Green Bay Packers
Eddie Lacy – RB – Limited Participation
Ty Montgomery – WR – Limited Participation

Houston Texans
No Practice Information Reported (Monday Night Football)

Indianapolis Colts
No Practice Information Reported (bye week)

Jacksonville Jaguars
Toby Gerhart – RB – Full Participation
Allen Hurns – WR – No Participation
Marqise Lee – WR – Limited Participation
Julius Thomas – TE – Full Participation

Kansas City Chiefs
Travis Kelce – TE – Full Participation

Miami Dolphins
Jordan Cameron – TE – Limited Participation
DeVante Parker – WR – Limited Participation
Damien Williams – RB – Full Participation

Minnesota Vikings
Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Limited Participation

New England Patriots
Julian Edelman – WR – Limited Participation
Keshawn Martin – WR – Limited Participation

New Orleans Saints
Marques Colston – WR – No Participation
Willie Snead – WR – Limited Participation

New York Giants
Victor Cruz – WR – No Participation
Larry Donnell – TE – No Participation

New York Jets
Tommy Bohanon – RB – Full Participation
Kellen Davis – TE – Full Participation
Eric Decker – WR – Full Participation
Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB – Full Participation
Chris Ivory – RB – Full Participation
Jeremy Kerley – WR – Full Participation
Brandon Marshall – WR – Full Participation
Bilal Powell – RB – Limited Participation
Stevan Ridley – RB – Full Participation
Geno Smith – QB – Full Participation

Oakland Raiders
Amari Cooper – WR – No Participation
Latavius Murray – RB – No Participation
Clive Walford – TE – Full Participation

Philadelphia Eagles
Nelson Agholor – WR – Full Participation
Trey Burton – TE – Full Participation
Riley Cooper – WR – Limited Participation
Ryan Mathews – RB – Full Participation
DeMarco Murray – RB – Full Participation

Pittsburgh Steelers
Will Johnson – RB – No Participation
Heath Miller – TE – No Participation
Isaiah Pead – RB – Limited Participation
Ben Roethlisberger – QB – No Participation
Matt Spaeth – TE – No Participation
DeAngelo Williams – RB – No Participation

San Diego Chargers
No Practice Information Reported (bye week)

Seattle Seahawks
Ricardo Lockette – WR – No Participation
Marshawn Lynch – RB – No Participation
Luke Willson – TE – Limited Participation

San Francisco 49ers
No Practice Information Reported (bye week)

St. Louis Rams
Todd Gurley – RB – No Participation
Chase Reynolds – RB – Full Participation

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Vincent Jackson – WR – No Participation
Austin Seferian-Jenkins – TE – Limited Participation

Tennessee Titans
Dexter McCluster – RB – No Participation
Kendall Wright – WR – No Participation

Washington Football Team
Andre Roberts – WR – Limited Participation
Chris Thompson – RB – Full Participation

Every week I either forget something or leave something out due to time constraints.  I’m happy to discuss situations I missed or anything else in the Comments section below.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. friar says:

    Thanks for the great in-depth analysis! Sounds like Fitzgerald might be having surgery on his hand tomorrow. No one seems worried about this, but I almost can’t believe he might have surgery and not miss any time / play at a lower level. Is there any reason to be concerned about the Jets QB?

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @friar: That’s one I missed. I think maybe I found some similar information to what you found.

      “Would be smart to do surgery Friday. Extra 3 days. Likely won’t miss next game. #RyanFitzpatrick @nyjets ”

      So I guess it’s quite possible. It’s on his non-throwing hand I believe. If so, I think he’d play at the same level.

      • friar says:

        @RotoLance: Yeah, that’s what I’ve been seeing. I guess I should trust the doctors on this one. The Jets are in contention, so I have to assume they wouldn’t voluntarily do something that would risk them trotting out Geno Smith going forward.

        • Nick says:

          @friar: As a Jet fan, they are doing the surgery on essentially a mini-bye since they play tonight…you are correct, it is his non-throwing hand. They think he can be back in time for the next game but nobody can say for sure. If Geno plays, might as well throw our season out the door.

  2. OldMilwaukeePounders says:


    I was hoping to get your opinion on Jay Ajayi’s prospects in Miami. I asked Jay earlier if he liked him for a stash in a keeper league (he said he did at this point). Do you think that it is possible we could see Ajayi take over the RB1 workload there is Miller moves on in free agency?

    Thanks for your great work!

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @OldMilwaukeePounders: Yeah I think he’s worth a stash, depending on what’s out there, but if he’s available I’d suspect he’s one of the better stash candidates. I don’t know too much about him, I remember there was a lot of pre-draft (possibly pre-combine) buzz. It’s a good sign that he climbed up the depth chart so quickly after returning to health.

      • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

        @RotoLance: Thanks, Lance! In this particular league I need to win out to have a prayer to make the playoffs and my keeper prospects are kind of “meh”.

        I know that Ajayi had the buzz of “early round talent”. It sounds like he will be getting some more touches to prove his worth down the stretch. I could use some luck with a sleeper!

        Thanks again.

  3. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    you meant practice on THUR, as this came out before FRI, i know you know this, but somebody reading this might not realize it. james white also, kevin’s the PUP guy with huge upside but not likely to play this year WR with CHI.

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: Whoops on James White. I knew something didn’t seem right when I wrote that.

      The FRI thing though, I said that on purpose because Friday is the day that will typically tell us the most. However, it was a bit confusing considering the first player mentioned after that was playing Thursday, hence what is normally done on Friday for Sunday games would be done Wednesday for him.

      I appreciate that some people are reading carefully enough to catch these things.

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @RotoLance: i meant this sentence
        “Emmanuel Sanders (ankle), Allen Hurns (foot), and Amari Cooper (quadriceps) all missed practice on Friday”

        Unless you edit this after you posted it (which is great if so by the way) you had to’ve meant Thursday in that sentence.

        • RotoLance

          RotoLance says:

          @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: Ahh, yes. I actually meant Wednesday there. Again, good catch. I don’t have access to Thursday practice information at the time this needs to be done. I actually have to do it more last minute than I’d like to just to have access to the Wednesday practice info.

          • RotoLance

            RotoLance says:

            @RotoLance: Bottom line is I need to do a better job proofreading.

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